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Conspiracists’ Powers Combined! (meme)

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What was “Operation Snow White”?

via Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – YouTube

Did agents of the Church of Scientology really infiltrate the US government? If so, then how widespread was the infiltration? What was its alleged purpose? What does the Church have to say about the accusations? Tune in to learn more about the fact, fiction and controversy surrounding the Snow White program.

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Salt Therapies

A new trend in spas is to let people relax in salt caves. Is there any benefit to this?

Brian DunningBy Brian Dunning via skeptoid

Read transcript below or listen here

You lay comfortably in a lounge chair, perhaps snuggled into a robe of natural fibers, in a quiet, peaceful room. Soothing music plays softly. The cool air is dry and still, and has a slightly salty tinge. For you’re relaxing in a salt cave, perhaps in an exclusive modern spa, perhaps deep underground in a real salt mine, undergoing halotherapy or speleotherapy or salt therapy.

A salt room

A salt room

The room is entirely made of salt, but most spas use machines that grind up salt into fine particles and waft it into the air. The claim is that restful breathing in this environment brings health benefits unavailable in any other conditions. Now, don’t ask too quickly exactly what the benefits are supposed to be, or exactly what the specific environmental conditions need to be, because those aren’t really too clear. Instead, let’s just ask why people all over the world are turning to salt therapy.

So just for grins, I did a Google search for “salt cave therapy“. Here are a few specific claims for what conditions salt caves treat, from the first page of Google results. They come from boutique spas selling the service:

  • Inflammation
  • Migraines
  • Poor concentration
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Snoring
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Smokers cough
  • Tonsillitis
  • Viral infections

A small minority of spa sites I reviewed stated that salt caves do not treat any medical conditions, and merely provide relaxation. However, the majority are very clear that their service is a miracle treatment, even a cure, for most or all of these conditions. Clearly the salt cave industry has not yet reached any consensus on exactly what it’s selling.

Himalayan pink crystal salt, while touted for its purity, is contaminated with iron oxide (thus the pink color).

Himalayan pink crystal salt, while touted for its purity, is contaminated with iron oxide (thus the pink color).

Some of the sites I reviewed emphasized purity of the salt, while others credited all the many minerals in it. One site said that the unique combination of 94 (!) elements in natural salt is what makes it work. A number of sites say all 84 are needed. Another says that they only use Himalayan pink crystal salt, because that’s the only way to insure purity (pink salts are pink because they are contaminated with iron oxide). Analyses of Himalayan pink salt have found that it contains between 95-98% salt, with most of the rest being gypsum. Trace elements of about 10 minerals are usually found. Although gypsum is recommended in some alternative medicine schemes, no sound medical research has ever found any benefit from consuming it; so it’s not clear why salt therapy practitioners recommend it. Either way, the practice seems to present no clear consensus on whether pure salt or contaminated salt is best; it seems to be a pretty even split. But both sides sound pretty adamant that their way is best.

The mechanism for how salt caves treat these conditions is also in hot dispute. While about half emphasize the salt itself being beneficial once it gets into your lungs, the other half are all about ions. Ions, they say, promote good health. An ion is a molecule with an electric charge, either positive or negative, made so because it has more electrons than protons, or more protons than electrons. Negative ion generators have been a staple of alternative therapies for a long time, based largely on the sciencey-soundingness of the term and a misunderstanding of what they actually do. Negative ion generators use high voltage to add an electron to particles in the air. Electrostatic attraction then causes those particles to move toward, and bind to, a grounded surface such as a wall. Thus, an ionizer can help to reduce the amount of dust particles, allergens, and other particles from the air in a room.

Many of the salt therapy spas claim that the ionizers in their caves produce negative ions that destroy bacteria. This is also wrong. An ionizer can help draw bacteria out of the air, as just described, but . . .

MORE . . .

Is that a FEMA Camp? – June 1, 2013 Edition

Is that a FEMA Camp? is a blog dedicated to investigating claims of FEMA camp locations.
Below is some of their findings. Enjoy 🙂

June 1, 2013 Edition

Topeka, Kansas

ALEXJONESFOIL_250pxThe claim: 80 acres has been converted into a temporary holding camp.What it really is: I’ve taken a look at Topeka using Google maps, and there aren’t many places within the city limits that are empty, nor is there any places that look like a holding camp. Plus, consider that the city has a population of over 127,000 people, it would be pretty hard to hide something like that.

