Lightning Strikes Twice . . . or not.

quick note_150pxBefore i forget …

I was shown this video today and was asked to give my input.

The video purports to show a person being struck by lightning not just once, but twice! … and the person walks away. Bad karma or something else?

The first strike occurs about 25 seconds into the video. Take a look, my conclusion below.

What do you think? I took a frame by frame look at the video and declared it a fake. Why? Below are two frames from the video. The frame on the left is the frame just before the lightning strike. Outlined in yellow are the shadows of the cars. The frame on the right is the first lightning strike.

Note the shadows on the left continue to appear in the frame on the right when the lightning is allegedly striking this person. If you look REALLY close you’ll see many other shadows seen on the left (i.e. on the trees) are seen in the frames where there is lightning. Not gonna happen folks. That lightning bolt would have obliterated all those shadows that appear on the left.

Lightning Strike

My guess is, it’s either a staged fake or this a drunk person stumbling on a surveillance  camera and somebody had some fun with the footage.


Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

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