Top 5 Chemistry Fails by the Food Babe


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  1. […] Filed under: Debunk, Educational, Fail, Food Babe, GMO, Health, Organic, Pseudoscientific, Science Tagged: 9/11, airplane deicing, Alex Jones, ammonia, anti-gmo, arse, artificial flavors, azodicarbonamide, benzene, black salve, Carbon, Carbon dioxide, chemical, chemicals, Chemistry, craft, dimethylsiloxane, Fail, FDA, Food, Food Babe, GMO, High fructose corn syrup, Jeff Holiday, mac and cheese, macaroni, Mercury, Mike Adams, molecules, MSG, Myles Power, NaturalNews,, nitrogen, Nutrition, Organic, Paranoia, petroleum based compound, poison, polysaccharide, propylene glycol, propylene glycol alginate, pseudoscience, retrosynthesis, science, Subway, Subway sandwiches, toxicity, WHO, World Health Organization, yellow dye number six, youtube Source link […]

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