Woman Accuses Postal Worker Of Stalking Her

paranoia 737_167pxHoly crap. This woman accuses a postal worker of stalking her! Here is the video she took of her confrontation with the poor guy.

Is this lady serious?

If she IS serious, this video shows how one wackadoo’s delusions can escalate into somebody getting hurt. What if she was prone to violence and she truly believed this poor guy was stalking her? She could have pulled out a weapon.

If i were this postal worker i would have put some space between myself and her delusion by closing the truck door. I certainly wouldn’t have turned my back on this nut job.

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via The Daily Caller and worldstarhiphop

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  1. This has got to be a joke of some kind… she can’t possibly be serious.

    1. I think this unfortunate woman is serious. She’s just suffering from paranoid delusions.

      “Suffering” is the right word. I feel sorry for her. I’ve known similar cases, and they lead very unhappy lives.

      Her mental unhealth is annoying to the people around her, but it is undoubtedly making her own life miserable. She is probably sure she’s suffering from persecution from every quarter. She probably thinks her phone is tapped and her neighbors are spying on her — her coworkers, too, if she’s able to hold down a job.

      She probably has few, if any, friends. If she’s politically active, she probably supported libertarians like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode, or fringe leftists like Jill Stein, James Harris and Rocky Anderson.

      I think that medication might help her, but she’s probably too paranoid to trust any doctor enough to accept it.

      1. I’ve been in a paranoid state once or twice while manic but not quite to the point where I followed people around with my phone… I just can’t see anyone thinking that someone as innocuous as the mailman would be stalking them, no matter how paranoid they are. But I suppose we’re all wired differently, even those of us who are wired quite right. 🙂

        Don’t worry I’m not a bother to those around me. Never was… and I’m feeling MUCH better now. You’re right, medication helps.

        1. I’m glad you are better! It must be hard to deal with the swinging pendulum like that. I deal with depression and anxiety but I have never been manic.

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