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The Tao of Chinese Medicine

by Yau-Man Chan via Skepticblog

sistem2I am not a medical doctor and I don’t even play one on TV!  So how am I qualified to write about Chinese medicine?  Well because I grew up with it! Is that really good enough?  Yes, and every Chinese who grew up in a Chinese household in a Chinese community are inculcated with knowledge about Chinese medicine and how it works.  Like any other Chinese kid growing up, when I was sick my mother could quickly diagnose my illness and if she couldn’t, she could turn to her mother or aunts or other higher authority figures. In more severe cases, there’s always the guy selling herbs. No formal training is required. By osmosis, we were all supposed to have absorbed medical knowledge and know what foods – plant/animal parts would be good medication for whatever ailed us.  I now live in a region of the U.S. very much enamored with eschewing Western evidence-base medicine for herbal treatments, acupuncture, and other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cures. I can usually provoke shock and jaw-dropping silence when my response to questions about TCM is that I want nothing to do with it when it comes to the health and well-being of my family.  The two primary arguments in favor of TCM involve the classic logical fallacy of argument from antiquity and conspiracy theory about the evil intents of “Big Pharma. I will confine the rest of this blog to discussing the totally unscientific and perhaps even anti-scientific origins of TCM and leave debunking the Big Pharma Conspiracy to my fellow skeptics.TCM 704The argument from antiquity in favor of TCM usually goes like this:  it’s been around N-thousand years (replace N with your favorite integer between 1 and 5) and so it must have worked well! The truth of the matter is that TCM has no scientific basis and has been developed over the years on a foundation of very flawed understanding of the human anatomy and physiology.  Historically, the pathetically low cure-rate of diseases plaguing the Chinese population with access only to TCM resulted in the evolution of a hyper-superstitious culture bent on seeing ghosts and goblins around every corner and behind every bush, too ready to take another life away.   The inefficacy of their medical treatments throughout history, in my opinion, is responsible for the Chinese culture’s obsession with superstitions associated with maintaining good health and longevity.  78321115_XSThe list of superstitious do’s and don’ts are especially long when it came to childbirth, prenatal and postnatal care.  Please note that I am not talking about ancient history or even 100 years ago – I am talking about the persistence of these superstitions today in very modern Chinese communities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and big modern cities in China.

To understand TCM, you do not need to understand chemistry, biology, anatomy or physiology because the foundation of TCM has nothing to do with them.  You need instead to understand Taoism and Confucianism, as these philosophies are the founding principles of TCM. I will expend some ink here to explain these two very powerful underlying influences on Chinese society which gave rise to their understanding of the human body and the attendant medical fallacies.

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Edward Snowden Doesn’t Exist, Is a Gay Alien, and Other Conspiracy Theories

By DJ Pangburn via Motherboard


Does Edward Snowden really exist?

Not long after the existence of the NSA‘s massive PRISM surveillance program leaked, Snowden truthers began speculating on the leaker’s identity. Was the whistleblower still an NSA agent? Was it all just a false flag operation?

These were more or less reasonable questions, as it was impossible to know at first who the leaker really was. Snowden’s very public outing of his identify only added fuel to the fire. From there, the conspiracy theories went into their theoretical paroxyms. That paranoia over Snowden’s real modus operandi even managed to infect journalists and writers like Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas.

Writing in their daily Washington Post column Wonkbook, Klein and Soltas even went so far as to suggest that Snowden doesn’t actually exist. That he is, more than likely, is an NSA creation—a diversionary tactic to get the masses following a narrative, “emotional arc,” and thus forget the NSA leaks themselves.

“Aeroflot flight 150, from Moscow to Havana, was packed with dozens of journalists who’d bought tickets to get a glimpse of, and maybe even an interview with, fleeing leaker Edward Snowden,” write Klein and Soltas. “But when the doors closed and the plane readied for takeoff, they made an unpleasant discovery: Snowden wasn’t on the plane… There is, of course, only one explanation for Snowden’s absence: He never existed in the first place.”

conspiracy-theory-alert_200pxLet’s pretend for a second that they aren’t being cheeky. (An added editor’s note makes clear that it’s a joke.) For the Klein and Soltas theory to work, an endlessly fascinating, all encompassing, stem-winding NWO-style conspiracy theory must be explored, in which all of the following would have to be true: Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian and Washington Post were complicit with the NSA; Julian Assange is an NSA agent; WikiLeaks is an ongoing false flag operation and isn’t actually with Snowden; and Russia, China, Hong Kong and Ecuador are all in league with the US. Put more simply, America’s domestic and international spy operations have completely infiltrated every foreign government, news organization and airport in the world.

We could even get playfully recursive with the theory. Perhaps Klein and Soltas are, in fact, NSA agents spreading disinformation. Maybe I am, too.

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