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UFO hovers near New York school

By Roger Marsh via The Canadian National Newspaper

Okay. Maybe it’s just me. But does this “UFO” look strikingly similar to a bundle of balloons? – Mason I. Bilderberg

A New York family walking through Flushing, Queens, reported watching and photographing a “strange organic-type UFO with appendages” about 5:40 p.m. on June 5, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“The object was hovering in the south direction,” the reporting witness stated. “Luckily I had brought my new camera to record the school production. This occurred at about 5:40 p.m. We stood and watched it periodically and noticed it hadn’t moved at all. It just floated there at a very high altitude.”

When the family reached the school, they pointed out the object in the sky to other people.

“There were over 30 people all outside waiting to be let into the school. Quickly, all eyes were turned to the skies. Many met what they were seeing with confusion, keen interest and some skepticism. Soon, even the skeptics were unsure what they were seeing with their own two eyes.”

The witness described the object.

“The object was still hovering and unmoved – still giving off some kind of odd glow. After four more attempts with the camera, I finally managed to get it. It didn’t take long for all those who witnessed what I’d seen to be convinced, whether they believe in ETs or not, that this was simply not something man-made, but rather some kind of organic life form.”

When the concert was over about an hour later, the object was gone.

via The Canadian National Newspaper

8 Alternate UFO explanations

via The Soap Box

ufo 835_200pxUFOs, and what they are, have been a subject of debate throughout the world for decades now.

For those who are apart of the UFO community, UFOs are usually considered to be extra-terrestrial spacecraft. For skeptics however most UFOs can be easily explained as either being some type of natural weather or astronomical phenomenon, a mis-identification of a man made object, or a hoax.

Beside the most obvious explanations for what UFOs are, there are a few not so obvious (or in some cases, accepted) explanations for what UFOs really are:

8. Extra-dimensional

Probably one of the far most common alternative UFO explanations is that UFOs (and the alleged beings operating them) are actually from other universes, rather than other planets.

This explanation has become so common among UFO believers that many believers actually try to determine if a UFO in a photo or video is of either extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional origin (rather than of natural or man made origin).
UFO swirl BW
7. Time travelers

Another explanation for the origin of UFOs is that they are from Earth, just far, far into the future. Just how far exactly is often debated amongst the UFO believers who believe this theory.

Some people believe that they’re from a few hundred years into the future. Some people believe that they’re from several millions of years into the future. Some people even believe that they’re just from a few decades into the future.

6. Angels and Demons

Probably one of the more popular explanations amongst devout and fundamentalist Christians (especially those who don’t believe in even the possibility of extra-terrestrial life existing elsewhere in the universe) is that UFOs are either angels sent by God, or (more commonly) demons sent by Satan.

While this explanation is far more accepted with devout and fundamentalist Christians (at least those who actually believe in UFOs to begin with) most UFO believers (and skeptics for that matter) do not.

5. Secret and experimental military aircraft

UFO 941_250pxOne of the more common explanations for UFOs amongst both skeptics and UFO believers is that many UFOs are actually secret and experimental military aircraft.

The reason why this is accepted among skeptics as well as UFO believers is because several different kinds military aircraft, back when they were still secret and/or experimental, were thought to be UFOs (i.e. F-117, B-2) and that sometimes the government even used the UFO phenomenon as a cover to help keep certain aircraft secret for years (like with the SR-71).

While skeptics and UFO believers do accept that some UFOs are most likely secret and experimental aircraft, many UFO believers also believe that these aircraft are far more technologically advance than what anyone believes is currently possible, and that the technology being used in them is of extra-terrestrial origin.

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Unidentified Faux Objects: News Station Fooled by UFO Phone App

Via Who Forted? Magazine

dupedguy_250pxCalifornia news station WMFD NewsWatch had a mild embarrassment on their hands this week, after they were informed that their story on an apparent UFO photograph was nothing more than the product of a readily available cell phone app.

