Debunked: ChemTrails and ChemClouds

Are chemtrails and chem-clouds real? The evidence is examined.

Click here for a very high quality copy of this video and a link to the 1905 book “Cloud Studies”.

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16 responses

  1. I still am not sure if you are sincere and worth the effort. I will sleep on it and decide if this is just mutual masturbation I am engaging in,.or if I shall take the time to provide evidence.
    My cause is valuable, but so is my time. Somehow your responses seen very closed minded and I’m not that generous.

  2. I may have been interested in your site, however this is the first thing I came across and you are so absolutely wrong as it is now public information and the government is no longer bothering to cover it up.

    The real question lies in… Why were they ever trying to cover it up? What was the reason for lying?
    Your motives are also of interest. Are you so blatently brainwashed that you believe all theories that are not endorsed by the government or mainstream media are “whacky”? Are you just an ass hole with an oppinion? or Are you just another shill?

      1. I get what you are saying, however that it’s not the theory I adopted, nor is it the common theory held.
        My/our concern is and has been, documented and provable… They have been seeding with aluminum particles and any number of other things, no one knows for sure. What we do know is they have been experimenting with good knows what for decades and it has not been controlled. No one is accountable and they have even admitted they do not know what the long term effects will be. This goes into our soil, our food, all of our water sources and in our BODIES. People in the most concentrated areas have had many unexplained health problems including new diseases never seen before. Please open your mind a bit and educate yourself before simply throwing me the tin foil hat.
        You obviously have a following and appear to be intelligent, so I’m honestly perplexed as to why you just slam ideas down out of the gate. Seems a bit shill like to me.

        1. There is absolutely NO evidence of aircraft “chemspraying”. None. Pictures and videos of contrails is not evidence or “documentation.” Real evidence would be lab results from samples taken directly from clouds, contrails, jet engine exhaust and jet fuel. No such evidence exists.

          1. Oh crap! I should have investigated your shill website sooner. My bad…
            You are an ass hole and I have wasted my time.

            1. There we go. Right on schedule. Get asked for evidence, sling personal insults. It’s not me wasting your time, it’s your “cause” wasting your time. Waste on, my friend, waste on. 🙂

  3. The persistence of trails is not relevant, the problem are planes that show more than one trail per engine, with trails coming out of the plane where were ARE no engines.

    Of further interest are trails that start right AT the plane out of the gate so to speak, rather than a distance away from the plane after the trail has had time to condense.

    Cornell U skies are notorious for very long persistent trails, as I have been marveling at them since 1969 when I went to school here. But now I see planes with 4 engines and 6 trails, 4 behind the engines spaced by a good distance and two from other places on the plane with no space at all, the trail starts AT the planes wing, or underbelly or tail.

    These are the ones you need to debunk.

    Homer W Smith
    Cornell ’73 EE
    CEO Lightlink Internet

  4. I am undecided on the issue, and while contrails may be in the air for up to a day, there are other things surrounding this issue, including air force documentation on using aerosol sprayers, testimony from an ex-cia employee claiming chem trails are real, as well as videos on youtube of airplanes apparently turning aerosol sprayers on and off. The first thing is one of the most convincing pieces of evidence I have seen, and I have the document saved somewhere, the second thing is unfortunately hard to substantiate, and the third thing could have a logical explanation if there is a natural phenomenon that would cause a con trail to completely stop for a while and then start up again.

    Good job on debunking some of the claims, but you over-simplified the claims because the main theory is that it is weather modification, dumping aluminum particulates to increase cloud cover, which is something the U.S. military did in Vietnam to cover troop movements. I don’t think the idea is to slowly poison the populace, I think if it is real its for some other purpose with potential negative health effects being a side effect.

    One of the other most convincing pieces of evidence I saw was a documentary where a completely isolated natural park in California started measuring high levels of aluminum on the very top of soil and water, they had data going back quite a while and didn’t experience that until planes started fying over the area and leaving persistent chemtrails/contrails in there wake. There was no other logical source of this aluminum on the topsoil in this vast area.

    Great work searching for the truth, but for me this is far from debunked.

    1. I have been doing a bit of research since I saw “weird clouds” a month ago when a friend I was riding with told me about them . I noticed a thick line of clouds running across the horizon. They didn’t even look real! Not compared to the natural clouds which at the time were moving quickly. The clouds I saw were like a wall. I agree , I do not feel they are toxic, I do feel like maybe they are concealing something, like an observation UFO or something of that nature. Do you have any thoughts on this theory I have? This as I said is all new to me as of a month ago. Thank you for taking time to read this

  5. Cleverly edited vintage footage shows close ups of contrails, giving the impression that the vapor trails FILL THE SKY, which of course they DO NOT! Why no wide shots with tic-tac-toe patterns from all those years ago? Why? Because they have none! Debunked my BUTT!

    1. This from WWII:

      Will this suffice?

  6. why havent weather meterologists noticed this

  7. How funny!! Thanks for sharing. The sounds of static throughout – am I supposed to believe that there is static on my DSL line? I played a youtube movie concurrently with your video and there was no static. Oh, you kidders, you.

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