Alex Jones: What Does He Believe?

By Mason I. Bilderberg

Well, well, well. Alex Jones may have been caught with his hand in the corporate cookie jar.

Alex Jones has a warning for humanity! The global elites are putting lead, mercury and arsenic in our water! You must take action NOW to protect your health! The solution? Alex tells us to beat the global elites by using ProPur Water FIlters to reduce or remove detectable levels of lead, mercury, arsenic and other demonic poisons from our water. Curse those global elitists!! Thank you Alex!!!

But there’s a problem.

Alex also endorses a nutritional drink called Beyond Tangy Tangerine, manufactured by a company called Global Youngevity that has some very interesting ingredients. Let’s go to the video:

WHAT?!? Beyond Tangy Tangerine lists as part of their ingredients lead, mercury and arsenic?? Alex Jones is pitching a water filtration system to remove the very same chemicals found in the nutritional drink he wants us to ingest?? Yes!

But wait, there’s more!

Here is the list of ingredients for Beyond Tangy Tangerine:

Click the image for a PDF screen shot of the Tangy Tangerine web site showing these ingredients.

Click the image for a more complete list

See the ingredients inside the black boxes above? Those ingredients are on the “contaminants removed or reduced” list (image to the right) for Alex’s water filtration system. Again, Alex Jones is pitching a water filtration system to remove the very chemicals found in the nutritional drink he wants you to ingest!!!

See the ingredients inside the red boxes? These are ingredients Alex has previously warned us to avoid because they are dangerous and evil (All sources are from sites controlled by Alex Jones):

Aluminum Hydroxide

  • “… aluminum hydroxide, the main metal-based adjuvant present in vaccines, as well as a supplemental aid, may be causing an aluminum overdose at the point of vaccine injection(s).”
  • “(A)luminum hydroxide [may be] contributing to the pathogenesis of diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis and subcutaneous pseudolymphoma.”

(Source: aluminum_hydroxide (ZIP) (PDF))


  • calls arsenic “a powerful cancer-causing agent” in our water supply.
  • reports (falsely) arsenic falls from man-made clouds and … is “a huge cause in most respiratory breathing problems in america.”

(Source: arsenic (ZIP) (PDF))


  • reports (falsely) barium falls from the sky and “short term exposure can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains and … long term exposure causes blood pressure problems” and can contribute to weakening the immune system.

(Source: barium (ZIP) (PDF))


  • “cesium causes cancer of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs. it is particularly dangerous when it is in the soil and ends up in food.”

(Source: cesium (ZIP) (PDF))


  • “chlorine is pretty bad for people, and has been linked to heart disease.”
  • “(w)hen chlorine is not filtered out of the water and is instead consumed in tap water, it destroys the natural microflora throughout the body. this adversely affects natural immunity and dramatically increases the risk for immune disorders and cancer.”

(Source: chlorine (ZIP) (PDF))


  • lithium side effect: “if taken during a woman’s pregnancy can cause her child to develop ebstein’s anomaly (cardiac defect).”
  • “unresolved scientific issues [concerning] the drug’s use.”

(Source: lithium (ZIP) (PDF))


  • “mercury and most of its compounds are highly toxic to humans, animals and ecosystems.”
  • “… even relatively low doses (mercury) can seriously affect the nervous system and have been linked with possible harmful effects on the cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems.”
  • “there is really nothing new about the dangers of mercury …[.] it’s a highly toxic substance and science has recognized this for some time.”
  • mercury has “been directly linked with autism in children.”

(Source: mercury (ZIP) (PDF))


  • Health Effects:
    • neurological effects and behavioral changes
    • disturbance of blood circulation
    • heart damage
    • effects on eyes and eyesight
    • reproductive failure
    • damage to immune systems
    • stomach and gastrointestinal disorder
    • damage to liver and kidney functions
    • hearing defects
    • disturbance of the hormonal metabolism
    • dermatological effects
    • suffocation and lung embolism
  • “laboratory tests with test animals have indicated that sulfur can cause serious vascular damage in veins of the brains, the heart and the kidneys. these tests have also indicated that certain forms of sulfur can cause foetal damage and congenital effects. mothers can even carry sulfur poisoning over to their children through mother milk. finally, sulfur can damage the internal enzyme systems of animals.”

(Source: sulfur (ZIP) (PDF))

And there you have it – these are some of the chemicals/ingredients Alex Jones says are very bad for us, yet he wants us to buy his favorite nutritional drink which will put these very same ingredients back in our bodies.It seems the only thing Alex Jones believes in, is making money. He has weaved conspiracy theories out both sides of his mouth to collect a paycheck from both sides of the corporate fence.

When will his followers wake up?

A very high quality copy of this video is available at: FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD THE HQ COPY AND RE-POST!!