The photo, which was taken by a resident of Mansfield named Tom Young, showed what appeared to be a disk-shaped craft floating above a small field, and it was so convincing that it caught the eye of news reporters. From there, the story spread like wild fire. Luckily OpenMedia.com recognized the silver spaceship immediately and called hoax.

The picture was created using the Camera360 smartphone app, and as WMFD discovered, it turns out Tom Young has that very same app on the cell phone he used to take his “unexplained” photo. When reporters contacted Young about the hoax, he remained firm that his photograph is of a bona fide UFO, but said he would check the photo again to make sure he didn’t “accidentally” use the app.

You have to at least applaud the guy’s audacity though, don’t you?

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Best UFO Sightings Of February 2013

I don’t believe but i’m still entertained. Enjoy 🙂

Best UFO Sightings Of February 2013, AFO – YouTube.


Best UFO Sightings Of January 2013

I don’t believe any of this stuff but i’m still entertained. Enjoy 🙂

Best UFO Sightings Of January 2013.

Did NASA delete evidence of UFOs from its photo archive?

By Annalee Newitz via io9.com

UFOlogists are freaking out today over the removal of several photos from a NASA archive. These photos, which you can see here, have been used by various UFO groups to support their belief that aliens have been visiting Earth and governments are covering it up.

According to The Examiner:

The UFO photos first appeared on the NASA Johnson Space Center website in May 2011 and clearly showed a spacecraft of some advanced design. Without any fanfare, the photos were uploaded and stayed on the NASA website for over a year and half until being recently removed.

alien2Believers say the removal of the photos is tantamount to admitting that NASA is trying to cover up extraterrestrial vistors.

The pictures are gorgeous, by the way. I’m guessing they are pictures of a few satellites, and possibly the Hubble.

If NASA really were involved in an elaborate cover-up, though, it seems unlikely that they’d leave the photos up for over a year before noticing that their ultra-super-top-secret alien ship snapshots were on a public website. Slightly more likely is that they were removed after the space agency realized that they were fueling alien conspiracy theories.

More photos on UFO Sightings Daily


UPDATE 2: Commenter metoposaurus notes that at least some of these photos are still available on NASA’s websites, just in a different location. NASA identifies these as images of “space debris.” If you want to have a lot of fun, try searching this NASA database for “space debris.” Tons of potential UFOs, people!
Note from iLLumiNuTTi:

As the writer of the above article points out, all these “UFO” pictures weren’t removed by NASA, they were simply moved to another location on the NASA website. I did some digging and they were indeed relocated (links below the images):

Space debris being misidentified as alien craft.

Space debris or a satellite being misidentified as an alien craft by conspiracists.

These images have been relocated to here, here, here, here, here and here.

As usual, conspiracists come up short on research. NASA is not hiding these photos.

Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

UFO Photo of “Vintage” Flying Saucer Purportedly Snapped, But..

via Who Forted? Magazine

Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view

A student in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand claims to have unwittingly snapped a photo of a “vintage-looking” flying saucer on Christmas day, stirring some talk over whether or not the extraterrestrials have a thing for classic vehicles.

During an afternoon of “Sport Day” festivities scheduled by the Sawang Dindaeng School on December 25th, Thidarat Boonlee whipped out her cell phone to take a photo of the grandstands where her friends were seated. However, upon going back and reviewing the snapshot, Boonlee claims to have found something strange hovering just through the trees. When she went to snap another photo, the craft was gone.

Weeyaros Yuttarin, an English teacher at Boonlee’s school, claims that UFO sightings have been on the rise in the area.

“I heard many teachers talking about their UFO experience on the same day, but I did not believe since there was no concrete evidence,” Weeyaros told The Phuket News (tee-hee). He also stated that he didn’t believe Boonlee would make such a story up.

