Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Aliens Debunked

The information contained in this 8 part series is based on the work at “ART and UFOs? No Thanks, Only Art” by Diego Cuoghi.

If you wish to conduct more investigating into this subject matter i highly recommend visiting ART and UFOs? No Thanks, Only Art. The website is written in Italian, but some pages have been translated into English. The Italian pages are translated using MicroSoft Translator:

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  1. open your eyes to the freely available and abundant evidence of ancient super advanced human cultures and aliens.

    all you have to do is open your eyes and look afound you.

  2. Congratulations for making this website. There is no evidence of any anunnaki (etc) comming to Earth. Trying to say that using “we can’t know that is not true, you can’t garantee that it wasn’t”, etc, it is like say that any religion in the world is also true, can be also believe it, any of them it is “rasonable” to believe it and to follow it, and their preachers/prophets/wise men/etc also to believe what they say/confirm. SO DON’T BE SILLY WITH YOUR SILLY ARGUES against who we don’t believe at all and we say this is a BIG FRAUD cooking from WORLD ELITS/CAPITALISM for their New World Order they want people to believe it. Cooking from Hollywood films first, and all other kinds of media… RELIGION (NEW AGE) NEVER IT IS CONSTRUCTED (BY ELITS/MASONS/ILLUMINATTIS OR WHATEVER WE CALL “THEM”) IN 1 YEAR, ÓR 1 DECADE, IT IS A CONSTRUCTION (HIDDEN CONSTRUCTION) WHERE THE WORLD/SOCIETY/SHEPERD/FLOCK IT IS THE WORLD/LAND, THEY PLANTING SEEDS, GROUND THE EARTH, TO WATER LAND, WAIT PROPER TIME/SEASONS/MOMENT TO DO IT…



    1. And sorry about my (poor) english. And the capitals words. But I use it because this are important concepts and explanations and mechanisms you should learn about life, to understand world, and human history since egypt till this present. I know what I say because I study this phenomenon till I was a young boy. I consider myself a REAL EXPERT.

  3. Your whole website is set out to “disprove what hasn’t been proven” so what on Earth are you talking about? You took no time or effort to discuss my presentation of the multitude of early archaic (and actually ancient, unlike the rest of the middle-ages material you present as “ancient”) cage art and paintings etc… You are a joke mate, I think you should change your name to “Mason I, Robot”, because that is the only thing that your responses elicit a resemblance to.

  4. I’m fairly certain that the knowledge presented here (on the depictions of Art) is accurate, whereas I am absolutely certain, that you failed to provide any substantial evidence (or even, intelligent discussion) for the debunking of the overarching ancient aliens narrative. Don’t take it personal – like you, I am also involved in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, and it’s evident that stark criticism and scholarship go hand and hand. And so, if critical thought is going to be ‘critical’, perhaps you should be critical on your own thoughts, before you offer criticism on others’. On a side-note, I find it interesting that an ‘intelligent’ person such as yourself, would stake his credibility on a debunking of ancient aliens, with a (presumed) Pseudonym such as “Mason I. Bilderberg”. With that, all credibility is forfeit and boon.

    It is common sense for an individual to be absolutely certain (mind you, if I could Italicize, I would) on matters of common sense (such as simple arithmetic); It is foolish for an individual to be absolutely certain on complex theories, problems, and mysteries, especially those in an ancient context. It’s like you mentioned,

    “That which can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

    You provide no evidence, and so (without the need for this comment, but I advocate spreading knowledge) it is far too easily dismissed. I would assume that the purpose of any claim to truth would be to assert that truth as true, deeming all contradictory views out, however, your argument falls on deaf ears (those of ancient alien skeptics), and fails to convert any non-skeptic to your POV. I would rethink your argument, and most importantly, extend it.

    1. … you failed to provide any substantial evidence (or even, intelligent discussion) for the debunking of the overarching ancient aliens narrative.

      As Christopher Hitchens famously said, “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

      1. Knowledge, itself, is power. | Reply

        You did nothing for your argument with that response. I sincerely hope you weren’t trying to prove a point, as your response is a completely nonsensical rebuttal. However, if you are implying that I have provided no evidence to back up my claims, what claims must I back up with evidence? I simply stated the truth through observation. Your entire ‘article’ focuses on the debunking of supposed UFOs in classic and ancient paintings, yet that is not substantial evidence to completely dismiss ancient aliens (indeed, not even close). It goes much deeper than that. You should do more research, and perhaps form a solid argument against it, using your own analysis and critical thought. If you cannot juggle opposing views with your own to form your own logical conclusion, then you are not as great a thinker as you may believe. Indeed, you immediately succeeded my critique of your article by further solidifying my assertion at your lack of evidence; an assertion that is purely truth.

