From flat Earth to moon landings: How the French love a conspiracy theory

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One in ten French people believe the Earth may be flat and 16 percent think the US faked its moon landings, according to a new survey, which tested some of the most famous ones on a group of 1,200 people. Here’s what’s else they believe.

The poll by the Ifop group on behalf of the Fondation Jean Jaures think-tank and the Conspiracy Watch organisation found that large sections of French society believed in theories with no grounding in established fact.

One of the best-known conspiracy theories — that the CIA was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 — was believed by 54 percent of respondents, while 16 percent thought America had faked its moon landings.

A cause for concern to France’s current centrist government, the most widely-held theory was that the health ministry was conspiring with pharmaceutical companies to conceal the danger of vaccines.

A total of 55 percent of respondents agreed with this — at a time when the government has raised the number of obligatory vaccines to 11 from three for all newborns to combat a resurgence in some illnesses.

“I hope that… our country will return to the rationality that has always been its marker,” Health Minister Agnes Buzyn pleaded last Friday, adding that France was “a global exception” when it came to opposition to vaccines.

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  1. integrationschutzklick

    Very funny to see how a non-sense and manipulative poll can have such a huge echo in the press, and even finish on a website speaking about… critical thinking. How ironic…

    No, of course, they are not 8 on 10 french people beleiving in conspiracy as the pool concluded. Many french skeptics explains how bullshit that poll was : for ex. here :

    And even in the “standard” press, we could find a few articles criticizing the poll and his grotesque methodology :

  2. les conspirations sont une vérité qui leur est propre

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