Ah, but in the age of camera phone apps that will let you insert ghosts into your photos with a tap of the screen, what are the chances that this photo could be a joke that got a bit out of hand? Pretty high, actually, according to the sleuths at the Above Top Secret forums.

They dug up this photo contains a UFO snapped in California, reported to MUFON at the end of December. Looks familiar no? And if that wasn’t enough evidence for you, have a look at the UFO Camera GOLD app available on the itunes marketplace, loaded with classic images of flying saucers that you can add to your photos “like magic”. The developers even promise that your UFO pictures will be “better than Mulder’s”.


If you speak Thai, you can watch this clip of newscasters being duped by a high schooler and actually understand it.

Best UFO Sightings Of November 2012

I don’t believe any of this stuff but … it’s still entertaining. Enjoy 🙂

Best UFO Sightings Of November 2012, AFO – YouTube.

Bugged by UFOs

by  via NeuroLogica Blog

UK UFO enthusiasts recently called a meeting to discuss the future of the UFO movement, specifically whether or not there is going to be one. Numbers of groups and members are plummeting as enthusiasm for talking about the latest Chinese lantern to be misidentified as a flying saucer is waning.

If history is any guide this is just a temporary generational downturn, and interest in UFOs will eventually rebound. It is possible, however, that the most recent decline is more than just the usual cycle. Perhaps the internet has changed the game, allowing for rapid turnaround of possible UFO stories. Before the ink would be dry on traditional print media, the new social media can debunk UFO stories and nip them in the bud.

Here is an excellent example: Mile High mystery: UFO sightings in sky over Denver. The beginning of the news report (it is just crappy local news, but it’s a Fox affiliate which means such stories can be picked up nationally) has all the red flags for sensational mystery mongering:

Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it.

We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not want to be identified brought us his home video. He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights looking south toward downtown Denver.

He said, “The flying objects appear around noon or 1:00 p.m. at least a couple of times a week.” The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear.

The objects are not so strange, they actually are not appearing “over” the city, and there are probably millions of people who can explain it. The fact that the source of the video of the “UFOs” would not be identified is a problem. Finally we learn that no one actually saw the UFOs – they were only noticeable after reviewing the video, which itself is a red flag that perhaps this is a common video phenomenon, not an uncommon UFO phenomenon.

Take a look at the video and try to figure out what it is before reading further:

OK – everybody now… it’s bugs.  This bug-UFO is especially bad because on some of the shots the insect actually hovers and moves around like an obvious insect. The videographer did not notice them because they were small fast-flying insects. Or perhaps they did notice the insects, but did not connect them to the unfocused black dots buzzing about on the video. It is also possible they know exactly what they are, but is just pranking  the local news station (hence the anonymity).

One or two shots in there are probably birds. You can see an apparent wing flap. Birds and bugs are common sources of UFO artifacts in the video age. They are small objects close to the camera that will appear as out-of-focus dots and streaks that can be mistaken (by the willful or truly incurious) for objects that are large and farther away. The fact that no one saw them live and there was no radar tracking should be a clue, but for the believer can just add to the mystery.

The lameness of this video being presented in breathless terms as a compelling UFO might have something to do with the declining interest in UFOs. Anyone with a genuine interest – enough to join a UFO group and try to find real evidence that UFOs are visiting ETs, would probably get tired of all the bugs and lanterns after a while.

MORE . . .
Also See: Denver ‘UFO’ Likely Has Earthly Explanation (iLLumiNuTTi.com)

Top 10 Things You Can’t Prove But People Believe Anyway

by Lara Webster via listverse

Empirical proof helps us validate what we should and shouldn’t believe, but sometimes cold hard facts just aren’t available. Even when we don’t have solid proof, however, humans still tend to extend their sense of belief to certain phenomenon. From things we could never see with the human eye to life forms that have yet to be verified, here are the top 10 things we believe despite a lack of verifiable proof.

