The Truth about CO2

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  1. So why do you think most debunkers and skeptics are global warming believers? You run the only debunking site I’m aware of that is skeptical of man-initiated global warming/climate change. Since it’s a very complex issue, I would have thought the debate would not have broken down so decidedly along these lines. Most debunkers treat “climate change deniers” as conspiracy theorists. Thanks.

    1. My skepticism about man-made global warming is rooted in the scientific method and the inability of the current man-made theory to explain the total lack of temperature/CO2 correlation in the 10,000 years preceding 1860 (the beginning of “the record”). If the “science” can’t aftcast it certainly can’t forecast. The current man-made theory is invalid.

      1. I completely agree. So why do you think that most debunkers/skeptics, who say they rely exclusively on the scientific method, have bought into this climate hoax? As I mentioned, you’re the only debunker I’ve found who doesn’t bow to the supposed 97% consensus. Thanks.

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