Debunked: Questions No Atheist Can Answer

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  1. It is ironic that a guy who calls himself “Rationality Rules” (hereafter “RR”), and begins his video by listing three fallacies, then does much (though admittedly not all) of his “debunking” by using a fourth fallacy: straw man argumentation.

    Straw man argumentation is when you attribute a claim to your opponent which he didn’t actually make, and then attack that claim rather than something he actually said, because it’s easier.

    Here’s an example from early in the video.

    The actual claim is that “no atheist” can answer this question, at 3:05:

    B. “How did no life transform into life?”

    But at 3:42 RR summarizes it as saying, “It’s ‘We don’t know how life emerged, therefore Allah.'”

    No, that’s not “it.” The assertion was that no atheist can answer the question of how life emerged. RR added the “therefore Allah” part, because that changed the assertion from a true claim into something that he could more easily “debunk” — straw man argumentation.

    1. Excellent points, Dave. I may have to unsubscribe from RR’s channel (seriously).

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