        1. … yet that is not substantial evidence to completely dismiss ancient aliens …

          You’re asking me to prove a negative. It is not my burden to disprove what hasn’t been proven.

  5. I have seen plenty of evidence on both sides belief and debunked ,its obvious some very intelligent civilizations were on earth in the past, whether human or not , modern day finds in parts of the world covered by jungles for centuries prove that humans and whoever led humanity at these stages in history , were far from stupid ,I think its a unique trait to be a skeptic , and its unique to be very open minded as well ,..any unproven subject needs to be investigated by both types of unique individuals ,

  6. It’s pure bullshit. Entertainment made to get you to watch the advertisements. The hosts are all media, book author, troll imitator, and the guy who talks like he has a cat turd taped to his upper lip, not scientists! My husband watches this stupid shit and I hate it. It’s on right now. I had to find a place to bitch. Thanks.

  7. P.S I don’t neccesarily believe in aliens visiting Earth in the past, but I do believe that it is one of only 2 logical explanations, that aliens or some form of high-tech or advanced beings did visit Earth, or even may have originated from Earth but are seperate from archaic man.

    Or that these beings are other worldly beings which had been seen through the use of visionary plants and entheogens, or through developed forms of meditation causing a seperation of spirit and body, allowing the travel or experience of other planes of existence and sentient beings, much like those encountered by people taking high dosages of DMT (a naturally occuring hallucinogen that is prevelent in almost all life forms including most plants, which I am sure you are already aware of).

    1. Given the evidence, I don’t believe aliens are a logical explanation for any past events on earth. Everything in the past can be, or will be, explained without the inclusion of aliens. There’s just no evidence of alien intervention in earth’s history.

      There’s no evidence of alien visitation. What we DO have is unanswered questions about earth’s past and, for some people, they think this gives them license to backfill these information gaps with either gods (“God of the gaps”), aliens or some other magical powers. Not knowing is not evidence of anything more than not knowing. Or, as i like to put it, questions are not answers.

      “God of the gaps” is a term used to describe observations of theological perspectives in which gaps in scientific knowledge are taken to be evidence or proof of God’s existence. (Wikipedia:

      1. Of course it gives them license, people are free to think, believe, and theorise to their hearts content, unless you are an advocate of some extreme Orwellian society where thoughts out of line of the status quo are bannished (pretty much the way we are heading now if people don’t stand up to corruption and dominance).

        Anyway, you are very close minded and need to start thinking for yourself, rather than following the shadow of these paphetic “celebrity atheists”, there is far more to this existence and Universe then I think you could imagine.

  8. Hi there, just wondering why you haven’t responded to my post which actually contains some substance (August 18, 2015, 8:33am) but yet responded to silly accusations of being a paid shill… Is it that you don’t have to intellectual capacity you thought you possesed, or that you’ve realised you have taken the unethical route of attacking something by picking and choosing the path of least resistence and essentially creating a fraudulent title for your post which has nothing ancient in the slightest?

    Would love for you to check out my link which I quickly scrambled together for you above, I will repost it again for your convenience.


    Look forward to your response.

    1. Because nothing at your link is evidence of anything. As Christopher Hitchens would say, “That which can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

      1. Yeah right mate, what a cop out…. and the paid shill comments were full of evidence?

        You make me laugh and weep at the same time (not really), the images I have shown in the link are far more note worthy and interesting than any of the images you have examine here on your website, unusual humanoid creatures, flying saucer shapes from 40,000 years ago, depictions of high technology from over 5,000 years ago etc…

        I’m sorry to say this as I hate to talk badly of those that have passed on, but Hitchens was an arrogant fool who would not last a second in a debate with an intelligent theist such as Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Isaac Newton etc… Even many Taoist masters would shake his foundations and make him rethink his stance with a single touch of Chi (Qi).

  9. *Sorry not sure if my post (on part 8 of this series of articles) worked or if it is being moderated as no message was shown after posting.

    Hi there, interesting articles. I would however like to state that your title of “Ancient Aliens Debunked” is a bit innaccurate, since you are only really adressing medieval and renaissance Christian art in 98% of your analysis. As well as the fact that not a single one of the images bar the Ancient Egyptian “Alien Gray”, actually depicts or shows aliens, merely “UFO’s” or celestial objects.

    For instance, what do you make of the actual ancient depictions found in cave art and the like, ranging from 10,000 – 40,000 years old?

    Such as the following I have just uploaded here, a long with a couple of later depictions from Japan, and Germany.


