A Million Poisoning Planes

Aug 15, 2013

By Kyle Hill via The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

The largest fleet of aircraft the world has ever seen was created to poison it. Millions of planes criss-cross the skies, dumbing down the populace with secret and powerful chemical agents. Every time you board a plane, you can’t look out a window without seeing one of these jet-powered poisoners. There is always danger overhead when chemtrails really do cover the sky.

If the chemtrail conspiracy were true, millions of pilots would be needed to crop dust the American population. A typical crop duster might use seven ounces of agent diluted in seven gallons of water to cover one acre of land. Chemtrail “people dusters” would use a similar concentration to cover the entire United States, just to be safe. For 2.38 billion acres of land, the pilots would then need—for just one week of spraying—120 billion gallons of these cryptic chemicals. That’s around the same volume as is transported in all the world’s oil tankers in one year. And such an incredible amount of agent would need an incredible number of planes. Considering that a large air freighter like a Boeing 747 can carry around 250,000 pounds of cargo, at the very least, the government would need to schedule four million 747 flights to spread their chemicals each week—eighteen times more flights per day than in the entire US.

Unless a plane could make multiple runs per day, a true chemtrail conspiracy would need 2,700 times as many 747s as have ever been constructed.

chemtrail UFO culprit_250pxAn infrastructure large enough to cover the country in chemicals would make the skies look like Coruscant. Pilots—not the millions in on the scheme—never pick up on the increased traffic. It’s a mystery to them that they never report, and they never scan the communication channels to find out what is going on. They don’t question that they have to wait an hour while half a dozen unmarked planes make their descents. A world with a chemtrail conspiracy means the most skilled vehicle operators on the planet have no idea who is operating the other vehicles or why. Ever.

Property values across the country plummet, as the most populated areas are inundated with airplane traffic and the associated noise. The government thought about putting the planes higher up in the atmosphere, but the higher they go, the more agent they would need—and that only leads to more planes, pilots, and secrecy. At this point the government might not even need a secret, stupefying chemical—if hundreds of millions of Americans never catch on to the millions of passenger-less planes overhead everyday, who needs to spend all that money on devious research and development?

The incognito infrastructure needed to conceal the chemtrail conspiracy would dwarf any other governmental agency. Millions of people—pilots, engineers, chemists, data analysts, and boots-on-the-ground hazmat teams—would need top-secret clearance for information that could never get out. If a chemtrail conspiracy were true, chances are you would run into a few involved in the cover up everyday. An effort to keep millions of mouths silent—to keep any information from pilots or participants out of the media—makes the NSA look like child’s play.

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12 responses

  1. Do you think its ‘possible’ that some politician of either party might have been told by an adviser that a certain substance placed in the atmosphere could help give us natural sun protection for the global warming and that he might have signed an order to get it started and try it out (maybe be the environmental president) before the adviser covered the part about the earth giving off heat. Maybe even the contractor who got the job to do it, got a $weet deal and is the politicians buddy? Possible? Maybe not a conspiracy, just carelessness, pride, ignorance, and greed and certainly not worth laughing at?

  2. You wouldn’t deny the following realities, I hope:
    1- That cloud seeding does occur to promote rain in some areas. The substances that are dispersed into clouds and end up in rain are particulate metals released by private (non Airlines) planes, I’m guessing medium size jets like a DC-8.
    2- When it was first introduced 70 years ago, the military expressed interest in the ‘concept’ and that’s the last heard from them about it. But its been mentioned, and makes sense, that being able to control the weather could certainly give you an advantage on the battlefield. Given the types of ‘anti-personnel’ weapons the U.S. military has demonstrated in recent wars (pretty), plus the whole Anthrax thing (a reality), that they might be capable of weaponizing particulates. (I do NOT believe (please I hope) that it would be frivolously tested on the citizens of their own country however.)
    3- That jet exhaust has increased enormously almost reaching a critical mass in some places (if you’ve stood outside LaGuardia airport at 2pm on a Wednesday, you won’t disagree) and that the assertion that its just water vapor is baloney. That stuff stinks like car exhaust on steroids. It’is full of carbon monoxide, and can easily make me throw up if I’m close to it. Just my opinion here that when you mock the number of pilots and planes it would take, you haven’t studied a map of all the commercial flight plans lately or recently sat in a long line of taxiing jets waiting hours for a gate.
    4- That our wierd weather patterns (the Nino’s, flooding) warming temps and melting polar ice (all reality, however it’s caused) could be moving jet exhaust and other pollution around in ways we haven’t expected. Example: when Saddam Hussein lit the oil wells on fire, how far away was the smoke detected…?

    You would agree?

  3. They do. You don’t. Your suggestion is that they are talking about chemtrails. Chemtrails with the purpose of cooling the climate. That is a silly idea, which I will show further on. These climate scientists are talking about all kinds of aerosols, produced by all kinds of sources (i.e. industry, vehicles, mostly volcanoes, etc.) that play a role in reflecting sunlight and thus cooling the atmosphere. They must be taken into account in order to be able to calculate the net forcing on the climate.
    Chemtrail-believers often refer to geo-engineering to explain why those planes should be spreading anything. They talk about cloud-seeding (which is something different: it means the spraying of clouds with different kind of Salts in order to let them rain in a place where you want them to; it doesn’t mean “making” clouds) and about a wild idea of spreading sulphuric aerosols in the stratosphere (at heights of 15 km or more) to mimic volcanic aerosols. There even has been research into that idea, which showed that it would be a new threat to the ozone-layer, so it never became reality.
    Now, why is the idea that those planes making those persisting contrails could cool the atmosphere?
    Because clouds go both ways: they reflect sunlight and cool the planet; but they also keep the earth from emitting infrared radiation, consequently warming the planet. Which side will win? We now know that low clouds at low latitudes do a bit more cooling than warming and high clouds at high latitudes do a bit more warming. So contrails have a slightly warming effect.

  4. And these scientist have no idea what they are talking about at 7:00 when they talk about “aerosols”, right?

    1. Yes

  5. So this anonymous pilot is lying too.

  6. So I guess this guy is just lying, right?

    1. If you want to believe some anonymous guy with a hat, go right ahead.

    2. No, he is just wrong. He was working on something different than he thought he was.

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