How to tell if you believe in bullshit.

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  1. Well, this isn’t quite right. Something which is not testable/falsifiable is not science, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily BS.

    Science is merely a tool, a process for discovering knowledge about the physical world. In fact, it is the most effective & reliable known process for investigating the physical world. But it is not the only source of knowledge.

    Science is not the only means by which rational people, even scientists, learn, not even about the physical universe. We all formulate opinions about what is true based on our own observations, even observations that we cannot reproduce.

    If you make a single, irreproducible observation, you would be irrational to pretend that you had not seen what you saw, simply because there’s no way for you to reproduce it or prove it to others. By definition, such knowledge is not “scientific,” because it is not testable, but it is knowledge, nevertheless.

    There are other sorts of enquiry, too. There are other fields, for which there are other types of study. Those fields are better suited for someone who’s disinclined to think scientifically.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people working in scientific fields are ill-suited for that work. For example, in December, 2015, about 25,000 visitors to Paris to “negotiate climate science” would have been better employed studying philosophy, or writing poetry, or delivering parcels, or something, because the so-called “science” which enthralls them is remarkably unscientific. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is BS.

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