10 – Aliens

While conspiracy theories and UFO sightings abound, we don’t have verifiable proof that other lifeforms exist in the space beyond our own planet. Still, many people firmly believe that there is life on other planets, or that life did exist at some point in the past. From video claims of inexplicable objects in the sky, to personal testimonials from people who say they’ve been taken into a spacecraft, we want to believe that there is more to life than what is on our own planet even if it has yet to be scientifically proven as fact.

9 – Astrology

The notion of astrology is not a new one; people have been making major life decisions by the stars for centuries. Without any real proof that the way the planets and stars are aligned will actually shape a person, we believe that if we are born under a certain zodiac sign we are bound to a particular disposition and set of skills. Daily horoscopes and astrological charts have become a guiding tool for many people, who truly think that one’s birth date determines her fate and can help her make day-to-day decisions.

8 – Cryptids

Cryptids are animals whose existence has never been proven by science, such as Bigfoot or the infamous West Virginia Mothman. Enough sightings and amateur photographs exist that we consider it possible that these creatures really do walk or swim the Earth with us, even though they don’t exist in museums and aren’t officially acknowledged. Until the Loch Ness monster or another cryptid is captured, they will continue to be merely mystical creatures of which no proof exists.

7 – Ghosts

Anyone who claims to have seen a ghost might say that there is proof of spirit life, but skeptics would argue that any ghostly sighting can be explained away by lighting tricks or other logical reasons. At the end of the day, there may never be indisputable, tangible proof of ghosts. While ghost hunters have electronic tools meant to measure ghost activity, results are open to interpretation. Yet, we believe in ghostly encounters and phenomenon – that when things go bump in the night or move suddenly, a ghost can be the cause.

6 – Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums purport to talk to people who have died and gone to “the other side.” Mediums convey details that they supposedly hear from the deceased to loved ones who are still alive. Despite any way to really measure how psychics come by the information they doll out, we believe that they are someone seeing and hearing signs from dead people. While psychic mediums offer a less than 100% accuracy rate, the desire to speak to our dead family and friends is so great that we overlook their mistakes and grant them the benefit of the doubt.

5 – Karma

Whether you call it karma, or just “what goes around comes around,” people have a common belief that the behavior you exhibit today somehow informs what happens to you down the road. With no more than anecdotal proof, we think that acting morally or fairly now will yield positive things for us in the future. Despite the simple fact that we can never prove that karma exists, it remains a principle that many people live by in the hopes that they can reap the benefits it promises.

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Pseudo-TV: Ten shows that promote non-sense

via The Soap Box

Over the years there have been a lot of television shows that promotes things that are either non-sense, or just bizarre (I myself even admit that I loved these types of shows) and even today these shows seems to be more popular then ever.

Not only has the amount of these shows seemed to have increased, the amount of topics these shows are based on has also increased as well. Everything from conspiracy theories to psychics are now covered on these shows, and not just ghosts and UFOs anymore.

Here are what I consider to be the ten biggest TV shows that promote non-sense:

10. Brad Meltzer’s Decoded – History Channel

This show examines mysteries and conspiracy theories that in a way have become a part of American folklore. What makes this show unique from other shows that examine conspiracy theories is that after the investigation is over, Meltzer will sometimes comes to the real, or at least a logical conclusion.

9. Doomsday Preppers – National Geographic Channel

This profiles people who are getting prepared for some sort of doomsday event, which they are not only certain will happen, but they are usually certain what type of disaster it will be (some even almost seem to be happily anticipating that it will occur). While some of the people on this show do appear to be some what rational, there are others that appear to need some sort of mental health treatment for their paranoia.

8. Finding Bigfoot – Animal Planet

This show follows a group of bigfoot hunters, and their attempts to find the legendary creature. The bigfoot hunters use multiple tools, such as night-vision technology and FLIR cameras, in their attempts to find bigfoot. In fact they do just about everything to find bigfoot… and still can’t find him.

