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Top 10 Craziest Alex Jones Moments

Amazon Echo Commericial featuring Alexa Jones


The Conspirators: Chemtrails

By Skeptoid Media via YouTube

The New World Order conspirators discuss their “chemtrails” plan to dumb down the population by spraying aerial drugs from airliners.

Conspiracist Meme

Enjoy 🙂



Building Muscle w/ Bob: Back Edition

Don’t give up on this video. Watch it and listen closely, i think you’ll get a laugh out of it 🙂

Source: Building Muscle w/ Bob: Back Edition – YouTube

You Just Have Internet Access

you're not

False Flag Forest Fires!!!!!

fire false flag03

Alex Jones: Question Everything!

alex jones question everything

Just a coincidence?

Click for larger image

Click for larger image


Nothing conspiratorial here, just a VERY FUNNY video!

Beans – YouTube.

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