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CRISIS ACTORS – Bullshit Busted #1

Slightly hokey, but excellent information! Enjoy 🙂


Researchers Prove Photo ‘Orbs’ Are Ghost Farts

Fecalogical Foundations Fractured From Flatulence Findings

By Chris McKerracher via The Sage News

ghost fart_250px(SNN) – Scientists from Harvard University’s Faculty of Fringe Research have published a paper in the esteemed scientific journal, “Esteemed Scientific Journal” that appears to provide concrete evidence that orbs that appear in photographs are actually ghostly gas. Lead Researcher, Dr. Pedro M’Kumba-Nordstrom claims in the report that the results of their studies are not only reproducible, but unassailable.

“Our team has managed to account for every variable that may have unintentionally affected the test results, as well as conducted simultaneous blind experiments alongside the monitored ones so none of the research team members could know which were controls and which were the actual samples,” outlined M’Kumba-Nordstrom. “The data is there for any competent scientist to review and critique but so far, no individual or group has challenged our findings or our methodology.”

One experiment conducted by the Harvard group was to shrink-wrap an abandoned pre-civil war building located just outside of Boston; the First Church of the Holy Rastafarian. Locals have long claimed the dusty stone structure was haunted. The plastic film was applied to contain any gasses that might be present but unaccounted for.

After using an electro-mass-spectrometry analyzer to catalogue every molecule of gas in the room, M’Kumba-Nordstrom’s group was astounded to find methane-based gaseous emissions not ever before observed. Using the other eight elements of the experimental programs that were involved, which can be found in the group’s final report, the data was clear that these new methane compounds could only be spirit fluffs. It has also given scientists in related fields what may be the basis for finding the constituents of ‘ectoplasm’, the material ghosts are made of that up until now remained largely regarded as imaginary.

“Our findings open the doors for more amazing discoveries ahead in many different disciplines,” said the professor who is already being considered as a Nobel Prize recipient. “It is wonderful to be on the ground floor of this exciting field and want to thank our private corporate sponsor, the Beano Company, for their long-standing financial support and encouragement.”

[END] The Sage News

Alex Jones: “I’m part of a false flag operation!”

via The modest disposal

alexjones_animated_1In a surprising admission today, the controversial radio host, documentarian, and author Alex Jones suggested that all the evidence points to his direct involvement in a false flag operation directed against his own Infowars website. During his radio show, Jones said, “After having carefully sifted through the websites and Youtube videos, it’s 100% IMPOSSIBLE that anyone could write or say this ridiculous and insane bullshit while still seeking even a semblance of respectability or credibility. I’m clearly doing this to bring myself down.”

“Whoever is responsible for my words, they have a direct agenda straight from the Bilderberg group, the New World Order, and Obama and his gun-grabbing Washington cronies … to discredit me, Infowars, and all freedom-loving Americans, because who would spout this crap and think it wouldn’t make them look like a giant tool in the hands of the powers that be in their corridors of power?!”

AlexJonesMoron_200pxJones said that he began to take his suspicions of himself seriously after reading his tweet directly after the Boston Marathon bombing, in which he wrote, “Our hearts go out to those that are hurt or killed #Boston marathon – but this thing stinks to high heaven #falseflag.” Jones’ apparent dismay stems from the gross lack of even the most tenuous of half-cocked and circumstantial innuendo gleaned from biased or amateur news sources to support this wild theory.

“Someone,” said Jones, “and by someone I mean me, has got it in for me, this country, guns, and liberty, and they – or I – will do anything to make me look like more of an idiot. I clearly hate the message that Infowars is bringing to people and I won’t stop at anything to slander my good name and hasten the goose-stepping, jack-booted Obamatrons by false-flagging myself. It’s been done BEFORE!”

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With Absolutely No Evidence, Alex Jones Calls Boston Marathon Explosions a ‘False Flag’ Operation Conducted by the Gov’t

By Jason Howerton via TheBlaze.com

alex-jones_200pxAs authorities scramble to determine who is behind the horrific Boston Marathon explosions, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones already has a theory: It was a “false flag” operation conducted by the United States government.

No, he doesn’t have legitimate evidence to back up his claim, however, he points out that the Boston bomb squad was also conducting a bomb drill on Monday. It should be noted that it certainly wouldn’t be strange for the Boston bomb squad to be training with bombs on any given day. They are the bomb squad.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.25.22 PM

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