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Brian DunningBy Brian Dunning via inFact video

Antivaccine activists claim that vaccines contain all sorts of terrifying poisons. Is this true?

Vaccine Ingredients

Antivaccine activists claim that vaccines contain all sorts of terrifying poisons. Is this true?

Antivax conspiracy theorists tell us that vaccines are deadly and contain some extraordinary toxins. Let’s examine a few of these ingredients, starting with:

FORMALDEHYDE: Absolutely true. Formaldehyde is used to sterilize some vaccines. We use formaldehyde for this because it’s found naturally in the human body, as it’s a normal byproduct of metabolism and digestion.

ANTIFREEZE: False. However some vaccines are sterilized with something called 2-phenoxyethanol, which is also used as a topical antibacterial for wounds. This and antifreeze come from the same family of hydrocarbons, but they are not the same thing.

MERCURY: Sort of true. Some vaccines are sterilized with thimerosal, also used in contact lens fluid and many other products. However, it contains mercury bound as an ethyl — the version of mercury that can be dangerous has to be bound as a methyl, which is different.

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2 responses

  1. The cyanide found in apple seeds is a poison, as is the salt one puts on their food, and don’t get me started with the acrylamide found in potato chips, it’s NOT all “in the” portions… but yeah, it’s there.
    Oh sure, those “things” aren’t found in vaccines… so I guess I’m outta line.
    ***that’s life

  2. What’s the flip side of the coin, if you opt not to get a shot, and you do get sick? Suffer? Die?
    This past flu season, for the first time, I received a flu shot. Before I got the shot, I was feeling achy since flooding of Super Storm Sandy. I slowed down quite a bit. Stairs were not easy. Had a golf ball size lump between my third and four knuckles on my left hand. The news broadcasted the flu was mild but surged in areas and was now killing many people. My luck, it would come around, so I got the shot.
    Never felt the shot. Then the next day, a reaction. All aches, were gone. The lump on my knuckles, gone. Up and down stairs, like a nineteen year old. Felt great! Chased “Old Granny” around the bedroom, and she wanted to know, loudly complaining, “What the hell did you take?!”
    I will be getting those shots from now on. Look at it this way, say some insect material is used in a particular serum for whatever reason, consider the benefits of byproducts made by bees. Beeswax, honey, honeycomb. Know how I open my breathing during allergy season? A tiny bit of beeswax under my tongue. Let it dissolve and swallow what does not dissolve. My breathing opens up nicely. Think about it, a form of bug waste, very beneficial, and wonderful in taste.

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