Ancient Aliens Debunked – Part 5

The Crucifixion
( Visoki Decani Monastery, Kosovo)

These are the images that started it all:

«Frescos throughout Europe … reveal the appearance of space ships in the skies including this painting of ‘The Crucifixion’ – painted in 1350. It seems to depict a small human looking man looking over his shoulder – at another UFO as if in pursuit – as he flies across the sky in what is clearly a space ship. »[1]

In 1964, the above images were “discovered” by art student Alexandar Paunovitch in a 16th-century fresco of the crucifixion of Christ, located on the wall of the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. The French magazine “Spoutnik” printed them, and they have been featured in many books and web pages ever since as “spaceships with a crew.”[2]

While a layperson might be completely mystified by these suggestive images, a Medieval art historian would only need to know that they were located in the upper corners of a depiction of Christ’s crucifixion …[2]

But this Crucifixion also follows the common iconographic model of the Middle Ages. The “Deposition from the Cross” of Benedetto Antelami, in the Dome of Parma in particular resembles the Crucifixion of Visoki Decani:[3]

Many crucifixion paintings and mosaics done in the Byzantine style show the same odd “objects” on either side of the cross. They are the Sun and the Moon, often represented with a human face or figure, turned to witness the Crucifixion, a common iconographic tradition in the art of the Middle Ages.[3]

«The sun and moon, one on each side of the cross, are a regular feature of Medieval crucifixion [paintings].

«They survived into the early Renaissance but are seldom seen after the 15th century. Their origin is very ancient. It was the custom to represent the Sun and Moon in images of the pagan sun gods of Persia and Greece, a practice that was carried over into Roman times on coins depicting the emperors.

« … [T]he sun is [sometimes represented as] simply a man’s bust with a radiant halo, the moon [as] a woman’s, with the crescent of Diana. Later they are reduced to two plain disks. The moon having a crescent within the circle, may be borne by angels. The sun appears on Christ’s right, the moon on his left.”»[4]

The Sun and Moon are depicted as anything from a flat disk to a hollow comet-tailed ball. The figures within vary from a simple face to elaborate depictions of Apollo and Diana in their chariots driving horses or oxen. The Sun and Moon are also featured on crucifixions painted by Dürer, Crivelli, Raphael, and Bramantino.[3]

The Sun and Moon, represented as human figures, are visible in many Byzantine-Orthodox sacred paintings.

Two ivories from the Museé de Cluny, Paris, the Sun and the Moon are on sides of the cross:

Often, the Sun and the Moon were represented as human characters driving wagons drawn by horses and by oxen:

A sculpture by Benedetto Antelami in the Dome of Parma, with the story of Barlaam and Josafat, where the Sun and the Moon appear to be “doubled” in the figures of the fighting Day and Night:

In the same Decani Monastery, in a lower level vault, there are other depictions of the “humanized” Sun and Moon:

Conclusion: In the Visoki Decani Crucifixion fresco there are no UFOs. The two objects near the cross are anthropomorphic symbols of the Sun and the Moon, represented in much the same way as they are in many other Byzantine Crucifixions.

* The information contained herein is based primarily on the work of Diego Cuoghi and the sources listed below:
1. The UFO Times
2. Diego Cuoghi, Italian art historian, Skeptic magazine, 2004 (1.7MB, PDF File)
3. Diego Cuoghi
4. James Hall, author of the Dictionary of Subjects & Symbols In Art

14 responses

  1. The people here who are trying to say that this is debunked and that the artist depicted moon and sun are lacking education in history.
    Anyone who learnt history should know that people in ancient times and even in medieval times had a decent knowledge of astronomy; they knew how the sun, moon, meteorite and comet looks like.
    As they knew, the sun and the moon don’t leave a tail at one side.
    Only celestial bodies that leave a tail on one side are either comet or meteorite.
    And people from ancient and medieval times knew it.
    Everybody knew how the sun and the moon looks like and could discern differences between the sun, the moon, the comet and meteorite.
    The author’s of this article attempt to ascribe these drawings to the rule in Christianity to give everything the human form as it was inherited from pagan beliefs is miserable.
    The artists in the past could have good imagination in making their masterpieces but it’s impossible that artists from all continents that lived in various times in the past had the same fantasy.
    Similar drawings and other artifacts that are found around the past and the world are pointing to the fact that many artists around the globe and through the whole of our past history from ancient past to the medieval ages have witnessed something that they understood that it’s something that needs to be perpetuated.
    You can draw a comet, but adding a human with special suit in it and other artists throughout the past and the globe to draw the same thing over and over, you know then there is a grain of suspicion in any attempt to debunk those artifacts.
    You know that those people have witnessed something.

  2. It’s interesting how differently we can interpret the history of art. The fact is, the Byzantine and old, orthodox art as well as many art masterpieces from medieval churches are related to the Templars. They were highly enlightened. I’m convinced, they gained hidden knowledge of extraterrestrial life and they tried to share this knowledge through their art, architecture. This knowledge is also related to some universal laws, how the universe works, balance between male and female energy etc. I believe, Visoki Decani Monastery is one of the most significant medieval churches revealing the “secret knowledge”. In my opinion, the similarities between “spaceships” from V. Decani Monastery and sun and moon symbols confirm that the creators of these frescoes were aware of extraterrestrial life. The ancient cults of sun and moon were also initiated by “gods who came from the sky” according to many ancient myths.