  10. From 15 thousand years and 4 million years ago we know that mankind existed as in the form of what we call cavemen. 10,000 years ago the first civilization occurred. Agriculture, building structure, currency, governmental structure, language and written language. We were put here on this earth to harvest its minerals for the higher beings. You can’t say just all of a sudden out of nowhere we just gained all this knowledge and intelligence 10,000 years ago when it took 4 million years or more that we know of so far of living with the mentality as a five-year-old human being. Making fire making simple tools out of stones. This was our intelligence, we were animals. The only common sense in this world is time and our natural instincts as human beings to survive. We lived 4 million years to understand that as commonsense, and natural instinct. We are not apes, or monkeys or gorillas or they would not exist today. Our animal species is black white Mexican Native American middle eastern asian ect. Obviously we didn’t live in prehistoric dinosaur days or else we just be eaten alive. That world was in existence for easily at least 500 million years. Our world was found it was blown up and replenished with the life of ourselves to give service as slavery for those that were higher beings. They may have not found us even after earth was blown up and the ice age started, but they could have, it just took millions of years till they discover human beings being capable slightly more than animals. Higher beings more than likely created the ancient civilizations that were created between 2000 and 10,000 years ago from now. New religion found its place as a comfort zone when one God was an idealistic view for comfort in the believer of religion Jesus Christ. Or any basic Christianity which is just believing in one God. Rather this be a cover up for what really is the truth or just our natural instincts to hurt ourselves we’ll never find out. The crusades, The dark ages, this was mankind’s downfall from the beginning I believe. New religion is false. Human beings are easily gullible when we are in hard times we look for the easiest route out of it. Example Hitler and the German Nazis. Germany did go through a worst depression than the United States. Desperate times takes desperate measures. We erased history and put in a man-made fairytale to make us feel safe and comfortable, The bible.

    United States doesn’t have any ancient ruins or civilization…? Why do all the other continents have something but we don’t…

  11. I have really been thinking about the paintings which depict the Crucifixion. The ones that show the sun and the moon that people describe as spaceships. It’s strange to me because old pictures were meant to educate because there were so many people illiterate. Everything in a painting should have an educational purpose to teach about Christianity (They teach that on the History Channel, also). So you could say that the sun and moon have fled. That’s the purpose. But what I’m reading is, between the 6th and 9th hour it was dark. Of course, there has been about 1200 recorded changes in the Bible so I wouldn’t know what the Bible said during that time. Why didn’t they want to depict Christ hanging in the dark? That’s a significant Christian verse that repeats in the gospel harmonies. Could they have placed the sun and moon at the position for 6 and 9? Or a clock or a thousand other ways to depict that. Like shadows. There’s something more with the sun and moon thing. But you should look at your paintings like they are Christian education. Not just fine art. I think it could be aliens. It could be angels taking away light, even.

  12. The sad thing with the ancient aliens ‘theory’ (which, of course, it isn’t – despite the comment earlier that a theory is just an educated guess, the scientific use is FAR more than that. This barely qualifies as a hypothesis given its largely untestable nature), is that the vast majority of what they say can be shown to be nonsense with even the most cursory of research – and some claims don’t need any more than your own eyes to debunk (claims that stones are cut and laid with surgical precision, made at right angles, when the set square being held against them shows this simply isn’t true).

    The stuff isn’t new either – most of it was debunked when Von Daniken wrote his first book, and has since been even more thoroughly debunked since as knowledge has increased, yet the ancient astronaut proponents cling to them in willful ignorance (Von Daniken has even admitted claims in his book are deliberately cloudy or outright lies, but has failed to remove them from later editions, which should be enough to get them consigned to the fiction section right there).

    I’ve even seen numerous episodes use Joseph Smith’s discovery of the golden tablets as proof he was in contact with aliens. The golden tablets have been shown to be not only forgeries, but laughable ones at that – and yet this series holds them up as evidence. That’s you know you’re on shaky ground. Couple that with ludicrous leaps of logic, veiled racism (there’s no way anyone not living in a primarily white developed country could have built these) and huge contradictions between episodes, and you have a nonsensical programme. That said, it is brilliantly sh*t and I do love watching it!

    And on the original author’s religious views, this is my first time on this site but I think the phrase “Aliens are to modern humans what gods were to ancient people. Neither of them are/were real, it’s just our nature as humans to attribute the unknown to something more powerful than ourselves” probably sums it up. Could be wrong though.

