Psychic Methods Revealed: Hot Reading

Detecting psychic scams & debunking mediums is easier when you know how psychic methods like hot reading work. Don’t be fooled by psychic misdirection. Expert mentalists, skeptics, and magicians Penn and Teller, Derren Brown, Paul Zenon, James Randi, and Mark Edward will reveal the secrets of psychics by exposing disgraceful psychic tricks used by psychic Sally Morgan, The Long Island Medium (Theresa Caputo), Rosemary Altea, Peter Popoff, Joe Power, James Van Praagh, and more. Stay skeptical, dare to be curious, but don’t fall for this bullshit, and don’t drink the koolaid.

2 responses

  1. Margaret McErlane

    Do mediums really do all that research? So if you blindfold a medium them walk them into a very large hall ask someone to touch there hand and the medium then gives a very accurate reading about your deceased family members, by name, age, occupation, what they died from and what age they died. How do they do that? I would love to know, so I could become one lol p.s I attended the very large hall demonstration I paid cash at the door, I never gave my name. So curious to find out how they do it.

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