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Debunked: Floating City Above China | Metabunk

Have you seen the YouTube video of the impossibly large city floating above the fog in the city of Foshan, Guangdong province, China?

Floating City China

As with most phenomenon there is a very logical explanation and the good people over at MetaBunk.org have the explanation.

Click on over to Metabunk to find out how this illusion was achieved! 🙂

Mason I. Bilderberg

Neurotology Music Video

By Saturday Night Live via YouTube

Followers of Neurotology star in a music video that sings the religion’s praises in this Scientology parody.

For lyrics and more information: Saturday Night Live’s genius spoof of Scientology: Lyrics and images (Tony Ortega)

Lightning Strikes Twice . . . or not.

quick note_150pxBefore i forget …

I was shown this video today and was asked to give my input.

The video purports to show a person being struck by lightning not just once, but twice! … and the person walks away. Bad karma or something else?

The first strike occurs about 25 seconds into the video. Take a look, my conclusion below.

What do you think? I took a frame by frame look at the video and declared it a fake. Why? Below are two frames from the video. The frame on the left is the frame just before the lightning strike. Outlined in yellow are the shadows of the cars. The frame on the right is the first lightning strike.

Note the shadows on the left continue to appear in the frame on the right when the lightning is allegedly striking this person. If you look REALLY close you’ll see many other shadows seen on the left (i.e. on the trees) are seen in the frames where there is lightning. Not gonna happen folks. That lightning bolt would have obliterated all those shadows that appear on the left.

Lightning Strike

My guess is, it’s either a staged fake or this a drunk person stumbling on a surveillance  camera and somebody had some fun with the footage.


Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

A Convoy of Conspiracies!

By Mason I. Bilderberg

quick note_150pxBefore i forget …

This is a video i recently saw on a facebook webpage.

The video shows a large convoy of tractor trailer trucks traveling on Virginia’s Interstate 64 being escorted by State Troopers. Take a look:

As i watched the video i couldn’t think of why these trucks would be driving in such a formation (I’ve included the answer at the bottom of this post). I didn’t think much of it, really. Most people didn’t think much of it. That’s because when most people don’t know who, what, where, why or when, they simply say “I don’t know.” But not conspiracists …

When confronted with an unknown, conspiracists immediately fill their information void with something they want to believe (usually some kind of apocalyptic plan by lizard people to starve, kill, destroy and otherwise control earth people). It’s this ability by conspiracists to build a confirmation bias echo chamber out of absolutely nothing that i find really, really entertaining.

So now, for your entertainment, here are just a few of the comments i found associated with this video. Enjoy the lunacy.

FB quotes 03

So what is reality? Why were these trucks being escorted down a highway in Virginia? Read the government’s “cover story” here courtesy snopes.com.

Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

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