The color of Mars is a government coverup!

By Mason I. Bilderberg

Did you know Mars is NOT reddish in color? It’s true. It looks just like earth!!! Mars has earth colored soil and a beautiful blue sky – just like Hawaii!

I know this because it says so on this conspiracy website:

«This is very interesting. It may come as a surprise to many readers that Mars looks very much like Earth. It’s not red or orange – NASA applies a lens to tint the pictures or they release black and white photos… here’s a real color picture of Mars… blue sky and all… it gets to the point where you ask yourself “what does the government not lie about?”»

They included this image as proof:

marslike earth

Conspiracists believe Mars looks like earth, to include a blue sky – just like Hawaii! The real reason we believe Mars appears reddish is all part of a NASA/government conspiracy.

I can’t believe anybody would believe Mars looks like earth. But i’ll push forward simply for the entertainment value and because there is some interesting facts to be learned – stuff i didn’t know. I love everything space related.

Two facts about Mars:

• Why Does Mars Appear Red?

Mars often appears reddish due to a combination of the fact that its surface is comprised of iron-rich minerals that essentially rust (or oxidize) and that the dust made of these minerals is kicked up into the atmosphere, giving the atmosphere a reddish hue as well. [SOURCE]

• How Did Mars Get its Name?

Mars was named by the Romans for their god of war because of its red, bloodlike color. Other civilizations also named this planet from this attribute; for example, the Egyptians named it “Her Desher,” meaning “the red one.” [SOURCE]

So while the Romans and the Egyptians knew Mars appeared red simply by looking up into the night sky, today’s conspiracists insist our belief that Mars is red is actually a false belief perpetuated by a government coverup.

Maybe i am endowed with an abundance of common sense but couldn’t these conspiracists step outside their mother’s basement, look up into the night sky and see what Mars looks like to the naked eye? I’m just saying.

But i digress …

So i decided to pursue this absurdity to another level. I took the photo featured on the conspiracy website and i decided to find out where it came from. I found the original photo at the NASA website. It really wasn’t hard to find (Even a conspiracist could have found it). I then superimposed the conspiracy picture next to the original NASA photo. The conspiracy photo is on the left, the original NASA image is on the right:


The conspiracy photo is on the left, the original NASA image is on the right. The NASA image confirms what even the Egyptians knew – Mars has a reddish appearance. So much for that Hawaiian vacation to Mars. [Image Source: (NASA)]

I added the phrases “False Color” and “True Color” to the above image because these are two terms used by NASA to describe how they color correct photos taken by their landers and satellites. They have good reasons for making different color corrections to their photos, but first, let’s understand how NASA calibrates the colors in these Mars photos:

Calibration Targets

via NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

When you adjust the color on your television set, you do so by picking something on the screen that you know should be a certain color (such as grass should be green) and you adjust your set accordingly. This is a form of calibration. You used the color of the grass as a reference point.sundial1_250 Instruments that go to Mars also need to be calibrated so that scientists receive accurate information. There has to be a known reference — a calibration target.

The rover’s calibration targets are objects with known properties. For example, the Pancam calibration target. It is in the shape of a sundial and is mounted on the rover deck. Pancam will image the sundial many times during the mission so that scientists can adjust the images they receive from Mars. They use the colored blocks in the corners of the sundial to calibrate the color in images of the martian landscape. Pictures of the shadows that are cast by the sundial’s center post allow scientists to properly adjust the brightness of each Pancam image. Children provided artwork for the sides of the base of the sundial.

Clapboard-ColorThis is the same process used by Hollywood movie makers. They use a device called a “clapper board” to mark the beginning of a scene or a “take.” I’m sure you’ve seen this used in the movies. Well, at the top of some clapper boards you will see a rainbow of colors. Like the Pancam calibration target on the Mars rover, the colors along the top of the clapper board provide a known color reference that can be used in post production by movie editors to ensure the colors in the final cut are “true” to what was recorded on the movie set.

Speaking of “true colors,” let’s get back to why NASA would choose to creat “false color” photos along with “true color” photos. It’s really not as mysterious as it might sound. Let’s start with a technical definition of both:

True Color

«An image is called a “true-color” image when it offers a natural color rendition, or when it comes close to it. This means that the colors of an object in an image appear to a human observer the same way as if this observer were to directly view the object: A green tree appears green in the image, a red apple red, a blue sky blue, and so on.[1]» [source]

False Color

«False color refers to a group of color rendering methods used to display images in color which were recorded in the visual or non-visual parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. A false-color image is an image that depicts an object in colors that differ from those a photograph (a “true-color” image) would show.» [source]

flir small

Forward looking infrared (FLIR) image.

