Ancient Aliens Debunked – Part 3

“Esaltation of the Eucaristy”
(Detail of the Trinity)
By Ventura Salimbeni
Painted at the end of the 16th century

«The painting (above) is by Bonaventura Salimbeni entitled “Glorification of the Eucharist” … Notice the Sputnik satellite device.»[1]

Sometimes called UFO, Satellite or “Sputnik” of Montalcino, many ancient alien believers around the world insist the blueish sphere in this painting is a UFO or even Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to be put into Earth’s orbit.

The sphere between the figures of the Holy Trinity is not a UFO. The object, painted in many Trinity representations of the period, is a symbol of the “Celestial Sphere” – not the Earth, but the universe as a whole – and in this particular painting, contains the illustration of the Sun and the Moon.

The Trinity is represented by Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove. The “wands” being held are not sputnik antennas, as UFO believers insist, these “wands” symbolize the control Jesus and the Father have on the universe, as is represented here on the left, with the Earth at the center of the Universe, being held by God’s hand.

It’s a representation of the Sphaera Mundi – the sphere of the world – in medieval literature. The sphaera mundi is a model of the cosmos that at its most elementary is very simple indeed. At the centre of it is the earth, so small as to be virtually a dot in comparison to the whole or even to the smallest star. Earth is surrounded by the sea, which in turn is surrounded by air, as also air is surrounded by fire. Surrounding the fire is a sphere that ‘bears’ the moon, and around that sphere are others, like layers of an onion, bearing the other planets: Mercury, then Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Then come the sphere bearing the fixed stars and, beyond it, one or more others. All these spheres together constitute the sphere of the world.[2]

The symbols used here are no different than many other paintings during this period depicting the same subject matter.

Here is a small sample of paintings using similar symbols, including the “wands”, to depict the Trinity and the Universe:

Conclusion: The sphere between the figures of the Holy Trinity in the “Esaltation of the Eucaristy” by Salimbeni, is not a UFO. The object, painted in many Trinity representations, is a symbol of the “Celestial Sphere”, and in this particular painting contains the illustration of the Sun and the Moon.

* The information contained herein is based primarily on the work of Diego Cuoghi and the sources listed below.
1. Source:
2. Source: Heaven and the Sphaera Mundi in the Middle Ages

6 responses

  1. so, what about paintings clearly depicting disc-shaped objects, saucer if you will…I´m not buying this celestial sphere story, sounds like a cheap excuse to me, other sphaera mundi are nothing like that…not even remotely close

  2. ForsakenRogueX | Reply

    Not for or against your alleged explanation. Just found it a curiosity, if you will. But I really must point out that not a single one of those other pictures of this “Celestial Sphere” look remotely like the first picture. I would also like to include that those “wands” are clearly attached. Once again, I’m just saying.

  3. Thank you for debunking this. I was especially curious about the “Sputnik” painting, it’s like seeing Jesus on toast or any number of things in clouds. On the not Sputnik you can just barely make out the yellow bands across the middle and top that are featured in the other world spheres. This is likely due the the age of the painting combined with a bad photo.

  4. Im a catholic but that doesnt stop me from believing in ufos,aliens,ghosts, demons,etc. it would even be ignorant to believe we r the only intelligent life form on this planet and/or the universe. but whatever we all have the choice to believe in what we want. 🙂

  5. If you translate this to Royal lineage in Europe you see the same theme with royal iconography, where the highest ranking members are bestowed scepters and orbs.

    These are identical to the above paintings, and the the heritage is a direct descendant of religion from these eras. It can be traced back as symbolism through all major societies, as far back as the written language.

    Scepters are a direct symbol of authority




    Crown jewels of the united kingdom:

    1. Thank you for that very informative information. Excellent addition.

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