    1. I don’t know. I’m Mormon and weird stuff happens to me all the time. My 1st son was born on 9/11 and I was pregnant at 15 which is rape but it was never prosecuted. That number by itself isn’t so exciting. Every day, 86 babies are born in the United States by rape. But it gets stranger. I baptized as Christian reformed when I was 12 on Mother’s Day and my 2nd son was born on Mother’s Day 9 years later on 5/9/99. A few years ago I baptized Mormon and the day I baptized my oldest son wasn’t allowed to come. He was a juvenile offender and his probation officer wouldn’t allow him to attend. I cried so hard. I baptized any ways. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, to do without my son. I never lost my parental rights. I don’t know why that woman thought we should lose Christ. He needed it. The day of my baptism the lottery numbers came up my son’s birthday:9911. I don’t play. The only way I know is something woke me that night. I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up to watch that number be pulled. I had a strange dream that night before I woke. Also, When I was a little girl my mother reported a UFO because I told her I saw one. I don’t remember anything. I believe in God, angels, aliens, ghosts and sometimes I believe in evil when I wake up with sleep paralysis, feeling like something has been in the dark. I have so many weird things happen and I am always trying to figure it out and try and keep a skeptical and open mind. I think God us with me because I have cerebral palsy and I am a woman and have braved many things and give back many good things.

  13. It baffles me to hear that Aliens visiting earth and building pyramids is thinking outside of the box, or being open minded. On the contrary, these “theories” are just easy answers. Kind of like “Because God wills it”.
    Just blurting out “IT WAS ALIENS” as an answer to questions like “How did they manage to build something so great, with such exquisite detail?” is just lazy and self serving.
    When you reject what the real evidence points toward in favor of speculation you are CLOSING YOUR MIND.

  14. I think a lot of what they say might be true but you can sure tell when they are about to lie because they put it on ancient alien theorist believability’s remember if they didn’t lie then it would be boring.

  15. The UFO phenomena is a real issue if you study the cases and evidence. Not all are real and are fake no doubt. The explanations by the debunkers are less credible then what they are trying to disprove. If these cases do turn out to be real aliens visiting, there is no doubt that they have been here for as long as us or longer and this opens up our past to a whole new history for us on this planet. What gets me is that science tells us that the universe is full of life and yet can’t deal with the fact that they are more advanced than us and probably can travel from stars that are far from us with their technology. They probably assume that the first thing they would do is call upon them for guidance when they get here, what a laugh. The show is a show and liberty is taken so what the point is that religion has taken liberty for much longer.

  16. The arrogance of the science community always amazes me. The truth is nobody has all the answers do we? Last check we still die and time continues with or without us. The irony is that the same pompous people that promote “Progressive” thinking are same ones that are fearful of alternate out of the box new thought. How counter-intuitive is that? Let these guys stretch their imaginations and you be smart enough to at least give it thought without buying the entire hypothesis or completely rejecting it. Given the state of humanity I would say we have much to explore and learn yet.
    Ironically I am a scientist myself.
    Equally annoying are dogmatic religious believers. Who has all the answers….NOBODY!
    Keep your mind open folks

    1. As Laurence Krauss said – I like to keep an open mind, but not so open my brain falls out. Scientists are always thinking outside the box, but being imaginative doesn’t mean accepting every crazy idea as a possibility. Not all ideas are created equal, and much of what these guys propose has been debunked years ago. Science admits to the stuff it doesn’t yet know – but it also knows what it’s disproved, and most of the ancient alien hypothesis falls into that category. That, and it takes so many bizarre leaps of logic that it really is staggering that people subscribe to this viewpoint. And I’m not writing that as a religious person who sees the ancient alien hypothesis as a threat to my beliefs. I’m an atheist who looks at the facts, and in this instance they are found so wanting in almost every aspect.

    2. Your right, no one has the answers!! Yet, when we seek the answer and find something we use the bible to refute the findings….not that’s a crock of crap too! You can’t use the bible while searching for anwers. You need to look without blinders on and without the teachings of your religious upbringing. You need to seek with an open mind and remember what ever you find, think, research, think again and then decide for yourself. That is the problem with our world, we do the thinking for others, hence that damn Bible. If you don’t want to find the answer(s) stop watching the show and keep your head up your a** or in the sand. But at least, someone decided to share their findings. Trust me, I was thinking in the same stream the show was but not that in depth. It’s hard to phathom being created and abandoned with questions and never getting any answers. Just more questions. So what is God and or Jesus hiding? Interesting thought.

  17. Jonathan Byranch | Reply

    History Channel may not be always spot on, but then again using History Channel to debunk the whole anciens astronaut theory is very narrow thinking. There are various other sources that prove this theory. Do your homework people!!!! Look at anciens Mayan, Egyptian, African, Aboriginal, Indian depictians.. And above all, learn about the thousands clay Sumerian tablets from 6000 BC.

    Also, take a look at the documentary Sirius made by Steven Greer from CSETI. He has literal hundreds of video testimonies of high ranked army intelligence, politicians, scientists and eye witnesses that prove there have been ET’s on earth since 1947 and that there is a complete coverup because of the technologie that they brought to earth and that the military industrial complex now also possess but don’t want to share with the world.

    Look for MJ12 or majestic 12!

