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10 Amazing bets you will always win

By Quirkology via YouTube

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

This commercial reveals more truths about how psychics work than maybe the creators intended. Enjoy🙂

Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who can read the minds of, and divine specific personal information about, people he has just met. This video reveals the magic behind the magic. Will you be amazed?

via Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’ – YouTube.

Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones Never Exaggerates

Here again is my favorite moron!!! Alex Jones! Enjoy.🙂

Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones Never Exaggerates

via Alex ‘Hyperbole’ Jones Never Exaggerates – YouTube.

Realism Challenge #3: Playing Card

Some things are just cool to watch.

Realism Challenge #3: Playing Card – YouTube.

Hollywood ghosts – Ghosts of Hollywood Legends

APPARENTLY, SOME MOVIE STARS didn’t get enough attention from press and fans while they were alive. Their ghosts keep showing up, perhaps for one last performance. Hollywood is full of glamour, ambition, craziness, sordid tales – even talent. And while ghosts and other tales of the paranormal have always been great movie material, Tinseltown also has its own real-life ghost stories. The envelope please… Hollywood ghosts – Ghosts of Hollywood Legends.

5 Hour Paranoid Paranoia Fest-All You Need To Know About Alex Jones

If you know me, you know what i think of Alex Jones. He’s such an a-hole he can actually be very funny. If you know anybody who prays at the altar of Alex Jones, simply show them this video and ask them to explain their allegiance to this nitwit.

But there is a downside to this video – It’s 5 hours long (Yes! 5 hours!)!!!! Naturally i don’t expect anybody to watch the entire video, but i’ll post it here anyway for laughs or if you just need a sanity check by watching a true paranoid clown.

People actually pay good money to watch, listen and believe what this guy says. Now THAT’S entertainment!

5 Hour Paranoid Paranoia Fest-All You Need To Know About Alex Jones – YouTube.

Shocking illusion – Pretty celebrities turn ugly!

Just weird! Try this …

Shocking illusion – Pretty celebrities turn ugly! – YouTube.

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