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Image Forensics Techniques

As an experienced user of Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and video special effects software, i am well aware of how images and videos can be manipulated with just a few clicks of the computer keyboard.

With such software and computing power in the hands of an ever increasing number of people, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for skeptics like myself to know with certainty if an image or a video is real or fake.

Fortunately for us skeptics there are companies like Fourandsix Technologies who specialize in image authenitcation and forensics. Even more fortunate for us skeptics is the willingness of Fourandsix Technologies to share some of their forensic secrets*.

For example, how can you use shadows or reflections to check the validity of an image? Keep reading and check it out. I think you’ll enjoy this.

Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

Photo forensics from shadows

Shown below are two images in which the bottle and its cast shadow are slightly different (the rest of the scene is identical). Can you tell which shadow is consistent with the lighting in the rest of the scene?


Think you know the answer? Click here to find out how to analyze these shadows.

Photo forensics from reflections

Shown below … are two images of the same basic scene. The reflection of the table and garbage can are slightly different (everything else is the same) Can you tell which is correct?


Click here to find out how to analyze these reflections.

*If you enjoyed these two examples i encourage you to visit the mother load of image forensics techniques used by Fourandsix Technologies. Fascinating stuff.

Photographing Levitations

Posted by Mason I. Bilderberg

This photo is NOT photoshopped.

While working on a recent post (How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?) i discovered a type of photography i never knew existed called Levitation Photography.

There are two types of levitation photography. The first kind uses Adobe Photoshop or some other graphics manipulation program to fake the effects we see. Boring.

The second kind of levitation photography is what i’m presenting to you here.

These photographs of levitations are NOT digitally manipulated in any way. These photographs were done by Natsumi Hayashi, a photographer living in Tokyo, Japan. What you see is what Natsumi actually captured with her camera – no digital manipulation.

But how does she do it? (see additional information below the slideshow)

I found these photos absolutely fascinating and i thought you would too. Take a look and enjoy. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you wish to see Natsumi Hayashi’s full collection of self-portrait levitations (and her cat) go here. Natsumi Hayashi explains her technique here.

A photographer not associated with Natsumi Hayashi tries to duplicate her work in a YouTube video located here.


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