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10 Ways Your Mind Plays Tricks On You – INTERACTIVE VIDEO!

The vanishing train video illusion

If you know me, you know i like anything that messes with our brain. This one is pretty good. If you think you know how it’s done leave a comment. 🙂


 It might not be quite as impressive as the "Back to the Future" train, but no CGI was involved.

It might not be quite as impressive as the
“Back to the Future” train, but no CGI was involved.

This trick train video is from neuroscientist Al Seckel, who says that it’s of an actual model train going into a tunnel, without the benefit of any computer tricks. So what’s really happening in this optical illusion?

Optical illusion hallucination

This video has been carefully designed to create a strong, natural hallucination.

Use full screen for better results!!

via Eye – Optical illusion – YouTube.

Check Out 10 Funny Optical Illusions

via Odd Stuff Magazine

Another post dedicated to optical illusions, many of us interested in this topic. Optical illusions created our mind, which is like the easiest way to look at things. At first glance, we are try to correlate the images with the most basic and intimate interpretation, and only in few seconds, we understand what is in the picture, and we begin to see the individual parts.

Change of perspective – is another common technique: it manipulates our visual perception, making the object larger, smaller, closer or farther away than it actually is. In short, Lets look…

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