32 responses

  1. So what does Alex Jones believe. you didn’t say here. All you did was post one example of a product he sells. Good point, but where is the rest.

    1. The point of the piece was to show his hypocrisy. He tells his followers to consume the very ingredients he warns us are bad. What does he believe? Are these ingredients good for you or bad for you? He wants it both ways.

  2. wow, hard to tell who,s the crazist. Jones no brainer is a whack job gone bad. But this site too is just as whacky. scares me that people go on and on over nothing that is real.

  3. it is all about the levels of arsenic or other bad elements..I ma sure there is a lot more added in the city water then in the plant minerals

  4. And Just a side note, his Berkie water filters he endorses, can’t really remove florid like they claim.
    It is impossible to remove florid by filtering.

    1. Really? I didn’t know that. Interesting.

    1. LOL! That was great! Where do you find these things?

  5. You know, if all these toxins are found naturally. The cows ingest the calcium and anything else that is in the ground. Coffee beans, also, because the roots pull nutrients up from the ground. Sugar cane, too is getting nutrients from the ground. Should we filter milk for children or those using milk and sugar in coffee, filter that? I understand clean, pure water but unless the supply is not to be trusted, there would be little concern. Then you shower and skin pores absorb all of the toxins. Go figure.

  6. Arsenic: Trace amounts found naturally in apple seeds.
    Lithium: Trace amounts found naturally in Well Water – has calming effect on the brain.
    Sulphur: Trace amounts found naturally in egg yolks.

    He’s entertaining. It’s when he’s calm and serious, then I begin to worry.
    If he was right 1 out of 100 times, I would still be interested in his worthwhile entertainment but, no joking around, I think his track record is 5 out of 100 times he was somewhere in the ballpark, and once, dead on the money (Nerve gas recovered in Las Vegas. We were looking for 55 gallon drums, the ones the FBI recovered were the size of Foster’s oil cans).
    Here’s a short video of the perfect job for him as he battles the forces of global domination:


      What happened? A big comment box I was given and the link erased.
      I post the link, again.

    2. I find Alex Jones to be complete and total entertainment. There is one guy on youtube who makes the best Alex Jones compilations i’ve ever seen – i just laugh out loud.

  7. Alex jones and all other radio patriot radio programs would sponser any product if it paid for their radio time.. Just like any church will take in new members and promote their views.
    Alex Jones wamts the honor and glory of being known as the leader of the patriot movement.
    alex Jones gives the same material over and over so many ways that his listeners think he’s informing them about the Globalists. .Everything he talks about has already been ecxposed. And the things he doesn’t want to or will not or refuses to talk about shows he knows who’s behind the pretenious crap he dishes out hours a day in so many ways. If his supporters knew what was going on in the world, they’d be tired and nausated of listening to him everyday put on a show and brag.about himself and pretend his life is in danger because he exposes such secret information.
    Alex wants his listeners to believe he’s exposing such secretive information that his life is in danger. A phoney patriot. who is able to draw people to listen to him like those who are influenced by con -men.

  8. To everyone saying there’s a difference between man made and natural elements – there is not a difference. That is what the term “element” implies. Elemental = Basic, Fundamental.

    A blob of mercury is a blob of mercury. Period.

    Yes, elements can be combined into different molecules. Molecules are made up of several atoms from several elements. As long as, say, an atom of mercury was tied up in a molecule with other atoms, it would have a completely different reactivity and may behave differently in the body (this is why mercury compounds have been used in some medicines).

    I’d be curious what people who say the “natural is good, man-made is bad” think about poisonous plants and fungi. Do they think they could ingest poisonous plants and not have a problem?

    1. Thank you!!! 🙂 I’ve been saying the same thing to people who, apparently, have never seen a periodic table of elements.

  9. There is a difference between pure elements and the various chemical compounds containing those elements, and how they affect the body. For example, pure elemental mercury can actually be swallowed and will have a very low chance of causing any health problems. I knew a guy in school who used to swallow mercury at parties for fun, so he could show how it goes through the body so quickly. He would run in the bathroom after just a minute or two and crap it out, because it is so heavy it just goes right through you. And of course millions of people had fillings composed of mercury amalgams that leeched mercury into their systems their entire lives and didn’t seem to suffer any problems.
    However, look at the compound mercuric chloride, for example. Eat as little as a fraction of a gram and you will die within hours. That’s because the chloride allows the mercury to be immediately absorbed by the body. In nature pure elemental mercury is extremely rare, 99% of it exists as a compund, whether it’s a sulphate, chloride, oxide, etc. Any one of those compounds can be deadly in the right amount.
    Arsenic, lead, barium and other heavy metals are the same. In their pure elemental states they are much more benign than the compounds that they often naturally occur in. Other elements such as potassium, lithium and sodium are just the opposite. In their pure forms they combust upon exposure to the slightest moisture. So if you eat those elements you will literally have fire in your mouth. Those elements are never found in their pure form in nature, because they are so reactive they must combine with other elements or at least oxidize. Potassium, sodium and lithium (in trace amounts) are required for life, but they are bad if eaten pure

  10. This entire site is a morons delight. Misinformed, ignorant bullshit – and the “content” a dime a dozen. You have to wonder who this person, Mason Bilderdick, believes is exposing the truth. Mitt Romney? Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Pull your head out of your ass and go get educated.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and providing such an informed, educated and insightful response.

