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Human Guided Spiritual Defense Waves… Pseudoscience at it’s greatest (and Insanest)

Via The Soap Box

tin-foil-hat03_200pxWhen you explore the world of conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, you often times find out that there is no deep end in the theoretical pool of craziness, and just when you think you’ve reached the bottom, you find out you’re still not at the deep end.

Recently I thought I had found that deep end with the helmet that “stops alien abductions”.
It turns out I was wrong, and that there is something crazier than even that:

Human Guided Spiritual Defense Waves

What this claims is that human beings can use “spiritual energy” to get rid of chemtrails.
In other words, use something that’s imaginary to get rid of something else that’s imaginary.
Not only does the article claim that people can repel these alleged chemicals away, it also claims you can concentrate them and focus them on small area, even house.
In fact, it even says you should do so over the homes of members of Congress (which is a tad bit disturbing). It even tells you to “make them suffer” (which I would consider a threat, if I wasn’t fairly certain this wouldn’t work at all, and that neither of these things not even existing in the first place) and suggest using social networks to help organize groups of people to “focus” their “spiritual energy” in order to do so.

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