7. Haunted CollectorSyFy

This reality show follows demonologist John Zaffis as he travels around the country, investigating allegedly haunted homes and buildings in which the haunting may be being caused by a certain object, or objects, within the property. After Zaffis has “determined” what object is causing the haunting activity, he then usually removes object (which is usually pretty nice looking and expensive) at the owner’s request, and puts it into his own private museum.

6. Chasing UFOs – National Geographic

This show profiles three people, one skeptic, one believer, and one not quite sure what to believe, as they travel the world investigating claims of UFO sitings, and trying to capture UFOs on video. Basically this show is not much more than your typical UFO hunting TV show that fails to prove that aliens are visiting the Earth.

5. The Dead Files – Travel Channel

Featuring psychic medium Amy Allan, and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi, this show features the two conducting two “independent” investigations, first with Allan going through a walkthrough of an alleged haunted site (after her husband Matt goes through the place prior to her arrival to remove any objects that might “influence” her). During this time it is shown that DiSchiavi is interviewing people who have had paranormal experiences at the location of the investigation. The two then meet up and share the information they got. By all appearances this show seems to be nothing more then an attempt to prove that psychic powers are real.

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Britain has alien-war weapons, says former government adviser – Exclusive video and images

By Zoe Catchpole via UK MSN News

Britain has a stockpile of aircraft, drones and weapons that could be used to fight aliens in the event of an invasion from space, according to the government’s former UFO adviser.

In an interview with MSN, Nick Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence for 21 years, said that while Britain doesn’t have a war plan, it certainly had sophisticated enough weaponry to defend itself.

Mr Pope, whose job it was to advise on the threat posed by other life forms, said that in the event of an attack he expected that we would “quickly adapt our plans for other more current war scenarios.”

At present, he said, there was no special organisation like Torchwood, the alien-hunting team from the BBC science fiction series of the same name, but he said he was sure that in the event of attack an operation could be set up quickly and efficiently. World nations would probably pool their technology together like in films such as Independence Day.

Mr Pope said: “We do have several prototype aircraft and drones and other weapons you won’t see on the news for another 10-15 years so if we did face a threat from the unknown then even if there is no Torchwood around now, there would be something like it by then and they certainly would have some great kit to help in the fight.”

He said: “Look at the Taranis, which is a prototype made by BAE Systems. It looks for all the world like a spaceship in the hanger.”

So are aliens a threat?

The official government position is that UFOs offer “no significant defence threat”.

However, Mr Pope said what that really means is that “we don’t know”.

“My colleagues and I said, whatever our official position – the one we gave to the public, media or parliament, – privately, where five per cent of UFO sightings remained unexplained, at the very least there has to be a potential threat.”

How would we fight?

“One possibility would be trying to unite all the nations of the world. For those who think that far-fetched, Ronald Reagan once hinted at it in a speech to the UN. He said ‘I occasionally think how quickly we would set aside our difference if we faced some alien threat from the other side.'”

So why is the government looking at UFO sightings?

“Between 1991 and 1994, my job at the MoD was to investigate the 200-300 reported sightings of UFOs in the UK each year to see if there was evidence of a potential threat or something of general defence interest.

“One of the things that was interesting was that when people reported seeing UFOs these things were capable of extraordinary manoeuvres and speeds. They were much faster than our military jets so we wanted to find out about the technology and if we could find it useful.

“Defence scientists were very interested in the fact they might have some kind of exotic propulsion system.”
So do aliens really exist?

“I am absolutely convinced that elsewhere in the universe there must be other life and I am also convinced that some of that is going to be intelligent. I am open-minded about the possibility that some of that life is visiting us down here but just as our space programme is reaching out to find out what is out there, it seems other life forms could be motivated by the same thing.”

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The Faking Hoaxer

Just for the fun of it, here are just some of the hoaxed videos done by YouTube user The Faking Hoaxer. I’ve been following this YouTube user for a very long time. The quality of his work surpasses many of the special effects works  i’ve seen in Hollywood movies.