    Many countries around the world are beginning to share their UFO files.

    The bible is full of subtle references to ancient gods decending from the skies in loud thunder and smoke and fire. And not only the bible for that matter. Look at the book of enoch, or at the mahabharata…

    The illuminatie is no joke people, they are trying hard to influence the people in all sorts of dispicable ways.

    Also look for Ancient Knowlegde on YouTube …. And please.. !! DO YOUR HOMEWORK !!!

    1. Nothing and nobody proves aliens have visited the earth. The Sumerian tablets, as interpreted by Sitchin, is a joke. Sitchin was a hack. Nobody besides Sitchin reads them as proof of alien life or alien interaction.

      UFOs are what the name says – Unidentified – not proof of extrasterrestrial anything. The bible has ZERO references to aliens. I debunk the biblical references here:

      The illuminati existed as a small group in the late 1700s. They were dissolved somewhere around 1798, never to be seen again. The iLLuminati haven’t existed in over 200 years. If you believe they exist, please name names and your proof.

      Sorry to be so direct on some points, but i hear these vague, abstract arguments all the time and nobody is able to put forth anything concrete.


      1. I don’t find much about the bible to be concrete either. God? Jesus? No pictures, just a myth. Until anyone can prove otherwise, I don’t believe in a God or Jesus. Why hide if your proud of your work. For all we know, our human form was a mistake!!! LOL Hell worse, a shameful sight for the so called God and Jesus to look upon after our creation!!! After all, I have seen niether one…so find that in your searches on the internet people. Don’t give me that crap about Jesus and God are everywhere you look!!! How about Catholics…say all the Hail Mary’s you want and your forgiven and then you can go and continue to abuse and batter women, moleste children and continue to preach the so called word of God….CRAP!!!! I will take what everyone says with a grain of salt until I know otherwise. Nothing wrong with listening or watching what others have to say about our earth and existence, I don’t see God or Jesus stepping up to the plate!!! LOL

      2. First of all, interesting site you have here. It must consume a good chunk of your free time. If you have any. You maintain it. You keep it steered in just the right direction. Second I’d like to ask, if you don’t mind. If you have such issues with the possible existance of aliens, possibility of alien space craft, others interpretations of art, heiroglyphs, or any other alien/ufo related text from history. Why would you specifically put your initials of your first middle and last names together, capitalized, in parenthesis after your name? “(MIB)”. I really would like to know because out of all the other names that I’ve seen referenced in you writings you didn’t put their initials together in caps, in parenthesis behind their full name. Just curious. Another thing you seem to be big on is people doing their research. It’s pretty easy to understand that you want factual information in your fantastically kept articles and comments therein. So, I figured it imperitive for you to be brought some corrections on the little stuff that you are so adoment to others to do. Well I did the research. The pyramids of Giza were built in the 2600 BC to 2500 BC timeline. The Step, Bent and North pyramids were built the previous era 2700 BC to 2600 BC. Now, the math of those two seperate group of pyramids, as you’ve denoted them seperate already, is total 200 years. I just wanted to make sure that your readers did get the correct research data out of this. Third point of referance is, and sorry to be so direct on some points, but I TOO hear these vague, abstract arguments SOME of the time, and no one has been able to put forth anything concrete. From your own words you said
        ” I debunk the biblical references here:“.
        Funny thing about Doing your research, also your words, is you find out things that most people let go because they won’t click on your link. “OMG! He put a link, with strong words. He backed up what he was just saying. So , umm, oh man. i must be wrong. I will just go sulk now and not try to say anything else about a hypethtical discussiion to which is based on theory anyway.” I did click on that link and it did indeed take me somewhere. Right back here. That’s fine, but also confusing. Where is it in this article or comments did you actually debunk the biblicle references about ufo’s and aliens? If it’s the 8 part series then my mistake. All that I found was this:

        “The information contained in this 8 part series is based on the work at “ART and UFOs? No Thanks, Only Art” by Diego Cuoghi.”

