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Saved by Psychic Powers

via NeuroLogica Blog In just about every disaster or event in which there are many deaths, such as a plane crash, there is likely to be, by random chance alone, individuals who survived due to an unlikely sequence of events. Passengers missing their flight by a few minutes can look back at all the small […]

Your personal pseudoscience detector

By The Original Skeptical Raptor via Skeptical Raptor Pseudoscience is like bubble gum. It tastes pretty good, it’s fun to blow bubbles, and it annoys some people. But eventually, the flavor leaves, and you find that you’re just chewing on some nutritionally dubious substance. Now you have to find a place to spit it out. […]

Lunar Cycle Effects Busted

By Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog When I was an intern doing a rotation in the emergency department, on one particularly busy shift a nurse commented (to no one in particular) that it must be a full moon. I habitually look at the moon and generally know what phase it is in (right now it […]

‘Ebola is man-made’, and other crazy conspiracy theories

By Will Storr via The Telegraph The best conspiracy theories are like enchanting mazes of logic whose thresholds, once crossed, are hard to return from. As ludicrous as they can appear from a distance, the closer you get, the stronger their gravity and the greater the danger of being sucked in. How else to describe […]

A Convoy of Conspiracies!

By Mason I. Bilderberg Before i forget … This is a video i recently saw on a facebook webpage. The video shows a large convoy of tractor trailer trucks traveling on Virginia’s Interstate 64 being escorted by State Troopers. Take a look: As i watched the video i couldn’t think of why these trucks would […]

99 red balloons

by Gordon Bonnet via Skeptophilia In today’s episode of “Studies in Confirmation Bias,” we have a story in The Examiner claiming that someone captured a UFO refueling in a chemtrail. What cracked me up about this one is the way the author of the story, Tom Rose, seems to take it as given that (1) chemtrails […]

The Batman/Sandy Hook Delusion

Originally posted December 26, 2012 By Mason I. Bilderberg Have you heard the one about the latest Batman movie foretelling the shooting at the Sandy Hook school? The story has been floating around for at least two weeks now and i’ve been addressing the issue on a number of forums, so i thought i would […]

Chemtrails: Puffy White Lies

Via This Week in Pseudoscience One of my favorite conspiracy theories to debate is “chemtrails.”  The factual explanations behind the puffy white lines are so fabulously simple, you’ve got to marvel at those who harbor this preposterous notion.  Entertain no fear, intelligent reader, as this conspiracy can only be held by the least scientific among […]

Vaccine adverse events are rare–vast benefits outweigh risks

Via Skeptical Raptor Like all medical procedures, devices and pharmaceuticals, vaccines are not perfect. What matters is that the benefits, not only medically but also economically, outweigh any risks. As far ask I know, no perfect medical procedures, devices or pharmaceuticals, none, that are perfectly safe or perfectly effective. Sometimes the ratio is small. For […]

Animal Predictors: Psychic, Sensitive, or Silly?

Many animals are presented in the popular media as being psychic. Is this the best explanation? By Brian Dunning via skeptoid Read transcript below or listen here In the wake of a popular 2014 hoax email going around claiming that animals were fleeing Yellowstone National Park in record numbers to escape an impending volcanic eruption, […]

Synchronicity: Definition & Meaning

By Benjamin Radford via LiveScience Amazing coincidences happen all the time — but are they simply the product of random chance, or do they convey some hidden meaning? The answer may depend on whether you believe in synchronicity. The term synchronicity was coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961). Jung had a strong belief in […]

10 Tips for Telling Fact From Fiction

by Patrick J. Kiger via HowStuffWorks [ . . . ] 10: Beware of Cognitive Bias Our brains are designed to make sense of the onslaught of sensory stimulation and information that they get from the world by filtering and organizing. We have a tendency to focus on certain details and ignore others, to avoid […]

The Batman/Sandy Hook Delusion

By Mason I. Bilderberg – Dec 26, 2012 Have you heard the one about the latest Batman movie foretelling the shooting at the Sandy Hook school? The story has been floating around for at least two weeks now and i’ve been addressing the issue on a number of forums, so i thought i would bring […]

Fool’s Gold

Jul 14, 2013 I like to tweak conspiracists for their lack of research. Many conspiracists subjugate any form of critical thinking to their overhwleming desire to believe nonsense. If they see something they want to believe, they just believe it without lifting a finger to investigate the truth. Here is an example from the last […]

Your personal pseudoscience detector

Via Skeptical Raptor If you read something that makes some medical claim, here’s a quick and easy checklist to determine if it’s pseudoscience. Or real science-based medicine. The discoverer pitches his claim directly to the media. Going to media directly bypasses the all-important peer-review process, where real scientists can evaluate whether the claim is real […]

When Noam Chomsky says that’s an idiotic idea, he’s probably right

by Sharon Hill via Doubtful News One of the world’s most prominent intellectuals says it’s nonsense to buy into 9/11 conspiracy theories – get off the internet and think for yourself. Noam Chomsky slaps down 9/11 truther: People spend an hour on the Internet and think they know physics | The Raw Story. During a lecture […]

Thirteen Common (But Silly) Superstitions

via Discovery News THE GIST One study found that superstitions can sometimes work The make a wish on a turkey bone saying dates back to first-century Romans. The word friggatriskaidekaphobics describes those afraid of Friday the 13th. If you are spooked by Friday the 13th, you’re in for a whammy of a year. And it […]

Subjective Validation

via Subjective validation is the process of validating words, initials, statements, or signs as accurate because one is able to find them personally meaningful and significant. Subjective validation explains why many people are seduced by the apparent accuracy of pseudoscientific personality profiles. Subjective validation deludes everyone from the housewife who thinks her happiness depends […]