Ancient Aliens Debunked – Part 8

Tomb of Ptahhotep
Saqqara, Egypt

Below on the left is a photo taken inside the Tomb of PtahHotep, Saqqara, Egypt, which dates back to the 5th Dynasty (about 2400 BC). If you look closely, inside the white box, ancient alien believers say they see a grey alien (or “Grey”)[read more].

Greys are small-bodied sexless extraterrestrial (ET) beings with smooth grey skin, enlarged head and large black eyes [read more].

Do you see a grey alien? Many ancient alien believers see a grey alien:

«We were flabbergasted to say the least when we took a closer look at this image and could make out an ‘alien grey’ in the bottom of the picture! Does this prove that the building and placement of the Pyramids were aided by alien intelligence?» [source]

«This picture could explain why the Egyptians appeared to be so technically advanced, and how they were able to build the Pyramids with such precision.» [source]

If this isn’t a grey alien then what is it? Below is a much clearer and more detailed illustration of the same painting from an illustrated book entitled “All of Egypt” (Bonechi ed.):

What you’re looking at is a vase containing some lotus blossoms (a plant) with a bud on each side. In order to understand the context, let’s see the complete picture grey alien believers will never show you:

The picture shows servants offering the vase with the lotus blossoms along with food, fruits and animals to Ptahhotep (seated at the table on the left). Ptah-hotep served during the reign of Izezi (2388 till 2356 BC) as an oracle and advisor.

Lotus blossoms are depicted in other parts of the tomb of Ptahhotep:

A carrier is holding a small jar of the same shape as the “alien”:

Other vessels similar to the one mistaken for the alien can be seen in other paintings depicting the ritual feasts offered to the gods in many other Egyptian tombs. This is a famous frescoe from the tomb of Nebamun (London, British Museum):

Conclusions: The painting in the tomb of Ptahhotep at Saqqara doesn’t contain any aliens – grey or otherwise. The painting represents the “offering to the gods”, and in particular the face of the presumed alien is a lotus blossom in a vase.

* The information contained herein is based primarily on the work of Diego Cuoghi and the sources listed below:

12 responses

  1. Nicely explained – i was always mystified by the photographs of the ‘Saqqara Alien’ – but the lotus does seem pretty clear! I’d be interested to see your take of the relief in the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Mexico.

  2. I’m really impressed by all your research. Thumbs up! But, I would be 500 times more impressed if you debunk “The Madonna with Saint Giovanni” (and I think you’d find that one familiar). I’ve done my research but none has shown me a complete, firm explanation of it. Thank you and kudos!

  3. Hi there, interesting articles. I would however like to state that your title of “Ancient Aliens Debunked” is a bit innaccurate, since you are only really adressing medieval and renaissance Christian art in 98% of your analysis. As well as the fact that not a single one of the images bar the Ancient Egyptian “Alien Gray”, actually depicts or shows aliens, merely “UFO’s” or celestial objects.

    For instance, what do you make of the actual ancient depictions found in cave art and the like, ranging from 10,000 – 40,000 years old?

    Such as the following I have just uploaded here, a long with a couple of later depictions from Japan, and Germany.


  4. I’d love you to debunk the two UFO’s that I have seen. It would make life so much easier. In both cases, other people saw what I saw in the vicinity (the first reported in the newspaper, the second on an app. on my phone, showing local sightings) and I have not met these people,so there was no hallucination on my part, or mutual hallucinations shared by happy people. I’ve looked up all possible things they could have been, swamp gas yadda yadda, on the internet. Could you direct me to a place where I could get further information?

