BUSTED: Geoengineeringwatch.org using fake images

By Debunking GeoEngineeringWatch.org via YouTube

We show that Geoengineeringwatch.org regularly uses photoshopped images in a misleading manner.

See the video description at YouTube for links to all sources referenced in the video.

Also See: Photoshopped “chemtrail” images on Geoengineeringwatch.org (MetaBunk)

19 responses

  1. Dude, you are an ass. Do you really think we cant see what you did there ?
    I guess those big x’s and tic tac toe grids all over the place are normal in your reality. HA, WHAT AN IDIOT.

  2. And there’s a good probability illuminutti.com is across the hall at the Information Warfare Counter Counter Intelligence Agency, identifying and tracking those who spot disinformation campaign sites, providing valuable feedback to tweak the social engineering strategies, apps, and bots accordingly. And you’re welcome.

    1. Yip, that must be it. You figured it all out. Genius.

  3. I think you’re right. The latest featured video with a gazillion views of a pilot signaling the public with segmented chemtrails was apparently submitted by the guy who runs bioengineering watch, the end of which is an ad for medical device to cure all diseases. Big budget disinformation, distraction, and money grab.

    1. A pilot “signaling” the public? I saw that video. There are gaps in contrails for the same reason there are gaps between clouds. You shouldn’t have slept through science class.

      You’re a fool.

  4. I was walking my dog the other day on what started as a beautiful blue sky day. When I looked up to enjoy the wonders of God, the striping began. These pictures are not fake. I experienced this first hand, and quite upset. About an hour later the sky was filled with white crap that filled and turned a misty gray.

  5. Somewhat new to Tn. Just a gorgeous blue skied morning. Walking the dog and up I look to see jets sky striping. Not an hour later just a haze of gray. David Tulis of Hot News Talk Radio wrote an article in the Chatanooga Media. What are they pouring into the skies?

    1. Those are contrails, nothing more. 🙂

      1. Contrails that fill the sky. How many planes were needed to fill the sky with white stripes? Your statement is not logical.

  6. Or it can be the other way around. It depends if you still want to be in this third demention or going to the fifth…..

  7. FiveGuysandFourGirls | Reply

    What are eyes? Don’t we use Google Glasses to see?

  8. FiveGuysandFourGirls | Reply

    Anybody noticed how Geo Engineering Watch seems to have a monopoly on the topic? Sure other people have tried but not really hard and quickly vanish from view and geo engine watch mass deletes comments and lets others in at random especially if it offers an actual solution.

    Geo Engineering Watch to me is an instant suspect as they never say *who* they are and *what* they stand for other then they are against spraying but anybody good or bad can say that online and you wouldn’t know if it’s a real person or a paid government bot creating fake opposition.

    Creating fake opposition is nothing new to the CIA to stop revolutions from upsetting the central banking power base scheme. *Look up all wars are banker wars*

    Geo Engineering Watch needs to be hacked the hell out of

  9. Then what the hell is the government dumping on us. And Dont tell me that it is condensation trails. I have had my HEPA filters tested and the heavy metals are thru the roof.

  10. LOL what”s it like to sell your soul? there are heaps of scientific studies on google scholar proving they are spraying this oh and if you have a pair of eyes you can also use these.

  11. What a sweet takedown of those sleazy, lying, conspiracy hoaxtsers. A++

    1. I agree Dave. Do you think it will sway any of their followers?

      1. FiveGuysandFourGirls | Reply

        Assuming the followers are real. A lot of them feel like the same post which I assume are different aliases. It’s not impossible and not uncommon if an agenda is pushed to resort to those tactics.

        That is really what’s killed the web since you really don’t know what information to trust or not trust. Best to get an old school history book before the 1970s political correction brainwashed people into being pacified.

  12. It’s like they thought no one would notice. >_>

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