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“Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated by an Obama Drone Strike?

The crash that killed Paul Walker.

The crash that killed Paul Walker.

By Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

As most of you probably already know, Paul Walker of “‘The Fast and the Furious‘ movie franchise and a friend identified as Roger Rodas died in Southern California after the Porsche they were in crashed violently into a tree, his rep confirmed to the Daily News. Police said speed was a factor.” (nydailynews.com)

From the Paul Walker Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.07.40 PM_600px

May the man Rest In Peace.

But less than 24 hours later the conspiracists are off and running around Wonderland. To wit, this gem from David Chase Taylor at Truther.org:

Click image for the full dose of nuttery.

His evidence?

That’s it. This wreckage looked like another wreckage and, in his scientific opinion, a tree couldn’t have damaged the car. Therefore, the only logical conclusion MUST BE: An Obama Drone Assassination!

Got it?

But wait, using conspiratorial logic, could Paul Walker’s car have been blown up by a cylinder tank explosion? Hit by a tornado? Involved in a bus accident? Or a victim of overenthusiastic Russian football fans?

Compare for yourself:

car wrecks
I’m going with the tornado theory. Paul Walker’s car was struck by a very focused tornado funnel. That’s my final answer. And all the conspiracists can’t argue with me because i’m using their own method of deductive insanity.

Besides, my theory can include HAARP!! DOUBLE BONUS POINTS!!!

P.S. How long before we hear from THIS clown?

P.S. How long before we hear from THIS clown?

Michael Hastings: 5 Conspiracy Theories That Didn’t Pan Out

By Dennis Romero via LAWeekly Blogs

The June 18 crash of Michael Hastings took the life of a talented but troubled journalist. As Gene Maddaus’ excellent feature in the latest issue of LA Weekly demonstrates, people around the L.A.-based writer were truly concerned about his state of mind and reported drug use.

The coroner’s report released last week says blunt force trauma from the collision with a tree ultimately did Hastings in, but it notes that he had drugs in his system, which were listed as noncontributing factors. The conclusion that this wasn’t a homicide, however, hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists.

Hastings’ supporters have pointed to his work covering the military, the NSA and other Big Government institutions as reasons to be skeptical. They’re wrong. Here are the five conspiracy theories or assumptions about the case that haven’t panned out:

5. The FBI did it. The FBI doesn’t normally kill civilians because it doesn’t like the journalism they’re working on. Nonetheless, the federal government has been suspect No. 1 in a case without a crime, mainly because the day before the crash Hastings told colleagues he believed he was being investigated by the bureau. The FBI says that’s not true. Hastings also said he had zeroed in on a big story and needed to go off the grid. So far, though, there’s no evidence of a murder here.

4. His last moments were being videotaped on purpose. A freelance news crew happened to be at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue when its dash cam, which was rolling, captured what appears to be Hastings’ Mercedes-Benz C250 coupe blasting through a red light at high speed en route to his death a few blocks south.

Michael Hastings' Mercedes-Benz burning

Michael Hastings’ Mercedes-Benz burning (source)

Some folks couldn’t believe that a news crew just happened to have tape rolling at that moment. But it happens. Early morning hours are prime time for random news, and freelance crews are the bred-and-butter of local television’s overnight coverage.

3. He was being followed. In the days and even months before his death Hastings expressed increasing concern about government wiretapping. And, yes, he apparently thought he was being watched. Some conspiracy theorists have shared their belief that Hastings was being followed, or even chased, in the minutes before his crash, thus explaining the estimated speed of 75 miles per hour, perhaps more.

If you check out the dash-cam video above, however, you’ll see that nobody was following Hastings’ car as it sped through the red light. And no witnesses have come forward to report that the Mercedes was being tailed or that any other car might have been involved. Police have released no statements indicating this was anything other than a solo-vehicle crash into a tree.

MORE . . .

What happened to Michael Hastings?

via Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – YouTube

Michael Hastings was a hard-hitting journalist at the dawn of what promised to be an amazing career when he died in a car accident. After his death, some of his supporters claim that his tragic end was no accident at all – instead, they argue, he was murdered. Tune in to learn more.

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