        That’s right at the top of the page. I decided to reply here at this point of one of your many interjections about these particular topics to say also, that I decided to stop reading the rest because the lack of research and oversight contained within. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me on such a topic. You know, it’s not even the topic(s). It’s because you’ve lost any credibility to what nonsense you’ve been subjecting these people to, by not following your own requirements for material. Furthermore, even if someone has brought you evidence, just like evidence you have provided to all of us, through links or proven research…right? You’ve not heard or even cared in the least. You still refuse to do your own research and believe the FACTUAL history of different civilizations throughout the worlds history. NOT the bible. The bible is not a historical fact book, or a biography. Nor is it someones journal or diary of things that happened when/before/after the things that are printed within its pages. Those books were chosen by a council of men running the civilization at the time. Those events put together into that bible, also, like your articles, steer anyone who reads it into a predefined path known only to the driver/writer or council of men. Books upon books were “lost” or just plainly taken out of the “bible”. not because they would have made it too long but because they didn’t meet the overall message and depiction of the “great events” it turned out to show. Ignored is all of the other things like books that were actually written by the person(s) who says the book was written by. You know the one(s) . But it’s really not about the little things though is it? like you would want me to list those books and authors and name what message, who were the council members. .. I know that is what you want because I am being vague and not showing you proof. I completely understand. Unfortunately I do not have the time to do the reseach and waste my time posting that here, as you would not believe any of it anyway, and would nit pick any other thing that was slightly askew. For the most part this has already wasted my time because it falls on deaf ears. Excuse me, blind eyes. And as for you saying basically where’s the proof? Here “Do your research” check this link out for aliens/ufo’s in the ancient sanskrits. If thats not enough, read it. Then re-read it, do your research on the translations and the person translating the texts… Then come back and say ufo’s and aliens aren’t real. Oh man! What was I thinking. You will not believe what is there anyway will you? Because a flying saucer didn’t land at your porch and little green men didn’t come out and say anything to you or analy probe you! I forgot that you are from that school of thought. Any way I am really not trying to attack you. If it seems that way please forgive me as it’s rare I even type anything to these forums. After all we are just having a discussion about things that don’t put food on the table right. Sometimes I get excited and don’t hold my tounge. Either way I am not typing anything here that I haven’t said to my bestest of friends in one way or another. I am not trying to be hurtful just sometimes to the point directly. Well I just looked at the date of this, soo.. ehh… oh well. You take care and keep doing some of what your doing. Don’t forget to do your research, and open up your receptors (i do not know what part of the body they are in but you get the idea).

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      1. OK. I feel like the old time Bunko Squad.

  18. all great points BUT… noone ever touched on “WHY” did they carve statues on easter island “WHY” build a pyramid “WHY” did the Hope indians keep movin and makin new cities every 100yrs?????? WAIT!!! i think i know they made so many statues cause they forgot they put one on shore then when they got the second one out there they just left it went home woke up and said HEY!! let’s carve a statue and put it on shore what you guys say??? one egyptian said to the othe always wanted to live in the mountains lets build some!!! one Hope said to the other hell i aint walkin back home lets just build another city out of the heaviest material we can find so we can have this place for 100yrs then move for a better view or … ah hell u guys prolly know those answers, NO ALIENS JUST TALKIN HUMAN NATURE THIS ALL SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHIN WE ALL WOULD DO!!! if we all had a spare 20yrs TO BURN or WE JUST GOT BORED… RIGHT!?

  19. Skeptic Skeptic | Reply

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no one is entitled to their own facts.

  20. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  21. Hmm…so this is based on “ART and UFOs? No Thanks, Only Art”…well, that’s a bad way of beginning this, I’m an artist so I can tell.
    I would have liked you to make some kind of introduction of where do you come from and what u truly believe in so we have an idea of your real colors.
    Religious people generally react by covering their ears and eyes at things like Ancient Alliens, Gays etc as they itch their nerves. People build web pages to discredit everything in favor of their “skeptical” ways, when it’s more about their religious ways of seeing things which doesn’t allow space to any other possibility. They follow their own “agendas” as well. Atheists don’t believe in anything other than be born, grow, work, breed, die and done…all human facts made by humans and nothing else above, below or around.
    There’s some kind of crazy world happening out there. Websites, videos made to enGod things and other pages to bring them down and in the end it’s all up to each individual to believe or not in what they see/hear/read. I’ve always wondered why instead of being “against” something people just don’t go being PRO another thing. If you’re against Ancient Alliens and the Investigators who are behind it why don’t u just go making a website or videos PRO the things you believe in? If you think God and his Winged Angels were behind all what Ancient Alliens are all about or if you think it was all work of humans then go PRO them. I feel like It would be more honest and more constructive.
    Warm Regards

    1. Absolutely. The reason they spend so long ‘debunking’ and less time being ‘pro’ something, perhaps is because they are terrified of other possibilities due to the fear that their narrow beliefs and concepts might be threatened by anything outside ‘the status quo’. When dealing with people who are convinced that nothing is possible apart from the opinions spouted by ‘scientists’ and ‘god’ in relationship to ‘unproved’ theories such as the logical assumption that there may indeed be other forms of life besides ourselves in the vastness of space, I find this is useful – sometimes.

      ‘I presume that you’ve either seen God or scientists have proved he exists?’

      1. Actually, the “reason they spend so long ‘debunking’ and less time being ‘pro’ something” is because there isn’t any evidence to support the “pro.” Are you contending that these pieces of art actually depict UFOs and such?