  3. This article does not disprove that there are what appear to be spaceships on the crusifixtion fresco. The ancient artists were very clear – the sun looks like the sun; the moon looks like the moon (I.e, as a crescent); a horse is a horse of course of course, so yes they look like spaceships. Whether that proves a cruixifiction occurred or not is another matter.

  4. The day when Jesus had been dark cause UFO-SUN come here to save him and that’s why he raised up to the sky. UFO was invisible for people.

  5. Well, those who seem less intellectually are those who don’t believe in God, our Creator, although they can not try to explain anything. Where did all? Since the particle? And particle where and in what appeared? Before the particle that made Bing-Bang, what the hell was? Nothing in anything? You mean…? You see them here, to explain anything, you do not know all the atheists that are stupid.
    Well yes, I think it’s kind of UFO, either Sun as the Moon. I believe that God is not something we can see. The Crucified is being built for us to guide us and We’ve killed him, so God left us alone and stupid to believe what we want. In the day when both UFO will be gone, we all will be dead in the dark here in a couple of days.

  6. I’m sorry…but there is no “debunking” on this one. Wow, this is almost as bad as people who think the moon landing was hoax. this is someone basically attempting to interpret some else’s painting to support their close-minded and ridiculous ‘dis-belief’ in other life forms. The image at the very top on the right , for example, is WAY more of a detailed image/painting then ANY of the other ones that this author tries to compare to. What if it is the other way around? What the artist WAS painting a flying machine depicting someone inside of it and the other artists ‘translated’ it as the sun and moon? What if it is all the other way around?

  7. That’s interesting except that when Christ was crucified the sun went dark. I believe that people depict whatever they feel. A sun and moon. Aliens. When we are looking at art perceive it however we choose.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to debunk these crackpot theories. I won’t say that I dislike such theories, even if the intent was to fool people. It is after all very entertaining. Don’t we all wish that we had a deeper and much more mysterious past?

    It is unfortunate however that not all people posses the same skills in reasoning and logic. Thus we have many credulous individuals believing in these kind of theories without even a second thought. More saddening still is that these people rarely seek out sites such as this that offer a counter argument.

    It is easy to think that beliefs in such things are innocuous. On a daily basis and in an ostensible sense this is somewhat true. The pernicious nature of such beliefs lies in their ability to eviscerate the filter of the mind. Without a sound sense of logic and reasoning, more and more beliefs are acquired without proper discrimination or scrutiny. This in turn leads to an endless cycle as the individual has no sound basis to discern truth from fiction.

    I know of one girl who actually abandoned Christianity (I am an atheist myself), instead choosing to believe in ancient aliens.

    It is scary that so many people lack basic reasoning and logic skills. To many, the concept of deductive and inductive reasoning or even sentential logic is completely foreign.

    I know of many people that believe in things such as ancient aliens and rubbish such as ‘The Secret’ which attempts to use pseudo science to baffle people with bullshit. What i often find ironic is that these same people usually have no idea about science, not even at the basic level of high school physics. Even concepts such as how electricity works seems to have evaded many of these people and these are university educated people!

    I don’t think that these people are any less intelligent than myself but rather, helpless victims indoctrinated with fanciful beliefs from an early age, consequently lacking the ability to make good decision about what to accept as truth.

    Sorry about the long reply. I can’t sleep so I thought I would write an epic rant 🙂

  9. The author of the fresco did a great job depicting human figures…why did he have trouble with the sun and the moon? He made them look like people flying inside air craft, plain and simple.

    1. Did you even read the text? They are drawn that way for a reason – in a universal way common during that era of paintings. It’s not about what you want it to be, it’s about what they (the artists and people of that time) believed it symbolized.

      1. As an Orthodox Christian I can confirm this is true as written in the article

        The event of pascha is so important that even the cosmos stood still, and all creation looked as men crucified their God. In some spiritual writings i even read that the sun and the moon cried while watching their “own” god (Christ being the Lord of all creation) being crucified, again this spiritual language being depicted in art and icons

        Sun and moon have persons in them as they too are creation of god as is man but i wouldn’t disagree that the symbols were borrowed from pagan religions.

        Overall good article Keep up the good work, believe me these conspiracy theories are causing us heaps of headaches

        When people don’t believe in anything they will fall for everything, and these conspiracy theories are nothing but a new Internet based religion

        And i don’t think we should be calling all people who follow the theories as uneducated idiots as some have implied throughout this website however its a real spiritual Thirst which is not being fulfilled anywhere else, so they go to the Internet which is full of this stuff. And we as people need to be part of a bigger narrative, in absence of god, ancient aliens and illuminati seem pretty big.

        Ultimately this is all a spiritual problem

        Thanks anyway and keep it up

        1. Nope. You’ve got several more paintings to explain away….

  10. Tell us, do you believe in god and all his little demons and things?

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