  5. Based on your comment I would love to hear what you have to say about the simple fact that about 70% of all the very reputable scientists around the world now believe that there is a 100% chance there is life outside of earth. It’s pretty ignorant that people think we are the only planet that has life on it. In one section of of the hubbles view there are trillions of other planets out there. So even if there is a 1 in 10 trillion chance of life out in space then there are millions of planets that may have life. Also we just assume that life forms, if out there, developed and evolved the way we did or that their worlds follow the scientific laws we have. The biggest joke of all is that people in the 21st century are trying to interpret what the ancient people were seeing or thinking. It is impossible to think the way they did, we just take our best shot at assuming we know the answers when we would have had to have been there to understand their mindset and the way they think. We can’t even do that with people in our own time. How many times have you seen the news about some country like Egypt explode with violence and said what the hell are they doing that for or why would they do that. Now try to imagine the way people the people thought 5000 years ago. Instead you idiots base your opinions on what the ” experts” tell you to believe. Just keep being good little sheeple and choke down the shit they feed you and tell you it’s filet mignon. I’m open minded, I’m not saying 100% there were ancient aliens but I won’t just dismiss it because the ” experts” tell you it’s impossible. Rennet at one point in time the earth was flat and earth was the center of the universe. The last thing is up until 50 yrs ago all the scientists thought no man made aircraft could break the sound barrier, when that happens it will blow their minds. Oh wait that’s been shattered already.

    1. I never said alien life forms can’t exist anywhere. I say there isn’t any evidence they have ever visited the earth. Simple mathematical odds favor the existence of some form of life somewhere outside our planet. This mathematical probability does not prove an alien life form has ever visited earth.

      My opinion is not based on any experts saying the existence of ancient earth aliens is impossible, my opinion is based on the lack of evidence that they DID exist here on earth. If you want to have a mind so open to anything and everything then you’ll really love the stories about ancient leprechauns and tooth fairies. Run Forrest, run.

    2. Justin, your views are very sympathetic: sober scepticism and opened-mindedness at the same time. Earnestly, to me this painting still remains ‘too interesting’ as the lights are coming from an unknown disc-formed object (why isn’t it just a triangle?), undoubtedly not the Moon, not the Sun or a meteor. Nobody wants to defy the religious content depicted with the otherwise hardly recognisable small pigeon on the middle of the disc. To me it’s most likely that Gelder himself or one of his acquaintances had already seen something before what we call today a UFO. This might have inspired him. There are exactly three beams, not a stream of rays and the disk is not burning on the rim with angels. The style of the picture is not mystic, it’s realist with a minimum of symbolism. We shouldn’t forget the age This is not an Italian art from the ‘dark mediaevals’, but also not from the 20th century with reflectors. Interesting.

  6. Wow, you just killed Justin. MIB, congratulations for your site. To be honest I don’t buy that any of the UFO or AAT enthusiasts has gotten this far genuinely believeing on what they profess, I think all has been thought out, premeditated, it’s being more like ‘let’s review all pertinent material and documents available out there and compile any piece of scripture, art, sculpture or architecture that is vague enough so we can use it to support our story which we know is appealing and will sell well’. They are now diversifying the Ancient Aliens series, almost to every aspect of our lifes, including weapons, well… How much are the likes of Erich von Däniken and Co. making these days through these series?

    1. The ancient aliens theory can only make sense to people ignorant of history. That’s what conspiracists do – find a void in knowledge and simply insert their theory. As soon as the void is filled with real knowledge the conspiracists simply move on to another void in knowledge.

      Just for the record, everything i learned and wrote about on these ancient alien pages i learned from the sources in the footnotes at the bottom of each post. Knowledge negates conspiracy theories. 🙂

  7. Wow, this was interesting! I never even knew Ufologists spent so much time looking into classic art for signs of alien life.
    Just stumbled upon your site as I was going through Am glad I did. Keep up the good work!
    Basil (the Roswell Alien; it’s a long story)

  8. You spend a lot of time and energy debunking aliens, yet you see nothing wrong with believing that an invisible being in the sky created the universe and everything in it in 7 days, really? Here you go if god created us who created him. There are more murders and child rapes that happen in the name of god, what a joke. Religion was a great tool to keep oppressed people down and in turn giving them unbelievable wealth and power.

    1. I don’t believe in spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels, aliens, intelligent designers, government conspirators, or any manner of invisible agents with power and intention. –

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