Narcissism and low self-esteem predict conspiracy beliefs

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conspiracist 1200Individuals who hold strong beliefs in conspiracies often also score high in narcissism and low in self-esteem, according to 2015 research.

The series of studies, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, examined individuals to determine whether self-evaluation plays a role in predicting conspiracy beliefs.

“Previous research linked the endorsement of conspiracy theories to low self-esteem,” said Aleksandra Cichocka, principal investigator and corresponding author of the study.

“We propose that conspiracy theories should rather be appealing to individuals with exaggerated feelings of self-love, such as narcissists, due to their paranoid tendencies,” she continued.

matrix alternate reality_300pxIn the first study, 202 participants completed a conspiracy beliefs questionnaire, a self-esteem scale, and an individual narcissism questionnaire.  In the conspiracy beliefs questionnaire, participants rated the extent to which they agree with such statements as “A small, secret group of people is responsible for making all major world decisions, such as going to war” and “The American government permits or perpetrates acts of terrorism on its own soil, disguising its involvement.”

Scientists found that among participants, high individual narcissism and low self-esteem significantly predicted conspiracy beliefs.

In the second study, scientists sought to rule out the possibility that collective narcissism contributed to the results of the previous study.

“Because conspiracy theories often refer to malevolent actions of groups, we wanted to distinguish whether it is a narcissistic image of the self or the group that predicts the endorsement of conspiracy theories,” said Cichocka.

“For example . . .

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One response

  1. People who talk about conspiracy theories simply because of narcissism or low esteem really can not talk about something proven, BECAUSE NOBODY HAS SEEN THAT! However, there is the reverse side of the coin: WHO HAS NOT SEEN OR PROVEN THE INEXISTENCE OF CONSPIRACY, CAN NOT ALSO SAY: SHE DOES NOT EXIST!

    Only a person who has had the action of organized, institutionalized or not, can say: THIS IS EXIST!

    The problem is that the first people who, WITHOUT CONFERING, say: DO NOT EXIST, also do not want to see their own self esteem hurt with “shame”!

    That is why it is that, conscious or not, they deny it WITHOUT CONFERENCE!

    Just do an innocent search on Google to see the huge number of facts that were once thought of as “crazy conspiracy theories”, and what actually happened.

    So, the text is true … IN PART! Why do people of evil (or would it also be a conspiracy theory to believe that there are bad people in the world?) End up feeding the number of people who go crazy (gaslighting sufferers) and come to believe in REALLY FALSE things!

    The truth is that narcissism is like a remedy, in which the difference between cure and poisoning, is in the dose!

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