His videos are often reposted by conspiracists and UFO believers who falsely claim they are real.

So beware the next time somebody shows you video “proof” of UFOs or secret government plots!!! 🙂

Air Force One Down

2 UFO’s visit the Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Destroyed

The Battle of Los Angeles Trailer

See More Great Hoax Videos.

UFOs: What the Hell?

via Mysterious Universe

In a world filled with terrorism, Middle Eastern wars and skirmishes, disturbing changes in weather patterns, apocalyptic tales of the Mayans and 2012, and Hollywood’s ongoing obsession with “end of the world”-type movies – check out ContagionChildren of Men; Knowing; Dawn of the Dead; The Happening; and 28 Days Later as just a few examples from the last 10 years – it’s hardly surprising that people might be tempted to look to the stars for salvation.

In other words, if we can’t help ourselves, maybe “the aliens” will do a better job. Of course, people have looked for advanced, outside help ever since the era of the UFO was born in the summer of 1947. The problem, however, is that our call has not been answered. At least, not yet it hasn’t. But, some say, maybe that’s about to change – but not in ways most might imagine or hope for.

Indeed, it seems that even the world of Ufology has been bitten by the Armageddon bug. An increasing number of people are coming around to the idea that, while there does appear to be a very real UFO phenomenon, it may not be what it appears to be. According to some, it may prove to be our very worst nightmare.

Put simply, there is a growing belief and acceptance that rather than having alien origins, UFOs are – quite literally – demonic. That’s right: Satan’s Saucers. And, the small, black-eyed, domed-head aliens that have become such an integral part of Ufology, on-screen science-fiction, and popular-culture, are nothing less than deceptive demons preparing the way ahead for the final battle between good and evil, the rise of the Antichrist, and the enslavement of our very souls. (More . . .)

Saucers of the Sea

by via Mysterious Universe

… when seeking the truth behind the UFO phenomenon, perhaps we should be looking under the oceans, rather than into the skies. Or maybe both. Whatever the case, there is an undeniably huge body of data on record of UFOs seen hovering, and flying, over the oceans and/or coming out of them. Here’s just a couple of many examples from my files…

Nineteen sixty-six saw an unusual event occur at Pasajes, Northern Spain that caught the attention of the British Ministry of Defense. From a radio officer attached to the S.S. Patrick M. Rotterdam, came the following: “Perhaps the following will be of some interest to you or Jodrell Bank. Whilst at Anchor at Pasajes, North Spain on 22 April at 2100 Bst in a very clear sky, one of the crew noticed a bright patch in the sky and drew my attention to it. It appeared stationary and squarish, the area being about 4 times the size of a full moon. Several of the crew watched, being interested and of course at anchor, there is very little to do.

“The patch elongated and became brighter and to our amazement a complete ring, similar to pictures of flying saucers, bright and distinct with dark centre. For several minutes this object remained visible then returned to a patch, receding elongated again. Then it branched out to form a letter M. When the ring was clear it was about [the] same size as a full moon. We know it was not the moon because the moon was in another quadrant and lying on back at [the] same time. The patch receded away into distance. I can assure you none of us were drunk.”

In this particular case, a conventional explanation seems unlikely.

Keep Reading: Saucers of the Sea | Mysterious Universe.

UFO over Chilean Air Base

by Steven Novella via NeuroLogica Blog

It seems the HuffPo, not content to promote medical pseudoscience, is branching out into UFO nuttery. UFO author Leslie Kean, blogging in the Huff Po Science section, give a breathless and completely gullible account of a recent apparent UFO encounter over an air base in Santiago. You can watch the video for yourself and decide how impressive it is. View the video before reading on, as it will put everything into context.

Kean gives us this quick summary of the UFO situation:

As agreed by authorities around the world, these truly unexplainable unidentified flying objects appear solid, metallic and luminous, able to operate with speeds and maneuvers that defy the laws of physics. And, most chilling of all, they often behave as if under intelligent control.

