Are Satan Worshippers Real?

By Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know via YouTube

Could there really be groups of people conducting Satanic rites — not philosophical stances, but actual devil worship via ritual or even sacrifice?

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  1. Before anyone mentions it, YES Nikolas Shrek of the Church of Satan claimed they control science and the media.

    No that’s not solid proof of the Conspiracy that Satanists control everything. I will state why:

    First of all, the satanism Nikolas Schrek subscribes to is NOT Theistic Satanism, but LaVey Satanism. I agree with some of it, and some of it I don’t, but that’s not the point, the point is that EVERY LAVEY SATANIST IS AN ATHEIST. They only called themselves satanism because they wanted to piss off Christians, and they only use 666 in they Address and Phone number because they want to show the only significance 666 has is that it keeps 665 and 667 from bumping into each other (In other words,it’s just a number).

    The other point is that if you read the Satanic Bible, then you find that LaVey Satanism encourages self-promotion and egotism/egocentrism (whatever it means to boost your ego). Bascially it’s very likely he only said that to boost his ego, instead of making the minor mistake of exposing your evil-take-over-the-world plan. If the latter was true why is he still alive? You guys claim Michael Jackson dies because of SUBTLE hints they exist, but Nikolas Schrek wasn’t killed? ooookkk, then…

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