Jade Helm 15

Conspiracy theory that a military training exercise is going to lead to martial law.

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Is a United States military training exercise really a covert operation to establish martial law? Can the governor of Texas and action hero movie-star Chuck Norris do anything to protect us? The training exercise is called Jade Helm 15 and it has some people completely terrified. Today we focus our skeptical eye at one of the more influential conspiracy theories in recent history.

Jade Helm 15_400pxJade Helm 15 is a joint forces military training exercise that is planned for July 15 to September 15, 2015. It combines forces from the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Activity is planned for seven states, with Army Special Operations Forces working primarily in five: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Texas. According to military press releases and public statements, the exercises are meant to help train US military forces and to practice in a variety of environments. Such exercises also allow leadership to practice joint force coordination, which is often critical in military engagements. The public, in general, is not expected to see much activity because the majority of these training exercises will be conducted in rural areas.

That’s the official story. But then there are the conspiracy theories where the story the US government tells is said to be but a misdirection from the alleged “real” purpose of the exercises, which include such elements as these:

  • It is really an exercise to ready the military for martial law.
  • It is designed to teach how to capture and imprison dissident citizens.
  • It includes repurposed Walmarts where mysterious closings and construction are underway.
  • Prisoners will be re-educated in soviet-style “training” camps.

It is not really an exercise, but an actual military action against Al Qaeda forces in Mexico. And so on …

On Monday, April 27, 2015 a town hall meeting in Bastrop, Texas found Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria in front of a very concerned crowd of Texans. The audience filled the normal meeting area, and an overflow room. Citizens wanted to know what was going on with Jade Helm 15. They did not like or trust Lastoria’s answers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to the concerns of these citizens by directing the Texas State Guard (not the National Guard, as was widely misreported) to monitor the military training operation. This order was sent in a letter which reads in part  .  .  .

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  3. Only a few scenarios would lend themselves to the benefit of JH15. On my blog, I wrote that the UN Security Council was going through the motions. This plays into JH15 but, not what people are thinking about the drills. DHS Director Jeh Johnson, stated in an address to the UN Security Council, that DHS is very concerned about Da’esh (ISIS) people hopping over the southern border from Mexico, and concern is, if those, alleged to be in America, brought any weapon(s). The horse left the barn when Obama left the stable door unlocked and open to mayhem by illegal aliens (earthly type). Now, consider, what would happen in any community if a royal disaster occurred. I observed, in November 2012, the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, which destroyed my home. I lived 18 feet from the bulkhead. Lost everything. I know how to make primitive fire, and was able to okay for my wife and myself. We’re Long Islanders, we don’t run. I saw something that I had not witnessed in decades. Literally, hordes of humanity, lined up, for clothing, food, water, medical assistance. Fast forward to 2015. If, any Da’esh dirtbags were to say, contaminate a water supply, or dirty bomb someplace, FEMA, is a “Limp Willy”, agency. It would take the police and military to secure an area, and triage, for life’s most basic of needs. Walmart would be commiting corporate suicide if it lent store facilities for harmful purposes against the American people. Triage, makes sense. Processing people for mess and utility, makes sense. Practicing for oh.., let’s assume, some human intelligence suggesting a Westgate Mall type of attack, is, very possible, and, very probable. Think about one solo former British SAS veteran, armed with a handgun, and how he turned the tide of slaughter that could have been much worse. On my original blog (this is the fifth take, last four attacked and destroyed – I have enemies in DC), I had posted actual photographs of the mutilations and degeneracy of the terrorists involved in the Westgate Mall attack. Jade Helm15, could, possibly, be a drill series to be prepared, as they might also be, forewarned. The Boston terror events of the past couple of days, again, I blogged some things, what if there are other Da’esh cells or an orchestrated Fifth Column? Surveillence flights, from what I recall, could be watching Da’esh training camps, or following pings. A few different things. Nobody, has been retreaded who are retirees, for any emergency, not even myself, therefore, something is being worked on, and things are under control. What went north over the border, is an unknown commodity. Nobody knows, but, nothing in politics ever happens by accident. A Made Man of the Muslim Brotherhood, would be the very first suspect and very first person of interest, if I were a congressional investigator, but there too, BHO, received a politically correct Pass and wink of the eye. If something takes place, too many people will arm up, and then we will most likely see innocent parties, not involved in anything, get clipped, just like a community on lower Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, after 9/11, found itself attacked by roaming baseball bat carrying gangs, because tensions were so high.

  4. Don’t think the United States military will be going very far. Because we all know the Earth is Flat..There’s a lot of great points that flat earth resolves instantly shadows only get longer on the ground, planes going east and west take the same amount of time to get places if the earth was spinning this wouldn’t happen, very curious indeed , but why do they lie to us about it, we all know the Earth is Flat..

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