Global Warming

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  1. Oswald acted alone! Global Warming is a tool ,the earth will do this regardless.The top one percent of the money is false.There are eight families that own 90%of the earths wealth.Paper Money is worthless.The Vietnam war was a tool to prove to Russia & China the United States military was capible of inhumane acts! The Attacks against U.S. are a script.China will start WWIII ! IRAN is actually a peaceful country.Israel will keep its solventry .The grid ( internet) can be shut down .Hillary Clinton will not become president,she is just mentally clumsy.Franklin Roosevelt deliberately went to bed knowing that Pearl Harbor would be attacked! Trask under estimated the effect of slavery in the south,giving the south a head start on the civil war.Slavery still exist .People are explorted even at this moment! Poverty is the result of ignorance.War is a device to disperse wealth.Nixon was set up

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