Here is a classic example of a false color image: A forward looking infrared (FLIR) camera (the image to the right). By creating a representation of wavelengths normally invisible to the human eye, we are able to discern the different temperatures present in this scene.

But there are a multitude of reasons for creating false images. Sometimes colors are enhanced, or even added, to represent some characteristic in the image, such as chemical composition, velocity, distance or to simply enhance the differences between materials. Have you ever increased the contrast on your television or an image on your computer so you can better discern some detail? You’ve just created your own false image!!

The same goes for the moon and Mars. With both planets being mostly uniform in their respective colors, creating false images can help us distinguish something as simple as peaks and valleys. Here is an example using the moon:


On the left side is the true color image of the far side of our moon, a mosaic constructed from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images. This is what you would see if you were to directly observe the terrain. Given the uniform color it is very difficult, if not impossible, to accurately judge the peaks and valleys.

On the right side is a false color image of the same side of our moon, a topographic map of the altitude of the Moon’s surface obtained by the Clementine orbiter mission (1994). Measurements made with a laser altimiter. Redder areas are higher, blue/purple areas lower. [source] (more Clementine images here)

In this instance a false color image was generated of the moon to provide a clear, visual representation of the lunar topography.

In the false color Mars image used at the conspiracy website, it’s very possible NASA color corrected the image for no other reason than to better distinguish the size, shape and locations of the rocks.

So to wrap things up, the bottom line is Mars is reddish in color and the moon appears gray. Period. End of story.

I guess my bigger question concerning this conspiracy is, why would the government have any interest in covering up the real color of Mars or the moon (yes, there is a conspiracy out there that the government is covering up the real color of the moon)? I suspect it has something to do with the belief Mars and the moon are actually inhabitable and the Mars/moon color coverup is part of the government’s alien/UFO coverup.


Conspiracy Source:

Research Sources:

MOLA-Mars Water_map_wblack_small

No, Mars is not colored like the land of Oz, this is a false color (blue) image created to
show where water ice is buried beneath the martian surface in this Mars Odyssey map. [source]
Click the image to view full size.

23 responses

  1. If the sky on Mars has a blue sky that looks just like Hawaii, where are the Palm trees? And even more important, where is the cast of Hawaii 5-0, Dog The Bounty Hunter, and President Obama? Enquiring minds (okay, just me) want to know!

  2. God did not make a black and white solar system or a bunch of dead colors !!¡!!
    If you want to be ignorant about it your choice ! The universe is full of color just like our Earth !

  3. Please publish what your findings are on YouTube if you haven’t already. This color cover up of Mars the moon and all the other solar system bodies is old and worn out I’m sick of it. We need the truth!!!

  4. Well looks like the dawn of interplanetary relations is finally nearing .I’m surprised that Mars earth negotiations have us publicly preparing for exploration lol oh let the show begin .. Cameras action . here’s hoping that the moon’s patrolling tendancys will also be relaxed

  5. Lumping everyone togeher who do not agree with everything the governments tell us as “conspiracy theorist” just gives the right power. Of course Mars is red or at least brown and glows red. Those are dumb people who believe otherwise. However, there are some serious doubts about things such as the moon walk footage and other things that happened in the month of September! The blue sky mars nuts dont make all the people who ask questions nuts!

  6. WTF!!! What hole in the ground did this moronic earthworm crawl out of??? I was going to use terms like F&%king Idiot and nincompoop, etc. but that would reduce me down to his level, so I’ll try the intelligent approach and try and reason with the two brain cells that he is using to justify his argument.

    The sky is always blue on any planet in our solar system or any other star system regardless of atmosphere content due to what is known as the “Rayleigh Effect”! Richard C. Hoagland discusses this on his website: Enterprise Mission at as does Ted Twietmeyer on his website, at and

    It is well known fact in science and among planetary scientists, astronomers, etc. so you need to do some homework on this subject. The only exceptions to this rule will be due to the particle content in the atmosphere, which normally reflects the blue end of the spectrum, otherwise, a dust storm (or pollution which would supposedly never occur on Mars) may make the atmosphere appear green which on occasion does show up in some of the raw NASA photo images of Mars!

