Paul Ryan’s Weird illuminati Hand Symbol

I can’t believe i’m even writing about this, but here goes …

On October 29, 2015, Paul Ryan was sworn in as the next Speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives.

During the ceremony, Paul Ryan pointed at somebody on the house floor and then made this gesture:

Ryan Hand Gesture_0450px

What ever could it mean?

Conspiracists called it some kind of “weird hand symbol” that was “reminiscent of the illuminati symbol that’s everywhere.” (Source:

So i made a video to explain the hand gesture and make fun of conspiracists. Enjoy 🙂

Mason I. Bilderberg

4 responses

  1. Hard for many people now adays, with people being unaware of so many things being done behind closed doors. Like so many people have no idea when they support planned parenthood, that a baby ready to come into the world can be partially born and then murdered. No wonder people are wary of things they dont understand. 😦

  2. delbert chaudoin

    Are you sure? Remember the old peace sign from the 60s. It originated, as far as I am aware, in WW 2. Churchill ALWAYS used it and it meant peace through victory. Not peaceful co-existence. Total victory over the other side. Be careful what you ridicule. Always keep an open mind. Even for the most unlikely answers. They just MIGHT turn out to be the RIGHT answer after all.

    1. In this case i am sure. I should have uploaded the footage of the actual audio during his hand gesture. Nancy Pelosi was talking about the boy from Wisconsin (Ryan). Ryan was just doing what Wisconsin-ers do.

  3. Nah… It means “willie”. His “willie” is that big (in his dreams).

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