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Unidentified Faux Objects: News Station Fooled by UFO Phone App

Via Who Forted? Magazine

dupedguy_250pxCalifornia news station WMFD NewsWatch had a mild embarrassment on their hands this week, after they were informed that their story on an apparent UFO photograph was nothing more than the product of a readily available cell phone app.

The photo, which was taken by a resident of Mansfield named Tom Young, showed what appeared to be a disk-shaped craft floating above a small field, and it was so convincing that it caught the eye of news reporters. From there, the story spread like wild fire. Luckily OpenMedia.com recognized the silver spaceship immediately and called hoax.

The picture was created using the Camera360 smartphone app, and as WMFD discovered, it turns out Tom Young has that very same app on the cell phone he used to take his “unexplained” photo. When reporters contacted Young about the hoax, he remained firm that his photograph is of a bona fide UFO, but said he would check the photo again to make sure he didn’t “accidentally” use the app.

You have to at least applaud the guy’s audacity though, don’t you?

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Happy Halloween!!!!

In the spirit of Halloween here are a few hilarious photos of people losing their sh*t in the Nightmares Fear Factory, Niagara Falls Canada. Click a photo to begin viewing. Enjoy 🙂

For more hilarious photos and videos of people losing their sh*t click on over to the Nightmares Fear Factory webpage.

Great Halloween Costume – The Ghost of Michael Jackson

Ghost of Michael Jackson

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Photographing Levitations

Posted by Mason I. Bilderberg

This photo is NOT photoshopped.

While working on a recent post (How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?) i discovered a type of photography i never knew existed called Levitation Photography.

There are two types of levitation photography. The first kind uses Adobe Photoshop or some other graphics manipulation program to fake the effects we see. Boring.

The second kind of levitation photography is what i’m presenting to you here.

These photographs of levitations are NOT digitally manipulated in any way. These photographs were done by Natsumi Hayashi, a photographer living in Tokyo, Japan. What you see is what Natsumi actually captured with her camera – no digital manipulation.

But how does she do it? (see additional information below the slideshow)

I found these photos absolutely fascinating and i thought you would too. Take a look and enjoy. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you wish to see Natsumi Hayashi’s full collection of self-portrait levitations (and her cat) go here. Natsumi Hayashi explains her technique here.

A photographer not associated with Natsumi Hayashi tries to duplicate her work in a YouTube video located here.


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