    If MIB took the trouble to read other people’s website that discuss this very topic, he would see that the calibration colour target “clapper board” are calibrated here on earth in order to get a true colour reading on Mars. Since Mars is a windy and dusty environment a great deal of the time (seasonally) this calibration target can be covered in dust making any further a calibration adjustments damn near impossible, however, somehow the “dust faerie” comes along and miraculously cleans the rover of all dust particles so that calibration can be resumed by NASA!

    As far as labelling people who are trying to investigate the truth independently for themselves, they are NOT, repeat NOT “Conpiratorialists” or “Conspiracy Theorists”, but Seekers of Truth!!! If you had done your research properly, you would understand where these people are coming from.

    The top photograph that displays a blue sky IS the True colour of Mars and the reddish orange colour is the False colour that NASA wants you and the public to believe in. and also and

    Do your research and homework carefully!!!

  7. This blog is a little out of date. NASA has decided that Mars DOES look like Earth! Just check out the most recent photos from NASA:

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?! Are the conspiracy theorists correct? Did NASA make Mars red when it wasn’t? Why would they do that?



    Oh, wait a minute. Maybe this will explain it:

    Wait a minute…..wait a minute…..I’m getting something definitive here:

  8. indias mars orbiter after 2months in orbit has only sent back 2 pictures??? not only that but on the day of orbit the PM of india was summoned to the white house, after that meeting nasa has taken over and no other pictures are to be given out. that IS a cover-up! its a fact! the PM had 5 pics in his hand with obama, we will never see. so sad that nasa has to shut down any truth about mars from getting out, dont expect to see much from india on this, even tho they have a great hd color camera in orbit around mars, we could get pics every day but no pictures after 2 months! no reason given. 5 pics taken of comet flyby but none of mars? comon now lets put some pressure on em.

  9. Jackson Lanister | Reply

    You are the most ridiculous “skeptic” I have ever see. Of course Mars looks red from Earth, nobody is disputing that!!! You quote Mars name origins, and how the Romans & Egyptians both saw that Mars had a red hue, and thus derived their names for it….Again, NOBODY is disputing that Mars looks red from Earth!!! That is obvious to anybody from astronomers to a kid with a $20 telescope he bought from Walmart.

    You yourself state the reason for the Mars reddish hue, “Mars often appears reddish due to a combination of the fact that its surface is comprised of iron-rich minerals that essentially rust (or oxidize) and that the dust made of these minerals is kicked up into the ATMOSPHERE”

    So when we are looking at Mars from earth you are looking at Mars through the Mars Atmosphere, thus the reddish hue….. Now explain to me how the rovers pictures are red? It’s on the ground on Mars, it’s NOT looking through the atmosphere like we are on earth. So why is it still red in the pictures?

    Have you ever seen the moon look different colors, for instance orangish sometimes, sometimes distinctly grey, etc? That is because you are looking at the moon from earth and through earths atmosphere. When you see the Moon from here on Earth, the atmosphere partially blocks your view. The particles in the atmosphere scatter certain wavelengths of light, and permit other wavelengths to get through directly. When the Moon is low in the sky, you’re seeing its light go through the most atmosphere. Light on the blue end of the spectrum is scattered away, while the red light isn’t scattered. This is why the Moon looks more red.

    A rover on the surface of Mars shouldn’t be seeing everything with a red hue like we are from Earth. Take a look at this article and note the results from the The Labeled Release Experiment (LRE), conceived of by Dr Gilbert Levin (now of Spherix Inc) and included in the 1976 Viking Lander mission. Also take a look at the two photos, both from the JPL/NASA archives….same photo….two different colors….oooops.

  10. Im quite sure it’s red in color as it appears through my telescope but it raises one question, if Mars is red because of the Oxidizing of Iron minerals wouldn’t that mean water is present to cause the “rusting”

  11. NASA do add filters to photos of mars which make it appear red, it’s actually brown. QI points this out on episode clip (see below)

    Would it not be in NASA’s interest to add something alien (plant, person, structure) to their photos, thus justifying a raise in funding to explore / examine? It doesn’t make sense for NASA to edit the photos to show less or hide something that would only justify their missions.

    We might all be happy for governments to justify / spend more on defense if their was an alien threat too, so why deny it? If it pays to have aliens.