    2. Aaaaand you’ve provided zero logically sound arguments and scientifically rigorous evidence to discredit the claims made here.

      1. I don’t think “scientifically rigorous evidence” is needed to demonstrate hypocrisy.

  11. And the REAL reason is??

    BECAUSE: naturally occurring organic lead, mercury & arsenic through plants (the way God intended) are GOOD for your health. In-organics are NOT. He is promoting the removal of MAN MADE chemicals added to our water ..whether deliberately or by careless means through run off waters (flushing pharmaceutical or illegal drugs into sewage systems, etc.) Please at least TRY to get your facts straight before you try debunking Alex ..or anyone else for that matter!

    Look up: Lead, Arsenic, Aluminum and Mercury… Vital Trace Elements or Toxic Poisons? by Dr. William J. Saccoman

    …and as to what to look for in (what you refer to as) the list of bad ingredients? Check out the clearly labeled words “PLANT” derived (i.e. NOT added to chemicals) where all of these ingredients are listed!!

    But that’s just my 2 cents worth from what my studies have shown to be true.

    ps, And just in case you are wondering I do not take this product but do own a ProPur water filtering system.

    1. Man made chemicals? Like fluoride? Fluoride is naturally occurring in some water sources. Arsenic, lead and aluminum are also naturally occurring. So these are all GOOD for us because they are made by god?

    2. …Is this guy for real? Lead is lead, arsenic is arsenic, mercury is mercury. No matter where they come from, they will FUCK you up in the right amounts. But hey, no need to believe me. Try it yourself!

      1. No, lead is not lead, etc., unless we are comparing the same chemical state. The behavior of elements varies with their physical state, ionization, and chemical bonding. With regard to mercury, the elemental form of mercury in the liquid state is fairly innocuous, but may give off the more toxic mercury vapor. Mercury salts are more readily absorbed and thus more toxic. Organomercury compounds represent the more dangerous forms of mercury and it would supposedly be these that are found in the plant derived mineral powder.

        Unfortunately, it is difficult to get away from mercury. We put it in the air when we burn coal, the earth belches it out during volcanic eruptions, our food sources act as bioaccumulators, and we use it in various products such as batteries and florescent lights. While not connected to autism, I don’t like the idea that we inject it with our vaccines.

        Mercury is a poisonous substance, but that toxicity varies greatly with the form of mercury that we encounter. The supplement product is distressing in that it seems to suggest supplementation with mercury, cesium, lithium, and barium; none of which I would want to add to my diet. While it may be that the presence of these chemicals is due to background trace presence that cannot be reasonably eliminated, that should be supported by indicating the concentrations on the product label. Otherwise, that is an assumption that is risky to make. In general, we should just try to avoid consuming mercury.

  12. This is the problem when people criticize issues that they have alomst zero knowledge about…

    I guess that since your agenda is to discredit Mr. Jones, the differences between plant derived minerals and elemental minerals don’t matter anyway. Right?

    I’m always suspicious of blogs and videos like this. Even if I didn’t agree with someone, he goes after anything that threatens our rights like a pitbull. I’d feel pretty goo about having him around, even if I didn’t agree with him.

    That makes me think that you either have some personal issues with red-blooded men, or this is a dis-information node. Its usually the former, the people who call in to disagree are always effeminate-sounding, scared by real manliness, they way they should be.

    1. If the difference between plant derived minerals and elemental minerals makes this a non-issue, then why doesn’t Alex Jones list these ingredients on his web site? The list of ingredients used in this video can be found on the manufacturer’s website, but Jones won’t post them on his website(s). Why not?

      If Alex Jones doesn’t have something to hide then he should stop hiding.

    2. I’m surprised this article wasn’t about the vast array of crackpot bullshit Jones believes, but it’s good to expose how he makes money using fear-based marketing to a technophobic and scientifically illiterate audience.

      1. Alex Jones pushes so much crap i could type 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never keep up with his nonsense. I’m amazed at how many people listen to him.

    3. I can always predict the responses of Alex Jones followers, I love it!

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