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10 CRAZY Internet Conspiracy Theories

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People have all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories about Denver’s airport — here’s why

By via Business Insider

denver-8_300pxEven before the current Denver International Airport opened in 1995, even when it was a mere blueprint, it was the subject of countless conspiracy theories.
To this day, the notoriously bizarre airport is shrouded in secrecy, riddled with weird statues and creepy art, and abounding in myths.
There are some crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the airport’s true purpose, many of which stem from the airport’s confusing origins.
To start with, people don’t understand why DEN airport was built in the first place, since there was a fully functioning one closer to downtown.
It’s also suspectly enormous — the airport is twice the size of Manhattan — and was two billion dollars over budget.
The airport also features a plethora of creepy art and strange décor that people don’t understand.

denver giant horse

It’s famous for its terrifying, 32-foot statue of a giant horse with fiery, glowing eyes. Even creepier, the red-eyed statue, called Blue Mustang, killed its sculptor, Luis Jiménez. It fell on him and severed an artery.
Inside the airport, there are also murals of a devil jumping out of a suitcase, as well as a statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death. Some of the most controversial murals have now been removed, but they featured a character that resembled a Nazi officer in a gas mask, children in front of a burning building, and kids gathered around a knife. Some have interpreted one mural as America submitting to Germany, as it depicts a boy scout handing a boy in Bavarian clothing his weapons.
Many people believe that this much money and space must be hiding something sketchy.  Here are some of the craziest conspiracy theories surrounding the airport.

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The 21 Strangest Conspiracy Theories

By Brian Fairbanks via Conspiracies on TruTV

The 21 Strangest Conspiracy Theories

Here at the Conspiracy section of truTV.com, we like to be at the cutting edge of what theories are out there.

One way we do that is with our Tipline, wherein we encourage you, the public, to submit conspiracy theories you think we should investigate. While we aren’t able to follow up on every tip (and where does on start with a theory that says simply “JFK was murdered,” for example?), we do get many interesting ones that we wish we could explore further. These, we feel, are the best of the best.

Although they have been edited for length and content, each tip retains the original intent of the submission from a real reader. As always, keep the suggestions coming, and remember that the only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked.

21. J. Edgar Hoover created a hit squad made up entirely of homosexuals “to assassinate JFK.” “If, after the ‘hit,’ the street clothes were changed to “flamboyant/gayish” attire, would those people have been detained/questioned as any “normal/regular” looking individual on the street that day, or would they have been ignored as “homosexuals” that couldn’t possibly have committed such a horrendous act?”

20. The lottery is rigged. “The jackpots go up and up, with no winners. People get lottery fever. Millions nationwide are willing to wait in a line just like the ones for bread in the former Soviet Union for the pipe dream of striking it rich.”

19. We already have cures for cancer but the government “runs people out of the country” once they know the cure. “I did a year and a half of research myself. Cancer etc can be cured and prevented. It has been proven.”

18. Redheads are the offspring of aliens. “Why do they all look similar??”

17. Sono Bono was murdered [on the ski slope] because he was going to run for President.

16. There is a concentration camp under the Denver International Airport. It has an 8 level underground military base, a gas chamber… and it’s rumored that there is genetic experiments taking place. The base at Deluce, New Mexico, meanwhile, houses alien spacecraft and aliens who are conducting genetic expirements on humans and animals. There is a ton of info ! if you look at D.U.M.B.S. on the internet.”

15. Fox News broadcasts invisible signals that affect your sense of smell. “Fox News Channel — though it might not be the only one — has a peculiar sensory ‘flavor’ to me (affecting my sinuses), which leads me to believe that some parallel, inaudile/invisible signals are being broadcast with the audiovisual that’s consciously perceived by the viewers.” Insert joke about how you’re allergic to Sean Hannity’s tan here. “We need to know IF Fox News is using mind control, and what specifically its purpose would be.”

14. Obama was groomed to be the first Muslim President by Gaddafi. “[Obama] will do things for the Muslim Brotherhood and since they do not like Israel (Jews) Obama wants to make sure this country falls. This will help Libya.”

13. Kato Kaelin Killed Nicole Brown Simpson. One reader has suspicions about the Nicole Brown Simpson murder case. Only he doesn’t even mention OJ or evidence from months of trials: “Kato Kaelin is the only one who had the opportunity to act. Nicole’s sister said something about him being involved in drugs. And the cop and limo driver said he was acting odd that day.” Kato Kaelin acting odd? That’s all you’ve got? Well, we aren’t exactly going to indict a guy for acting like a weirdo, otherwise we’d have to round up every nerd alive.

12. There is a conspiracy between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to become one country. “I heard and see on the internet that this is in the makings is it or not? if so what would happen to the Consitution of Independce?”

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