El Dorado, Kansas

The claim: Federal prison converted into forced-labor camp, UNICOR industries.

What it really is: There is a near by maximum security prison near by, but it’s run by the State of Kansas, not the Federal government.

Ft. Riley, Kansas

The claim: Just north of Interstate 70, airport, near city of Manhattan.

What it really is: A large army post with many buildings located within it’s boarders, including civilian housing and businesses. It also has several museums.

Concordia, Kansas

The claim: WWII German POW camp used to exist at this location but there is no facility there at this time.

What it really is: So what was the point of listing this?

McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas

The claim: Federal death penalty facility.

What it really is: Completely bogus. There is no Federal death penalty facility or Federal prisons there.

Leavenworth, Kansas

The claim: US Marshal’s Fed Holding Facility, US Penitentiary, Federal Prison Camp

What it really is: Yes, there is a United States Federal prison there, an until 2005 it was a maximum security prison Today it is a medium security prison with a minimum security satellite prison camp.

This is all publicly known, and does not mean that it is a FEMA camp.

Omaha, Arkansas

The claim: Northeast of Berryville near Missouri state line, on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. Possible crematory facility.

What it really is: It’s just your typical small town, with it’s largest buildings being a couple of schools, some stores, and some churches.

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Yes, Alex Jones Is Still Nuts. Want Proof? Here’s Him Going Bonkers On Google & Facebook: ‘Use ‘Em Like A Toilet!’

Ladies and gentlemen … grab some popcorn … because once again, i present to you … my favorite moron … … Alex Jones!

Grab the popcorn and be sure to watch the video i put together at the bottom. Enjoy!! 🙂


H/T Thomas J. Proffit

by Andrew Kirell via Mediaite

alexjones_animated_3Just your occasional reminder that conspiracy theorist radio host and expert false-flag-identifier Alex Jones still has a few screws loose while giving melodramatic on-air rants.

This latest winner comes courtesy of MofoPolitics, who flagged down a video of Jones angrily firing off at Google, Facebook, and YouTube for being “front operations” for the Central Intelligence Agency.

While addressing user concerns with Facebook and other social media outlets, Jones did one of his signature “take the volume up to 11″ moves and fired off this hilarious tirade:

“Use it like a toilet! Use Facebook to jack their system! And jack ‘em hard! But hate ‘em, and spit on ‘em while you do it. Same thing with YouTube. And all of it. Jack the enemy conduits. Jack it hard and hate ‘em! And spit on ‘em while you do it.”

So… if understood correctly, Mr. Jones would like for us to use social networking sites to jack the system hard, but make sure we hate them and spit on them while we jack them. Roger that!

Oh, what’s that? Now you want to turn this into a generic invective against all your favorite bugaboos?

“This is a war! They’re killing kids everywhere with GMO and vaccines knowingly. This morning they had jets out spraying chemtrails everywhere. It’s a public G.O. engineering program — partially declassified and the public doesn’t even know about it! You think you’re in Kansas? You’re not in Kansas anymore!”

ALEXJONESFOIL_250pxJones then cited an InfoWars (his own site) article suggesting that Google is purposely trying to kill traffic to Jones’ site and the Drudge Report by telling Google Chrome users it has been infected with malware. Of course, what’s not clear is how many people actually received these warnings, or whether the warning images were just clever photoshops made by an InfoWars fan in his mom’s basement. How do we know that InfoWars didn’t create these images to make us think Google was the CIA front as a distraction from InfoWars’ own rogue CIA operations?!?!

Nevertheless, here comes that fiery rant against Google you’ve all been waiting for:

“Google is the one jacking and breaking through your pass codes. And spying. And [Google CEO Eric] Schmidt says, ‘You shouldn’t visit anything you don’t want me to see.’ On a power trip. What a joke! By the way he only sold 10,000 of his book. What a joke you are, scumbag. Just because you can run a CIA criminal front, doesn’t mean you actually ever did anything, little man! Hope you’re cozy under the black wings of the New World Order!”

After he calmed down a tad, Jones then cut to an article entitled “Mark Zuckerberg Awarded CIA Surveillance Medal.” That’s frightening, right? Fits the InfoWars narrative pretty well. Too well, one might say.

Well, that’s because it’s a fake article. Writes the author in the last paragraph: “Hope you enjoyed the spoof folks. I thought it was great.”

