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inFact: Ghost Hunting

Via inFact: Ghost Hunting.

Can you really detect ghosts with a few basic instruments? We’re going to look at these tools and find out.

Ghost Busters Anyone?

If you ask me, the “ghost” looks like a bug on the surveillance camera lens and the falling cups looks totally faked. Not to mention, the news report tells us “B&D Burgers will be featured in several future ghost tours that run throughout Savannaah …” and the entire story is told to us by B&D Burgers’ Marketing and Event Manager Gena Bilbo

Sounds and looks to me like a money making marketing ploy. I guess ghosts are good for business.


By Josh Colwell via The Coastal Source

SAVANNAH, GA – Surveillance video from B&D burgers on Congress Street in downtown Savannah shows what appears to be a normal night at the bar suddenly appear to take a paranormal turn.

ghost01“We saw it on our surveillance video. Our manager Josh Pair saw it and it caught his attention because he was sitting in the office and then he saw it and began filming it on his phone off the surveillance video because there was no way to explain it. I mean, there is no way to explain it,” says Marketing Manager Gena Bilbo.

If the orbiting light doesn’t do it for you, a stack of falling cups may.

“And with no provocation, with no wind, nobody walking by, no anything, the cups just fall over,” says Bilbo.

Low country psychic Kelly Spurlock says the building that B&D Burgers is in was built in 1855 and she says many of the spirits that inhabit it have been here since at least that time.

“One of the reasons it is haunted, all the things that have happened here, good, bad or indifferent, it is all still here.”

Marketing director Gena Bilbo says even their biggest guys won’t go down to the B&D basement alone anymore.

“A lot of the guys don’t want to go down there by themselves and I personally don’t ever go down to the basement by myself either, it is just a weird overwhelming feeling of, eegghh.”

It appears the basement isn’t in need of visitors, as it has plenty of action on its own.

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