    Of course if the military ever did acknowledge that aliens exists then the conspiracy theorists will say, Ahhhhh, that’s so they can spend more on defense to take control of the planet or something such like. And so it goes on and on…….,d.d2k

  12. illuminati are a bunch of idiodic people on the whole planet wankers

  13. A voice for logic. NASA is primarily a Military website, but has an entrenched ‘public information component. From time to time they have publisized the fact that this mission or that is a military mission, and that is that, no further information other than a blanket statement is given. Anyone who has knowlege of military tactis knows about the strategy of misinformation, misdirection, assasination etc. – they lie to their citizens to keep their enemies at bay. Governments are well known for the same actions. The government has been caught in this lie countless times and the military has proudly admitted many past deceptions. The extent of the space deception is astounding to the point that much of the uninformed / misinformed public dismiss the vast conspiracy out of hand, much easier to dismiss than to realise that so much of what we know as fact is a lie. We have been duped like cattle up the ramp on hamburger day. Do your own honest research for thirty years, I bet you will be one of us, the real skeptics. Watch the disclosure project for a start.

  14. FACT: Nasa has time delay on live images so they can delete what they dont want you to see. Look at Nasa-The leaked images. Hundreds of “anomolies” surround the broken satellite tether. Did you lot wave flags when Bush sent the troops to Iraq based on 9/11? Look at Operations Mockingbird & Northwoods- they are even on Wikipedia. I nearly fell of my chair in hysteria watching a documentary on the “Creationism Museum” . One in three americans (christian fundamentalists) still believe the Old Testament. A Disneyland of dinosaurs with Adam & Eve! Seems like people will trust & believe anything if govt or respected organisation tells them so. Recent example: Bradley Manning. US govt is stating he is a traitor. Rest of the world thinks he is a hero for exposing a war crime! Now espionage charges for Snowden- exposing govt internet spying. I suggest that all you debunkers & skeptics take a look at 33 Conspiracy Theories proven true. 500 yrs ago people were burned at the stake for suggesting the earth orbits the sun.God complex? Nut case? Narcissism?Chemical imbalance? Conspiracy theorist? The preceeding word imediately provokes a mental image of paranoia. We are people open to alternative theories. Mankind would not have progressed if we hadnt questioned the status quo. We were taught that Pluto was the 9th planet. Apparently now it is just a large asteroid. Who do you believe?Who told us this ? NASA?Mainstream astronomers?A conspiracy theory from Al-qeada to install terror from an asteroid strike? If we believe skeptics,Mitchell & Cooper, astronaut heros & men of obvious outstanding intelligence,courage & integrity – they are nutcases & LIARS because they have witnessed UFO’s. It seems far more likely that the moral guilt these poor men have endured for years because they were ordered not to make public statements, has finally made their moral conscience speak the truth. Why did Armstrong turn into a recluse? Modern society is all about CONFORMITY. Following rules, laws, fashion, & beliefs. Opposing these one will face ridicule,incarcination,termination of work,rejection ,hatred & even death! I am glad I dont live in america. The govt is spying on you, taking your weapons & building concentration camps-FACT! Bush administration,9/11,Iraq,Afghanistan, & UFO cover-up will eventually be exposed as the largest crimes against humanity in history.

    1. FACT: Deano doesn’t know what the word fact means – FACT!

  15. Silly post. Everything on Mars is orange / red? The sky? The rocks? The dirt? That’s like looking at earth from space and seeing a “blue planet” and ignorantly believing the sky, dirt, rocks, trees, everything is blue. Perhaps even you as an inhabitant of the “blue planet” are blue – are you blue? It’s like taking out your crayons in 3rd grade and your teacher Mrs. Smith saying “OK children now the Sun is yellow – color it yellow, the Moon is grey – stay within the circle Mason, Earth is blue – very good, Mars is orange – excellent. You along with so many people are entrenched in blatant non-thinking and illustrate so well why ignorance permeates society and the culture. Comfort zones is what most non-critical thinkers seek – usually those comfort zones are puffed up with lies and illusion. So only Earth can have color. NASA and government would never lie and cover anything up anything?. Ridiculous. For the true thinkers check out these two sites: where the true color pictures are sourced from NASA/JPL (with by the way the real explanation for calibration – not the nonsense in this post) and

    1. I don’t think i wrote everything on Mars is red, because not everything on Mars IS red. But the oxidized, iron-rich minerals (essentially rust) that dominates the surface causes Mars to APPEAR red. It’s this reddish appearance that has allowed humans to distinguish Mars from the other planets since early human history.

