Chiropractic manipulation of neck may cause stroke

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chiropractor 733_cropped_275pxI usually don’t dwell too much on chiropractic, because so many other bloggers mock them so well. Chiropractors are generally antivaccination, they practice junk medicine in areas in which they are not trained, and they are essentially quacks utilizing some mystical alternative medicine, taking money from people who think they’re getting real medical treatment.

Basically, chiropractic is the belief in the “vertebral subluxation processes” that purportedly can be used to treat and cure a vast range of diseases which have no scientifically verified connection to vertebral anatomy. It’s based on the same general type of pseudoscientific mysticism that one finds with acupuncture.

Of course, modern chiropractic has tried to divorce itself from the vertebral subluxation, and attempted to evolve into the slightly more mainstream chiropractic treatment technique that involves chiropractic 732_cropped_250pxmanual therapy, including manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues. Chiropractic treatment also includes exercises and health and lifestyle counseling. Barely anything more than a good masseuse would provide to an individual.

Despite this evolution of chiropractic to the point that some health insurance companies actually pay for the procedures, chiropractic is a typical pseudoscience–make outlandish claims, minimize or ignore the risks, and make money off of those who think, or want to believe, that it works.

It’s appalling that some people, many who think that vaccines are dangerous (they’re not), believe that a chiropractor, who has very little real medical training, should manipulate the neck of a baby to treat some imaginary, or even real, condition. It boggles the mind.

So, what does real science say about chiropractic?

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  1. skeptic did not do their research

    Wow this is the most ignorant, uneducated article I have ever read! Obviously you have not been affected by vaccines. When you see a child who has been vaccinated and has a seizure right after its obvious what the cause is. The government and pharmaceutical companies have control over so much that they brain wash everyone to think vaccines are 100% safe guess what they are not. I hope you don’t ever have children that are affected by this because then you will realize what I am trying to get through, hope you realize this through your own research instead. Chiropractors can greatly help reduce the chances of surgery and many other issues. Migraines where people are subjected to medications which can cause other issues, guess what chiro can help with that too, by adjusting or finding the areas of tension can help cure and reduce the pain to the affected area, Big med companies are out for us to continue to use meds so we can buy from them they don’t want to cure us then we spend less its never ending, Go educate your self!

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