Ancient Aliens Debunked – Part 4

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta, Georgia

This photo is often used by UFO enthusiasts as proof of ancient aliens:

UFO enthusiasts insist the two objects on each side of the cross are clearly flying disk-shaped objects depicting some kind of propulsion systems.

Here is a better picture where we can see the details:

This Crucifixion, located on one side of the grave of Sidonia in the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of Mtskheta, Georgia, is one of the most widely known cases of misunderstood artwork. But those familiar with symbolism in medieval art understand there are no mysterious elements in this holy painting.[1]

Most of the crucifixions done in the Byzantine style show these same “objects” on either side of the cross. They are the Sun and the Moon, often represented with a human face or figure. These symbols are intended to represent how, through the death of Christ (dark), man was saved (light). A negative and a positive – dark and light.

Here are more paintings done in the same style:

Here is a small sample of crucifixions showing the Sun and the Moon, some with human attributes:

More modern examples:

Conclusion: The Mtskheta Crucifixion doesn’t contain UFOs. The two objects near the cross are an anthropomorphic representation of the Sun and the Moon shown in much the same way as in many other Byzantine-style crucifixions.

* The information contained herein is based primarily on the work contained of Diego Cuoghi and the sources listed below.
1. Source:

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