Ancient Aliens Debunked – Part 2

Annunciation with St. Emidius

By Carlo Crivelli

This is an image of the painting “Annunciation with St. Emidius” (1486), by Artist: Carlo Crivelli (c. 1435 1495 – Italian Renaissance Painter) and is currently displayed at the National Gallery of London.

UFO enthusiats believe they see a saucer-like Unidentified Flying Object sending some kind of light beam down from the sky onto the crown which adorns the head of the Virgin Mary.

Most UFO believers use this low quality image of the saucer-like object in the top right as proof of a UFO.

Here is a high quality closeup of the “UFO”:

What we have above is not a UFO, but a circle of clouds inside which there are two circles of small angels.

This is a very common way of representing the “Divinity”, or God, and is evident in many other historically sacred works of art throughout the medieval and renaissance period.

The dove with its gentle loving nature represents the presence of the Holy Spirit and the virtues of peace, meekness, and purity. It is among birds what the lamb is among animals.[1]

The dove represents the Holy Spirit descending towards the Virgin Mary.

The Annunciation refers to the Immaculate Conception, i.e. the virgin birth when the Holy Spirit “Touched” the Virgin Mary.[2]

Here are a few examples of the cloud of angels being used to represent the divinity.

An Annunciation by Luca Signorelli:

The cupola of the Church of Parma painted by Correggio and a Madonna with Child by Lorenzo Lotto:

Gustave Doré’s vortex of “angels in the clouds” in this illustration of Dante’s Paradise, Chant XXXI (mid 1800s):

More annunciations represented by circles of clouds, angels and rays:

Here is a series of Byzantine annunciations with rays descending from an abstract form in the sky which represents the divinity:

Conclusion: In the painting “the Annunciation” by Carlo Crivelli there are no UFOs: The ray reaching the Madonna comes from two circles of little angels inside a main circle of clouds, as in many other representations of God appearing in medieval and renaissance paintings.

* The information contained herein is based primarily on the work of Diego Cuoghi and the sources listed below:
1. Bailey, Colin J. The Art Quiz Book: 2000+ Questions on Painters and Paintings. Station Press: Scotland, 1995.

4 responses

  1. Stupidest conclusion ever

  2. The Holy Spirit was always considered female before Rome’s misogyny.

  3. “Here is a series of Byzantine annunciations with rays descending from an abstract form in the sky which represents the divinity”

    Exactly. The question at hand is why do rays decending from an abstract in the sky represent divinity.

    1. it is symbolic of either corporeal or imaginative visions, what I mean by this is that God reveals himself throughout history to the holiest of men, regardless of creed, in the form of physical apparitions called corporeal visions, or, visions experienced during sleep, which are known as imaginative visions, distinct from dreams, this type of phenomena has characteristics which differentiate them from regular dreams in a number of ways, namely, the dreams cannot be controlled by the dreamer, are highly symbolic, and ‘rays of light’ accompany the final dream image while simultaneously making a ‘rushing’ sound which Pythagoras described as the sounds made during the movement of stars and recreated this sound in certain VERY IMPORTANT hymns which have been lost. These rays of light appear with both corporeal, or, physical conscious visions and imaginative, or, unconscious dream visions. What is so profound about these experiences is that they have been happening throughout history even in the most primitive and ancient of peoples and tend to happen most frequently when one astrological age changes to another. The ancients weren’t stupid and literally worshiping symbols as many are taught in school about the pagans, quite the contrary, they were using symbols to try and express phenomena for which they had no words to describe so they spoke through Pictures. I speak from both learning and actual experience which is why I can explain this in detail, pray to God and ask what your purpose is you might be surprised by the way in which He responds 🙂

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