But whatever, man. Enjoy this video, y’all:

Is that a FEMA Camp? – April 21, 2013 Edition

escape_to_camp_fema_sticker_250pxIs that a FEMA Camp? is a blog dedicated to investigating claims of FEMA camp locations.

Below is some of their findings. Enjoy 🙂

April 21, 2013 Edition

Kingwood, West Virginia

dawsonsign_250pxThe claim: Newly built detention camp at Camp Dawson Army Reservation. More data needed on Camp Dawson.

What it really is: Camp Dawson is a West Virginia Army National Guard training camp that opened in 1909.

There are a few large and newer buildings there, but none of them look like something you would find at a prison camp.

Mill Creek, West Virginia

The claim: FEMA detention facility.

What it really is: A bogus claim.

Looking at the area via Google maps, other then the local elementary school and a couple of industrial buildings, I can’t find anything that would even come close to looking like a prison camp, and even these places would be hard to mistake…

Morgantown, West Virginia

The claim: Federal prison camp located in northern WV; just north of Kingwood.

What it really is: it’s a minimum security Federal prison that holds 1,140 inmates.

Beckley – Alderson – Lewisburg, West Virginia

CorrectionalFacility_250pxThe claim: Former WWII detention camps that are now converted into active federal prison complexes capable of holding several times their current populations. Alderson is presently a women’s federal reformatory.

What it really is: Alderson was opened in 1928. It is minimum security, it has always been a Federal prison for women.

The Federal prison in Beckley is medium security with a minimum security prison camp.

There are no prisons in Lewisburg at all.

Also, none of these places were the sites of World War Two POW camps.

South Central part of state, Nebraska

The claim: Many old WWII sites – some may be renovated.

What it really is: It is a very vague claim that actually doesn’t really tell anything, nor give an exact location.

Northwest, Northeast corners of state, Nebraska

femacamp2_250pxThe claim: FEMA detention facilities – more data needed.

What it really is: Most likely bogus.

The lack of information, plus actual locations, indicates that this was just made up.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

The claim: WWII German POW camp (renovated?).

What it really is: There was a POW camp there that closed in 1946. There isn’t much information about the camp, but from what I have found, there is probably nothing left of it anymore.

Click here for the latest findings at “Is that a FEMA Camp?”

Is that a FEMA Camp? – March 23, 2013 Edition

Is that a FEMA Camp? is a blog dedicated to investigating claims of FEMA camp locations. Below is some of their findings. Enjoy 🙂

March 23, 2013 Edition

Camp+Fema+Roadkill_300pxSheppard AFB, Texas

The claim: in Wichita Falls just south of Ft. Sill, OK. FEMA designated detention facility.

What it really is: It is an Air Force training base, with one of it’s runways being shared with the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport under a joint civil-military arrangement.

I’ve also taken a look at it via Google maps, and nothing there looks like a prison camp.

Amarillo, Texas

The claim: FEMA designated detention facility

What it really is: Amarillo is a fairly decent sized city in Texas (over 190,000) and grew in population by nearly 10% between 2000 and 2010, so the city probably has had several building projects happening (most likely for housing).

Considering that it is a large, populated area, it seems highly unlikely that a FEMA detention facility could be hidden here without someone. Taking this into consideration, and the fact that there is a lack of information about this claim, it has lead me to believe that this claim is bogus.

Reese AFB (Lubbock), Texas

The claim: FEMA designated detention facility.

What it really is: The base was closed in 1997, and is now a research and business park named Reese Technology Center, and the runways are used by model airplane pilots.

dees-fema-camp-billboard2_300pxMexia, Texas

The claim: East of Waco 33mi.; WWII German facility may be renovated.

What it really is: There was a World War Two POW camp there, but it was convert in 1947 for use as the Mexia State School.

Ft. Bliss (El Paso), Texas

The claim: Extensive renovation of buildings and from what patriots have been able to see, many of these buildings that are being renovated are being surrounded by razor wire.

What it really is: Fort Bliss has been a army base since before the Civil War, so it’s not surprising that some of the buildings would occasionally need to be renovated, even including extensive renovations, in order to remain operational. If the building are being surrounded by razor wire it’s probably because they need to keep people out so that the renovations can be completed.

North Dallas, Texas

The claim: near Carrolton – water treatment plant, close to interstate and railroad.

What it really is: It’s a water treatment plant… and that’s all it is. Most cites have water treatment plants. Being near an interstate and a railroad means nothing.