Let’s count the logical fallacies she packed into this one paragraph. First she opens up with an argument from authority (even using the term). I doubt there is any consensus among world governments or “authorities” (whichever authorities she is referring to) that UFOs are space craft. There is certainly no scientific consensus that this is the case. But even if your average politician thought that UFOs were alien craft – so what. Politicians are generally not scientists and not exactly authorities on such topics.

Next she commits the fallacy of confusing currently unexplained with unexplainable. Most UFO sightings, in fact, when investigated turn out to be completely explainable. UFO believers (meaning that UFOs are alien spacecraft) point to the residue of unexplained cases to support their claims. However, given the number of UFO sightings, and the number of quirky phenomena that could result in such sightings, it is not surprising that some sightings remain unexplained – simply because there is not enough information to nail down exactly what was seen. This does not mean we are dealing with an unexplainable phenomenon, or alien visitation (that would be the argument from ignorance).

She next gives a description of some UFOs that would be truly impressive if it were true, but it’s not. Once we exclude demonstrable hoaxes, we are left with blobs, points of light, streaks, and other vague and fuzzy objects. What we do not have is a single smoking-gun piece of evidence. There is no picture or video that clearly shows an artificial craft capable of flight with good focus and reference for scale. There is not a single unambiguous piece of evidence.

Keep Reading: NeuroLogica Blog » UFO over Chilean Air Base.

Ben Hansen Of Syfy Channel’s ‘Fact Or Faked’ Examines Your UFOs

Lee SpeigelBy via huffingtonpost.com

Armed with millions of available cell phone cameras and digital cameras, people are looking to the skies around the world, and posting images of apparent UFOs on YouTube every day.

It’s about time the FBI helped out with sifting through it all. Or at least former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen, who now makes a living uncovering the truth behind strange and bizarre sightings.

“I think that having a background in formal investigation helps in a logistical part of how to manage a case, and also gathering information,” Hansen told The Huffington Post.

As the lead host and investigator of the Syfy Channel‘s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” series, Hansen, seen at right, uses his FBI-trained skills to debunk fake material and search for the truth. He says most UFO sightings are easily explained.

“It probably falls in the range of about 95 percent. When you actually have a photo or video, I would say the percentage of the unexplained increases a little bit. However, the biggest factor, I think, in the increase [of claimed UFO videos] is due to the availability of computer graphic software.”

Hansen looked carefully at several videos for HuffPost Weird News and offered his expertise on whether they’re fact or faked.

Read More [videos too !]: Ben Hansen Of Syfy Channel’s ‘Fact Or Faked’ Examines Your UFOs.

Best Of UFO Sightings Of August 2012, AFO

I don’t believe ANY of these sightings are real, extraterrestrial craft. But just for the heck of it, if you happen to be in the mood, here we go …

Best Of UFO Sightings Of August 2012, AFO – YouTube.

Unidentified Floating Objects. Seeing is believing?

By Mason I. Bilderberg via iLLumiNuTTi.com

I am fascinated by the human brain‘s ability to take random data and construct a false reality.

There’s no triangle in this picture.

Our brains are pattern-seeking machines. This is what our brain does 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is our brain’s job to try and make sense out of nonsense or find the cause in the effect. The patterns our brains detect is what dictates our individual realities, it’s what allows us to understand and navigate the world around us. The problem is, the brain is not perfect. What is very real to you may be meaningless to me. Where you see a pattern of cause-and-effect, i may see nothing but coincidence. Therein lies the difference between believers and skeptics such as myself.

This series of videos speaks to this human ability to create and believe in a false reality.

Here we have Joe Rudy and Chris Russo from Morristown, New Jersey. In January 2009 they constructed fake UFOs using road flares and helium balloons and launched them into the night sky. The objective was to see what kind of reaction, if any, this would cause from people on the ground and the media.

