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Stunt Driving in San Francisco: Gotta-See Video

Nothing mystical or magical here, just sheer awesomeness! Check it out 🙂

via Discovery News

Gymkhana is a timed motorsport involving the memorization of a track with obstacles. DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block is also an expert at rally driving. He took to the streets of San Francisco in his 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta to drive a crazy complex course as fast as possible. Don’t miss it! via Today Show

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Stunt Drivers Survive ‘Hot Wheels’ Double Dare Loop!

This doesn’t have anything to do with conspiracies, this is just plain freakin’ cool!!! (Scroll down to see the video!!)

In a blend of precise speed, rogue physics and downright insanity, stunt drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy have done what plastic track-obsessed kids have dreamed of for years: the Double Dare Loop.

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Extended Version:

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