    2. I would have liked you to make some kind of introduction of where do you come from and what u truly believe in so we have an idea of your real colors.

      My intro and what i believe is contained in the “About Me” link. 🙂

  22. Now this all theories of alien n ufos etc etc is flopped be us dooms day is flopped , its only rumour of some nassisictic dumb peoples

  23. read ecclesiastes chapter 1 verses 9 thru 11.

  24. the most high tech pyrimid was built first they got shity later !

  25. stone tools ha ha !

    1. Initially i was believing but after series of episode they were telling evry thing related to alien like da vinci, bermuda as space time portal etc etc then after i saw debunked theory then evry luks completly rediculous, then i realized how its easy to brain wash others, but any way it was entertaining

  26. Debunked? You must be joking! Ancient alien theology is more believable than your spiritual pipe dreams. Keep beating that bible! All 1/1000 of the truth

  27. hello, this is jeffrey, the author of autistic skeptic

    1. Jeffrey, nice to meet you. You do great work at your blog, i’ve featured a number of your posts. 🙂

  28. Are you out of your vulcan mind ?

  29. This just only leads me to the conclusion that this kind of material is best left to a paranormal variety hour than singular shows on it’s on. Good luck telling anyone in “showbiz” that though. Five bucks says that the history channel shows more interesting junk in other countries than it does here.

  30. As far as i’m concerned the History Channel has lost all credibility.

    1. I only watch it for American Pickers and Pawn Stars…

    2. Absolutely right on. Another example of doing anything for money. I wonder how these so called “experts” can look anyone in the eye. As far as I’m concerned they are low lifes who are worse than the old time carnival barkers. These so called History Channel experts are completely with out any integrity whatsoever.

      1. And the young people today think these ancient alien theories have credibility because “it was on the history channel.” The History channel ought to be ashamed.

      2. That is how I feel about all churches…greed!! Or how about those who preach on television and ask for you money!!! Pieces of crap!! They do it for the money. If there was no money involved do you think they would be preaching? LOL I think not!!! Greed…using peoples faith to take their hard earned money. Shameful!!!

  31. Just a bit of my two cents: a THEORY is just that…an educated guess. There are too many anachronistic things going on in ancient history for the ancient astronaut theories to NOT make a bit of sense. Until archaeologists can find and uncover things that explain how the pyramids were actually built, the ancient astronaut theory is just as valid as people digging big rocks out of mountains with no tools IMO. Where are the tools used to make such things? We’re only finding the structures, not the tools used to build the structures. Think about the prevalent themes in all world religions…people coming from the sky, helping people along, etc. Nazca lines are a good example. WHY would you want to paint a picture of a bug that can only be seen from space? Perhaps these ancient folks just thought it would be a cool thing to do but who in the world was going to look at it? There are many places where the ancient astronaut theory makes more sense than anything else and that can’t be ignored. Also, I would also suggest you research the Starchild Project…DNA evidence of alien human hybrids. Intriguing stuff. I for one like to draw my own conclusions after what’s presented on the show is put out there, and do my own research from there. I try my best to remain unbiased until I know one way or the other, with the mindfulness that not everything found on the internet or in books necessarily comes from a reliable source. But I do respect your viewpoint. I just can’t bring myself to disprove all of it, since the ancient astronaut theory seems to fit and make more sense than some of the others out there in quite a few areas.

    1. I’m not sure why aliens are the default for anything not yet explained.

      It’s important to realize there were between 200 and 400 years from the time of the earliest (and crudest) pyramids like the step pyramid of Djoser (approx. 2650 BC) and the famous Egyptian pyramids (the ones equated with aliens because of their massive size and internal complexities) constructed around 2200 BC.

      200 to 400 years is a very long time. Imagine if we started building something today in 2012 with an expected completion date in the year 2212 or 2412. Just some perspective to think about.

      Maybe if the pyramids had cropped up overnight, then i might wonder how they happened. But 200 to 400 years to perfect their craft doesn’t seem mysterious or unrealistic.

      Aliens are to modern humans what gods were to ancient people. Neither of them are/were real, it’s just our nature as humans to attribute the unknown to something more powerful than ourselves.

      1. the math on that is 200 to 400 years would be either[ building moving and placing ) every 8 min or 16 min still impossible

      2. I have never read so much rubbish about 200 to 400 years to complete the pyramids. There is no way man had the technology to build them. This crap about 2000 men to pull the blocks up a ramp is the biggest hogwash I have ever read.

      3. “Neither of them are/were real” – can you prove that or is it just your opinion?

