Why There Are No Blast Craters Under the Lunar Module

For all those conspiracists who believe the moon landing was a hoax.

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  1. Harrier Jump Jets (24,000 lbs thrust) and F-35Bs (28,000 lbs thrust) don’t dig craters, in spite of the fact that they can take off as well as land, on a planet with 6x the moon’s gravity.

    If 24,000 lbs of thrust from a Harrier engine or 28,000 lbs of thrust from an F-35B doesn’t dig craters, then why would someone expect 3,000 lbs of thrust from the LEM to dig a crater?

    It blew away some dust, of course, but with no atmosphere to suspend it the dust quickly settled out again, nearby. That’s different from how dust disperses on the Earth. With no atmosphere and no wind on the moon (other than from the engine), there was nothing to carry dust back toward the LEM. Each particle of dust kicked up during the landing simply traveled away from the landing site on a roughly parabolic (ballistic) arc, and landed nearby, within a minute or so.

    She did make one significant mistake, at ~1:40 she said. “3000 lbs of thrust coming out of that engine will actually feel like less on the moon,” which is wrong. Also, when she said, “the thrust of that engine can actually spread out and dissipate away from the engine more than it could on Earth,” she should have said the “exhaust” from that engine. Oh, well.

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