As it turns out, they got plenty of attention. The media jumped all over the “strange lights in the sky.”

What i found most interesting is the eyewitness testimony contained in the third video.

Whereas some of the eyewitness reports (third video) were right on the money – describing the lights as flares tied to balloons or parachutes, some of the other eyewitness descriptions are fascinating because of their fantastical descriptions of the flares. These eyewitness reports provide an insight into our cranial programming.

Keeping in mind these were only road flares tied to helium balloons, consider the news reporter at 01:42 into the video saying the objects “left rather quickly”, followed by a pilot with 20 years aviation experience saying, “like it took off (making a quick, sweeping motion with his left hand). It was very strange.”

You see a happy face, don’t you?

Strange is the fact these were flares and they didn’t “leave quickly” or “take off,” they hovered.

At 2:19 into the video the news anchor emphasizes the fact these “strange objects” can be seen by air traffic controllers in the tower but they didn’t show up on any radars. Spooky, no?

At 03:11 into the video, witness: “They looked like they were in a formation, like they had a purpose.”

At 03:55 into the video a male witness reports some of the lights “streaked down towards New York” then the “final one just went *blip* and disappeared.”

(Watch part 3 below to hear more eyewitness descriptions.)

Amazing, isn’t it? Not because i think any of these witnesses are intentionally being deceptive, but because of how this demonstrates the fallibility of the human brain’s analytic software. Each of these people believe in what they saw with absolute certainty. They would pass a lie detector test. Future UFO believers might even use their words to make the case for the existence of UFOs.

The human brain in action. Keep this in mind the next time somebody tries to make a convincing argument based on eyewitness testimony.

This is a 3 part video series. Instead of showing the videos in chronological order (1, 2 and 3) i’m going to post the 3rd video first. This is a 29 minute compilation of news and eyewitness reports of the hoaxed UFO event. I post the 3rd video first because this is the end result and the most interesting to me. If we didn’t know this was a hoaxed event, this is what we would be seeing on the evening news or on UFO websites with all the UFO believers streaming their latest extraterrestrial theories.

Watch and keep in mind they’re describing flares tied to helium balloons.

Watch part 1 and part 2 (below part 3) if you’re interested in watching how Joe Rudy and Chris Russo setup the hoax.

Have fun! 🙂

Mason I. Bilderberg

Part 3: Compilation of news and eyewitness reports

Description via YouTube: In this video, you’ll see the reactions of eyewitnesses to the “UFOs”, plus various clips from news programs, footage from an “Alien Sale” at a car dealership, and the producers’ final thoughts on the experiment.

Part 1: How We Staged the Morristown UFO Hoax

Description via YouTube: In this video, Chris and Joe show the supplies used to construct their UFOs and try to verify the dates and times to prove they, in fact, set up the balloons.

Part 2: The Launches

Description via YouTube: In this video, Chris and Joe let go of the flares in the woods. The first part shows their test launch on January 4, 2009.

UFOs: A Mixed Bag Of Theories

by via Mysterious Universe

For most people, any mention of UFOs inevitably conjures up imagery of spaceships from other worlds, and alien abductions. However, the theory that UFOs originate in far-away galaxies is simply that – a theory. In reality, numerous suggestions have been made to explain the UFO presence that has, for decades, fascinated generations of saucer-seekers everywhere. Indeed, the fact of the matter is that, like it or not, we’re still very much in the dark when it comes to understanding the true nature of what it is that is amongst us, and which, for so long, has interacted with us. Let’s take a look at those theories…

One of the most thought-provoking theories offered in an attempt to provide an explanation for aspects of the UFO presence on our world suggests that the aliens are, actually, a very ancient and advanced body of people, closely related to the Human Race, who have lived alongside us in secret – possibly deep underground – for countless millennia. Granted, it’s a highly controversial theory, but it’s one I delved into deeply just a few days ago right here. Moving on…

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