Did Nazis really make “UFOs”?

By Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know via YouTube

Everyone’s familiar with the idea of UFOs, those mysterious airborne objects often linked with extraterrestrials — but what if there weren’t any aliens involved? Tune in and learn why some people believe Nazis may be responsible for modern UFO sightings.

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    The Reich had the “Ring Walker”, that was found in Poland, and there is a bit of speculation that they had developed Jack Northrop’s 1937 Flying Wing design, but to the best of my knowledge, nothing was found either inert or operational nor experimental. The NYC Bombing Plans did have something where a larger flying wing would carry smaller aircraft, and somehow, none, would have had enough fuel to return to Europe, and everything would need to have ditched in the Atlantic Ocean, with survival raft and radio to contact U-boats or the S-boats, for sea rescue, but absolutely nothing was ever made operational that I know of. Jet propulsion of the era, had fueling hazards and aircraft powerplants exploded upon start-up, so maybe that was a factor (?). The little corporal must have really been chewing the rug in disgust.

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