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10 Obscure Conspiracy Theories You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Why do people disappear in national parks?

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The Fermi Paradox: Where are the aliens?

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Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: The Government Kills Conspiracy Theorists

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What are four things that Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jesse Venture all have in common?

  1. All three are considered three to be among the top conspiracy theorists in the world.
  2. All three have used the media and the internet to promote conspiracy theories.
  3. All three have made millions from promoting conspiracy theories.
  4. All three are still alive.

For many years conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the government, or some shadowy NWO type of groups, are murdering conspiracy theorists, either to keep them from continuing to promote conspiracy theories, or to prevent them from “revealing” certain information.

It doesn’t matter how the person died. They could have died of natural causes, or they could have committed suicide, but to conspiracy theorists, the fact that another conspiracy theorist is dead, especially a top conspiracy theorist, makes many fellow conspiracy theorists suspicious.

Many conspiracy theorists who have died over years due to natural causes have died because of either …

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ECT Follow up: Ancient Aliens Cover-up: How Myths are Created

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On a previous blog post I wrote about Ancient Alien theorists believe that not only have aliens visited us in the past, but that they also believe that information that would prove this to be true is being covered up.

Besides the fact that you really couldn’t cover up something, the stories that are told by ancient peoples you really can’t take at face value and say that it’s entirely true.

Ancient alien theorists tend take myths way to literally, and that ancient humans were basically trying to best make sense of what they saw, and in a sense, this is true. The problem is that ancient alien theorist believe that these myths are maybe only two or three hundred years older then when they were first written down. In  reality these myths are probably several thousands of years older then when they were first written down. The simple matter of fact is that we have no idea just how old these myths really are. Even if those myths were only a couple of hundred years old before they were written down, it still doesn’t mean that the details didn’t get messed up along the way.

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Ancient Aliens DebunkedAncient Aliens Debunked

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: Ancient Aliens Cover-up

Ever since the History Channel show “Ancient Aliens” premiered, many of the people who are interviewed on the show (mind you they tend to be the same people) assert that not only were we visited by extraterrestrials in the past, but that historians and archaeologist, along with the government, are covering up the evidence.

The belief is, is that the leadership within historian and archaeologist community, along with the government, is hiding this knowledge of ancient extraterrestrial visitation in order to keep the status quo, and to prevent chaos from what might happen if it was revealed that certain histories in many peoples’ religions were in fact false.

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