      4. Malcolm,I would direct you to this website with all the answers in it,and you would find things out on your own…deal?

      5. What we know today is different then what we knew yesterday. What we were convinced was the truth has changed time and time again. Just because something has not been discovered does not mean it doesn’t exist such as life in such a vast universe we still don’t know enough about. It also doesn’t mean it does, but when we stop questioning and stop looking the more ignorant we will become. There are still just too many unanswered questions out there.

        1. But that’s a false dichotomy – alien civilisations have never visited earth, therefore aliens don’t exist is not the issue. Many scientists acknowledge there is likely life out there in the universe – but that’s really not the same as saying they have developed the means to travel across galaxies, have visited earth and took enough interest in us to help us advance / decided to use us as slaves to harvest minerals (delete as appropriate).

          We are always learning, but saying ‘Aliens Did It’ for every mystery is not learning, it’s an unwillingness to actually look for new evidence that challenges how we think. It’s lazy.

          The whole thing falls apart under Occam’s Razor because so many assumptions need to be made. On the one hand, civilisations slowly developed tools and the understanding to build these monuments through trial and error (which we have proof for), and also decided to depict other humans through art. Both reasonable assumptions as we have proof of humans doing both these things, and we know humans exist.

          Or, the chain of assumptions that runs from > aliens exist > are more technologically advanced than us > are so technically advanced that they can cross galaxies > found earth in the vastness of space > could be bothered to help us > look enough like us for the art that depicts them to look enough like humans that any confusion could arise (flying in the face of everything we know about evolution. And then we add in other assumptions like they are able to breed with humans and so did, or they decided to genetically alter us to help us evolve (why is never really explained) and so on.

          That is so many leaps of logic with no real evidence – given everything can be explained or at least more reasonably hypothesised by what we have evidence for – that it makes the whole argument slightly preposterous. Should new evidence appear, my view would obviously change, but as things stands that’s where I’m at.

      6. There is no way a normal human being can actually carry stones as heavy as thoses used to build and structure the pyramids. It would take a life time, the tools supposedly in their time would have not been able to cut stones much less for them to carry them through the pyramids especially the ones that were made of quartz, impossible. Too heavy, many tons. They were given aid by someone, who? You said you did the research, who helped them and what tools did they actually use? Remember; not everything on the internet is accurate or true. At least they are giving us some insight to what might possibly be. After, I sure as hell have never seen God or Jesus…shit, not even Santa. LOL I was raised to believe in God, Jesus, heaven and hell. Now I question it all. I question the bible and the authors of the bible. This from a person who was taught to go to Sunday School every Sunday, Church and bible study. Now I think what a waste and what kind of God never shows himself? I believe we have a creator(s) but who and why? Will remain a mystery until who knows when? Until then, I will continue to watch Ancient Aliens and draw my own conclusions or ponder at least about their findings.

    2. You asked “WHY would you want to paint a picture of a bug that can only be seen from space?”

      You’re joking right? Every civilization since the beginning of recorded time has thought that their gods, creators, deities, or whatever else they believed in – had a celestial origin or at least inhabited the sky. Ever hear of Mt. Olympus, sun worship, moon worship, anything “up there” worship?

      Therefore, it isn’t too difficult to imagine primitive people making signs that could only be seen from space. Any rational person that still can think for him or herself can not believe in such obvious fraud as been being shown on the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series.

  32. Where and how do you get this information? How would a normal person who doesn’t know about this stuff be able to research on it?

    1. Aaron, go to any of the articles i’ve written and scroll to the bottom. I’ve linked all my sources. Everything i’ve used as a resource is listed in each of my articles. It all comes down to doing a little bit of research in religious art.

  33. they always throw in the fake Apollo moon landings as fact when it is NOT!…

    1. The Apollo moon landings were real!

  34. Last night I watched all about UFO’s on the History Channel. It was about what kind of a propulsion system a space craft would need to get from one planet to another. Now I know…..Angel Power.. LOL

    1. The scary thing is, the History Channel broadcasts this junk.

      1. Does the History Channel put on anything about history anymore???

        1. Martin Barr-David | Reply

          No, the ” History” channel is is pseudo documentary channel. So, what do you except from them when they have sister channels like Fox News & Sky News which are the TV equivalent of the Onion News Network.

    2. dave flanders | Reply

      If you have everything figured out, why don’t you tell me why Nazca Lines exist or how the fuck they fit together 10 to 15 ton rocks with surgical precision in Machu Picchu .This series may not be 100 percent right but I don’t see any other smart ass coming out trying to explain this shit.

      1. Yes,other smart asses as you implied,did come up with explanations to this “shit” Navigate through this website yourself,there is a section debunking the Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines.Better still,you could watch the video they have on their website (which is 3 hours long) that debunks every claim on Ancient Aliens…Or you could watch segments from the video as you please.(It is neatly arranged on the website)

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