      As for the sky, it gets a bit technical. The martian sky appears reddish because the winds kick up red dust into the atmosphere. If we were to eliminate all the wind and dust from the martian atmosphere, and because the martian atmosphere is considerably less dense than earths, the sky would most likely appear very dark blue (almost black, but not quite). If we eliminated all the wind and red dust from the martian atmosphere, but the Mars atmosphere was a similar density as earths, the sky would most likely appear very similar to earths. Of course if we eliminated the atmosphere all together, the sky would be black – as it appears on the moon (also without an atmosphere).

      You helped make my point when you said Earth appears bluish from space. I agree. And Mars appears reddish. They don’t look alike. They don’t look alike from afar and they don’t look alike up close.

      But then again, this entire conversation only deals with the visible spectrum. Who knows what we would find outside our visible spectrum.

    2. Yes all the scientists who want so desperately to go to mars are covering up the fact that it’s Earth-like.

      That’s the argument I use against conspiracy nut cases. Even though it never works. You can tell there’s something (several things actually) wrong in their brain that will stay with them for the rest of their sad lives.

      They also never stop to consider how many people are involved in their supposed conspiracies. And yet the secret is still ‘kept’ from us and only the “really” smart people can see through the veil of deceit. Which brings us to one of the major flaws of a conspiracy nut’s head. Intense narcissism. They have to believe this way to support their inflated views of their own intellect. You ever notice that almost ever one will start to insult you after a few minutes of debate?

      1. You’ve got conspiracists nailed! LOL!

        I think it’s a mixture of narcissism and a chemical imbalance. I throw in chemical imbalance because why, if you really believed mars doesn’t appear red, would you not go out and buy a telescope and look for yourself? It is so easily disprovable it doesn’t make sense why a person would choose to believe otherwise. This is one step away from believing the earths sky is green despite being able to look up and see a blue sky. I think there is a chemical imbalance in the brain (dopamine) causing some of these people to behave paranoid and/or make cause-and-effect connections that just don’t exist in the real world.

        Their narcissism is unparalleled. As a conspiracist recently said to a group i was with, “There is only one truth.” Of course, he was speaking of what he thinks he knows inside his own head. Sounded like a God complex to me.

        Conspiracists need to make their theories and observations as complex as possible so they can demonstrate to the rest of the world how incredibly brilliant they are for figuring out the maze of crazy they themselves created out of nothing. It’s no different than creating a Rube Goldberg machine (link) to demonstrate how some simple, benign task is accomplished.

        How to be a conspiracist: create an incomprehensibly complex alternative reality out of benign facts, patterns, anomalies and/or random acts of chance. Declare you are the only one who knows what your reality means. This will demonstrate your brilliance. You have then earned the right to call the rest of the world sheeple and shills for not understanding your creation or engaging you in a discussion about reality.

        Thanks for stopping by,

        Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

  16. Very entertaining! Hard to believe that people are so blinkered.

    Found your site using ‘pseudohistory’ as a term and looking forward to browsing your other posts.

    1. I’m fairly new to this world of conspiracies and weirdness. I don’t know how somebody can POSSIBLY think the color of mars is a government coverup. There is also a theory out there that the color of the moon is also a government coverup. The theory is, the government wants us to believe the moon is gray when it actually has some colors. I’m not kidding. Both theories are rooted in the idea that aliens exist and have (or do) inhabit both planets and our government doesn’t want us to know this. So, the government is covering up the true colors of both planets to maintain the alien coverup. 🙂

      1. Well, no to sound like a conspiracy theory person or anything but have you ever thought about why Mars shows signs of water ways and possible pyrimid type landscapes? If you can imagine all the unexplained things that show there were higher intelligents on Earth x amount of years ago. Whats to say we have not planet hopped after resources were depleted. Just something to think about…

      2. Camera experts use different filters to bring out contrasts. Different landscapes require different colored filters AND different filters highlight different features. Knowing a little about cameras and the effects filters have on pictures is important. OTHERWISE people will just sound (as well as act) ignorant. Live long and prosper. Act STUPID and live Stupid.

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