5 things I’ve noticed about… Alex Jones

Feb 19, 2013

via The Soap Box

AlexJonesMoron_240pxWhile there are a lot things I could say about radio host/conspiracy theorists Alex Jones (and it would be a lot) I noticed a few things he seems to do quite a bit.

So here are five things I’ve noticed about Alex Jones:

• 5 – His sites have a lot of advertisements on them.

If you go to either of his two main websites (Infowars and Prisonplanet) there are a lot of advertisements on the right side of those websites. Not only are there ads for other people’s products, but also for his own products as well (mainly his videos).

And his websites have their their own shop pages where you can buy more of his videos and other merchandise.

• 4 – He always tells people he is not crazy.

Alex always seems to need to remind people that he is not crazy (in his view). I don’t know why he feels the needs to do this. I don’t know why people would believe he is crazy in the first place…

Maybe it’s because he does stuff like this:

Author’s note: go two minutes in. That’s when the best stuff starts.

• 3 – He’s against fascism and totalitarianism… unless it’s in another country.

While Alex Jones is a notorious outspoken critic of anything that he perceives as fascism and totalitarianism in this country, he apparently has no problem with it in other countries (especially countries that the US has very poor diplomatic relations with).

A good example of this would be . . . MORE . . .

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2 responses

  1. Did you know, that some non-profit organizations have executives with highly furnished offices. There are a lot of things you could say about Jones, about his lousy track record and inaccurate reporting. I noticed a few weeks ago when he reported on the US striking Syria- that he was just sitting down to have dinner with his “wife”. Even though he is divorced. Did he get remarried, or is he a pathological liar. Are ther any good points beside that he is “crazy” or “trying to make money” gasp.

  2. One thing I have noticed about Alex over the years is the impressive list of guests he has on his show that do not particularly share his views and he controls himself quite well. An example would be Chris Hedges. He also makes it clear that he is in business to self fund his growing network that presently employs 50 plus people. He makes no bones about it. AJ is as much a hub for others as it is for himself and business is certainly part of it and that is a good thing.

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