Eden, Texas

The claim: 1500 bed privately run federal center. Currently holds illegal aliens.

What it really is: While everything is factually true (and it probably does hold illegal aliens there that have committed crimes), what is not mentioned is that the prison is a low-security prison.

escape_to_camp_fema_sticker_bumperBastrop, Texas

The claim: Prison and military vehicle motor pool.

What it really is: My question about this is where exactly is this alleged motor pool at? There is not exactly a lot of detail here.

When I did a Google image search for “bastrop texas military” I saw that a lot of photos were of nearby forest fires, so it’s possible these vehicles (if they did exist) were used to transport in solders and even prisoners to fight forest fires.

Austin, Texas

The claim: Robert Mueller Municipal airport has detenion areas inside hangars.

What it really is: A bogus claim.

If this was true then there would simply be no way to hide it.

There are probably caged areas inside of the hangers there, but that is probably to keep people out, not in.

Click here for the latest findings at “Is that a FEMA Camp?”

Is that a FEMA Camp? – March 6, 2013 Edition

Is that a FEMA Camp? is a blog dedicated to investigating claims of FEMA camp locations. Below is some of their findings. Enjoy 🙂

March 6, 2013 Edition

FEMA-camp-razor-wired_250pxShawnee National Forest – Pope County, Illinois

The claim: This area has seen heavy traffic of foreign military equipment and troops via Illinois Central Railroad, which runs through the area. Suspected location is unknown, but may be close to Vienna and Shawnee correctional centers, located 6 mi. west of Dixon Springs.

What it really is: Completely bogus. Using Google maps I can find nothing that resembles a prison camp inside the national forest that is near the two correctional centers.

As for the claim of foreign military being in the area, none of these claims come from reliable sources, it’s just all copy and pasted from other sites without any additional information to back up the claim.

Greenfield, Illinois

The claim: Two federal correctional “satellite prison camps” serving Marion – populated as above.

What it really is: The site itself is called FCI Greenville, and is a medium security prison that has a separate minimum security prison camp for female inmates, making it necessary for there to be two completely separate facilities.

The prison itself holds 1,180 inmates, with 320 inmates in the prison camp.

Marion, Illinois

The claim: Federal Penitentiary and satellite prison camp inside Crab Orchard Nat’l Wildlife Refuge. Manned, staffed, populated fully.

What it really is: With the exception of the facility being located in Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, everything else is technically true.

The actual facility is called the United States Penitentiary, Marion, and it actually use to be maximum security prison that was built replace Alcatraz, and houses and housed multiple famous and high profile criminals, including Clement Rodney Hampton-El, Zachary Chesser, John Gotti, Viktor Bout, Tony Alamo, and even Pete Rose.

The site itself is now a medium security prison, with a minimum security prison camp. The prison holds over 1,000 inmates, with 350 people in the prison camp.

fema-camps_250pxChanute AFB, Illinois

The claim: Rantoul, near Champaign/Urbana – This closed base had WWII – era barracks that were condemned and torn down, but the medical facility was upgraded and additional fencing put up in the area. More info needed.

What it really is: The base was closed in 1993, but many of the buildings were converted into civilian and commercial use, from light manufacturing, to retirement communities.

The former base also includes a museum called the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum.

As for the actual claim about the hospital, well, hospitals tend to be expanded to accommodate the population, therefore it is necessary to construct new additions to a hospital, and because construct sites tend to be dangerous places (and has equipment that tends to get stolen) it is necessary to put fencing up around such a site.

The only military presence left at the site is a youth boot camp for troubled youths ages 16 to 18 called the Lincoln’s ChalleNGe Academy that is run by the Illinois National Guard and Air Guard.

Pekin, Illinois

The claim: This Federal satellite prison camp is also on the Illinois River, just south of Peoria. It supplements the federal penitentiary in Marion, which is equipped to handle additional population outside on the grounds.

What it really is: There is a federal prison there with a prison camp on grounds. The prison is called FCI Pekin, it’s a medium security prison, it holds 1,200 prisoners, and it’s prison camp holds 300 minimum security prisoners.

Scott AFB, Illinois

The claim: Barbed wire prisoner enclosure reported to exist just off-base. More info needed, as another facility on-base is beieved to exist.

What it really is: No such facilities exist on the base, nor near the base. In fact the airfield there is open to commercial aircraft, and other civilian facilities there as well, including colleges.

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